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Actor, Casting Director, Producer and Screenwriter

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About Bill

Bill McLean, a veteran film actor and President of Freight
Train Films, has been acting and performing for 21 years.
Recently awarded "Best Feature Film" at the 2011 LA International
Film Festival for "Scooter McGruder", he wrote, produced, and starred
in the film. Bill is absolutely in love with acting.

Unique traits: Several accents and different voices, Martial Arts training, Military training.


  • The Cloning

    The Cloning (2016 - 2017)
    Film by Shadowhawke Films/DiBacco Fims/Freight Train FIlms, Inc. (Sci-Fi and Thriller) Dr. Lusk / Producer / Writer

  • Scooter McGruder (***Winner, Best Feature Film, LAFF)

    Scooter McGruder (***Winner, Best Feature Film, LAFF) (2016)
    Film by Freight Train Films, Inc. / Tiffany McLean / Jeff Sullivan Scooter / Producer/ Writer

  • Red Shirt

    Red Shirt (2016)
    Film by Freight Train Films, Inc. / Seth Roberts (Horror and Thriller) James Carver (Lead) / Producer / Writer

  • Bad Kid

    Bad Kid (2015)
    Film by Seth Roberts (Drama) Actor, Producer When Izzy, a young troubled orphan is given one last shot before juvi, she must try her best to make things work with her new foster home. With her best friend Sam living next door, and her own room, things seem a little to good to be true.

  • Essential Realism

    Essential Realism (2015)
    Television by Alan Dillingham (Action and Fantasy) Actor, Producer, Writer

  • Wendigo Rising

    Wendigo Rising (2015)
    Film by Seth Roberts (Horror) Actor, Producer

  • Expect the Expected

    Expect the Expected (2014)
    Film (short) by Alan Dillingham (Comedy) Actor, Producer

  • The Zombie Movie

    The Zombie Movie (2014)
    Film by Roni Jonah (Action, Comedy, Horror, Romance and 1 More) Actor

  • How to Kill a Zombie

    How to Kill a Zombie (2014)
    Film by Tiffany McLean (Comedy and Horror) Actor, Producer, Writer, Production manager, Production designer, Set decorator Mack Stone is trying to raise his son Jesse to be a survivalist and a real man. Jesse just wants to do his own thing in his own way. Can they somehow learn to see eye to eye during a zombie holocaust, find some suitable mates, and save humanity? Written by Bill Steven McLean

  • Power Prison

    Power Prison (2013)
    Film (short) by Alan Dillingham (Fantasy) Actor, Producer

  • Bloody Solstice

    Bloody Solstice (2013)
    Film (short) by Alan Dillingham Actor Thirty five years after the UEF (united Earth Federation) collapsed and the world fell into chaos, local militias grew in number as a power grab for land and resources became the norm. Slave labor was once again introduced through violence in order to maintain militia strength and workers to gather resources. A group of young men escape after being captured to serve in a militia run by "The Commander". They brave the winter solstice in order to escape the prison/labor camp. When The Commander learns of the escape, he gathers his specialized units of soldiers and tracks them down through the snowy woods. They catch up to the escapees and surround them as they try to flee out of the badlands. The Commander underestimates the will of the escapees in their pursuit of freedom from their enslavers. The Commander quickly realizes that they had received help and will not surrender despite being overwhelmingly outnumbered. Written by Alan Dillingham

  • Bardo

    Bardo (2013)
    Film (short) by George Dalphin (Drama, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Actor A group of strangers end up in limbo together right after a suicide bomber blows them up.

