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By Francesca Varisco

GENRE: Comedy, Romance

Sylvie trains horses. Karim rides. She's training Shiraz, a beautiful stallion, when they meet - and she dislikes him at first sight. Until his talent with animals makes her change her mind.


To escape the boredom of a holiday on the French riviera, prince Karim goes horse riding. He stumbles upon Sylvie, who owns the riding school and is busy training Shiraz, a beautiful stallion. He is amazed by the powerful, strong and intelligent animal. But not fit for a rider yet. Karim has decided: he will wait, until Shiraz is ready. She doesn't like him at first. But, little by little, she'll come to appreciate his talent with animals. The two spend afternoon after afternoon riding together, becoming friends - sharing thoughts, moments. During one last trip to Camargue, Sylvie eventually lets him ride Shiraz. It is an intense moment of freedom for both - horse and rider. She finds out that Karim's not just another rich Arabian on holidays on the French riviera - but the son of a King. And as such, he has duties. They say farewell at the end of the summer. Karim flies back to his Emirate. Shiraz is returned to the owner, an eccentric lady from Paris who wishes to ride him in a dressage tournament. They exchange letters, missing each other and their days together. One day Sylvie receives an invitation to visit him in UAE. Feeling very much like Cinderella at the ball, she accepts. Flying to his little Emirate she savours all the novelties of a rich and diverse culture. And, most important, they spend time together – she gets to know his horses, and in a trip to the desert meets his father, the King. All is magical. Until a phone call from the veterinary in France breaks the spell: Shiraz was hurt. He's undergoing surgery the next day. Sylvie leaves in a hurry, leaving a stupefied Karim wondering what happened. A note scribbled from a worried Sylvie on her way to the airport will answer his questions. And he will finally reale that he cares too much not to follow her: back to France, to their beloved horse, and to their loving hearts.

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