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By Francesca Varisco

GENRE: Action, Sci-fi

When she finds out she can see things happened in past ages, Sandra, a rather ordinary teenager, must learn how to master her gift and run from criminals willing to exploit it.


Sandra is a teenager (16)living with her father, a busy architect with little time for her. She's a regular teen, or almost: not very sociable, without many friends because his father keeps changing job and city. In fact, they just relocated again and she doens't like her new school. Her beloved little hamster and turtle help her feel settled, at least a bit. Like many teenager, she's not particularly happy. One day she realizes that she can see things that others can't see. Things that no longer exist. People and events from the past. Suddenly, she hears conversations and sees faces from different times as if they were right in front of her, happening now – but they're not. Her schoolmate Toni at first doesn't believe her. Then he's thrilled. Sandra has clairvoyance and clairaudience on past events. They think it could be fun, but in truth the “gift” is an overwhelming experience. Anything can trigger her visions, and they are so real. All of a sudden, she sees so many patterns she's overwhelmed. Toni realizes that Sandra needs to run away from crowds and chaos. He helps her to stay focused on the now. And to escape, followed by strange men trying to abduct her. They manage to hide, not really sure of what to do next. Jade, their trustworthy school janitor, rescues them: she's in fact more than a simple janitor, and has been keeping an eye on both. Sandra is truly in danger. Both the Government and a criminal organization are interested in her, for obviously different purposes. And she needs a special school, to learn how to master her gift before it becomes a nightmare. She will be transfered at a special camp, with others with similar powers. A place where “those who are alive” come from all parts of the world to receive training. A remote monastery in the middle of China, where they will be posing as students on a trip. Once again, she's on her own – displaced as usual. Toni couldn't join her training. The visions are partially under control. The “Master” is a couple of ancient Chinese who have trained generations of similar teens. The group is difficult. They're not a team: just a bunch of kids, powerful and competitive. Only when she will master her gift, tuning in with perfection and bringing it into this “now”, she will be ready to lead them and work together facing a common danger. They can make it if, and only when, they'll learn to willingly connect powers and thoughts. Learing compassion. Focusing on good for everyone. Giving back. But this is perhaps the most difficult learning... will she manage, will they manage?

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