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By Stuart Page

GENRE: Action, Drama, War

When eighteen year old Brett Sandler finds himself back in 1940 after breaking into a museum he must learn to fly for his country and fight for his life during the Battle of Britain in a desperate bid to get home.


Short synopsis of all three parts It’s 1982; Daniel Croxley (12) lives opposite the old abandoned R.A.F. fighter station in Hawksdown. One evening Daniel is woken by the ghostly figure of an R.A.F. Airman. Daniel decides to face his fear and enter the eerie grounds. Once inside the rusting aircraft hanger he picks up an old bomb timer lying on the floor and starts to play with it, a blue light appears from a doorway in front of him. Daniel cautiously opens the door and enters, it slams shut, and the blue light fades trapping him in the past. Eighteen years later and the abandoned airfield is now a Battle of Britain museum. Brett Sandler, (18) lives with his Gran (Sheila). He decides to break into the museum and steal artefacts. Once inside the aircraft hanger Brett sees a blue light emanating from a doorway, upon entering the door it slams shut, trapping him in the year 1940. It’s 1940 and the Battle of Britain is just beginning. Daniel Croxley (now 30) has lured Brett back in time to train as a fighter pilot as punishment for breaking into his museum. At first Brett is adamant he wants to go home until he meets Amy, a pilot with the Air Transport Auxiliary. Brett is soon enamoured by her and decides to play along with Daniels plan. Amy offers to take Brett up in a Tiger Moth, but it comes to a shattering reality when a German ME 109 attacks them; and their crippled plane crash-lands near Dover. Brett meets his Granddad, but an air raid on the airfield leaves a German bomb skidding along the grass and down into the women’s air raid shelter. Reg rushes to their aid and carefully lifts the bomb out of the shelter. It explodes, killing him instantly. Back in the year 2000 Daniels Mum is still desperately searching for her missing boy and the police are re- investigating the strange disappearance of Daniel and are now linking it to Brett disappearance. As the weeks pass Brett’s relationship with Amy develops and he is now an ace pilot flying his Hurricane to the limit as the German onslaught continues. Brett shoots down a German bomber but is powerless to stop it crashing on Amy’s house killing her mother. Daniel discovers that the ghostly figure in his room that night many years ago was the Air Vice Marshal, who is in fact his Dad. It is now September 1940 and the Battle of Britain is drawing to an end when Brett’s plane is shot down and crashes into the sea. He wakes up back in the year 2000, He rushes to the museum where Amy is confronting Daniel but she dies of a heart attack. Brett persuades Daniel to take him back to 1940 to see Amy once more but his choice is more complicated than expected as he is dead in the past, and Amy is dead in the future. Daniel sets the bomb timer for both Brett and Amy to return to the future. They step into the portal. Brett and Amy exit the time portal to find themselves in a small dark room. Amy asks “Who are they?” Brett replies “I don’t know”, as the small group of armed grave robbers plunder the tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu in the Great Pyramid of Giza, 30 years BC.


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