  • The Intensive

    The Intensive (2012)
    Film by Shane Rhymer Izzy

  • You Can't Kill Stephen King

    You Can't Kill Stephen King (2011)
    Film by Loco Dawn Films & Clownfish Productions / Monroe Mann Killer / Gas Station Attendant / Fight Choreographer / Stunt Coordinator

  • Back to the Beyond (***World-Wide Distribution)

    Back to the Beyond (***World-Wide Distribution) (2011)
    Film by DiBacco Films & Maxim Entertainment / Kevin DiBacco Prof. Bourne (Lead) / Associate Producer

  • Pine Sol Detox

    Pine Sol Detox (2011)
    Film by Jessica Charle Band Manager

  • Manifest Destiny

    Manifest Destiny (2011)
    Film by Man'Like Mchines / George Dalphin Teacher

  • She Feast

    She Feast (2011)
    Film by The Maine Studios / Nate LaChance Vic (Police Chief) (Lead) / Associate Producer

  • Two Grand

    Two Grand (2011)
    Film by The Maine Studios / Donnie Hiltz Morton

  • The Final Shift

    The Final Shift (2011)
    Film by Wildbeagle Productions / John Depew Detective Jenkins

  • Scooter McGruder

    Scooter McGruder (2011)
    Film by Jeff Sullivan (Comedy) Actor, Producer, Writer, Stunts, Casting director, Production manager Scott McGruder, a handyman, wakes up and is now 40 years old. He looks in the mirror and decides it's time to grow up. That is when everything in his world seems to fall apart. Can Scott get a real job, find the right girl, and get a life? Not if his friends and neighbors have anything to say about it! Written by Bill

  • Back to the Beyond

    Back to the Beyond (2011)
    Film by Kevin DiBacco (Horror) Actor, Producer When a paranormal research team investigates a haunting dramatized on a classic television series, they encounter a sinister supernatural force thought to be fictional.

  • 2 Grand

    2 Grand (2011)
    Film (short) by Donnie Hiltz (Drama) Actor

  • Heart's Ajar

    Heart's Ajar (2011)
    Film (short) by Charlie Simmons (Horror) Actor, Producer

  • The Bob Show

    The Bob Show (2008 - 2011)
    Television (Comedy) Actor, Writer, Stunts, Casting director, Self

  • Edge of Darkness (Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone)

    Edge of Darkness (Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone) (2010)
    Film by Warner Brothers Pictures, GK Films, BBC Films / Martin Campbell Stunt Double and Photo Double for Ray Winstone

  • Edge of Darkness

    Edge of Darkness (2010)
    Film by Martin Campbell (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Stunts Thomas Craven is a detective who has spent years working the streets of Boston. When his own daughter is killed outside his own home, Craven soon realizes that her death is only one piece of an intriguing puzzle filled with corruption and conspiracy, and it falls to him to discover who is behind the crime. Written by alfiehitchie

  • Shades of Evil

    Shades of Evil (2009)
    Film by Ben Heald Films / Ben Heald Tim Winchester (Lead)

  • Maiden Magnets

    Maiden Magnets (2009)
    Film by Lyve Media / Rebecca & Frank Cool Guy (Lead)

  • Anikruya

    Anikruya (2009)
    Film by Penny Jar Films / Ahura Z Martin Thrax

  • Perkins 14

    Perkins 14 (2009)
    Film by After Dark Films / 8 Films to Die For / Craig Singer Himself

  • Smashed

    Smashed (2008)
    Film by Maddog Films / Seth Roberts Councilor Rick (Lead)

  • The Hit (Blair Underwood)

    The Hit (Blair Underwood) (2008)
    by Iron Hog Motion Pictures / Ryan Combs Martial Arts Bodyguard

  • The Hit

    The Hit (2007)
    Film by Ryan Combs (Drama and Thriller) Actor The Hit is the sequel to cult favorite Straight Out of Compton, in which Blair Underwood stars as Hen... See full synopsis »

  • Right of the Meridian

    Right of the Meridian (2004)
    Film by Sean Bradley (Comedy, Drama and Mystery) Actor A quirky small-town murder mystery, revolving around a group of halfwits, including the mayor, his stripper ex-wife, their high school daughter, her unlawful lover - the town Sheriff, and so on... Who's the biggest sinner?

  • Shadow Glories

    Shadow Glories (2001)
    Film by Ziad H. Hamzeh Actor A middle-aged, down-and-out kickboxer, once contender for the heavyweight title, struggles to rebuild his shattered life as he makes his way back home to his lost love and his one last chance at redeeming his tortured soul. Written by MBSandler


  • Best Feature Film People's Choice Award, LAFF

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