Jeanine Smith's Reel

Introducing the CobraCrane SteadySlider

Introducing the CobraCrane SteadySlider. The CobraCrane SteadySlider is the next evolution of the cinematographers toolkit. Add value at an affordable price! You can independently control the speed, range, precision and duration that your camera moves. Capture modern sliding shots and Time Lapses. This slider is built on the idea of never stopping creativity. With the open source software, users who like to write software are able to add, change, remove, improve upon, and create thousands of...

Boom up Transition shot

Add value and dimension to transition shots by booming up (with the tilt feature locked)

Swing with CobraCrane BackPacker

We used a 5 foot CobraCrane BackPacker to get this swinging shot. The CobraCrane BackPacker has been on B&H Photo's Best Sellers list for 5 years.

BackPacker Swing Shot

The CobraCrane BackPacker has been on B&H Photo's Best Sellers list for 5 years. Get the shots that get the jobs!

FotoCrane Jib Arm- Boom and Swing

This is CobraCrane's youngest member of the Jib arm family. The FotoCrane is a lightweight, easy to assemble jib arm that will allow your camera to fly!

See the Product: CobraCrane BackPacker

Visit to learn more about this tripod system and to find out where you can buy it. GET THE MONEY SHOT

FotoCrane UltraLite

Anoba Studios was kind enough to create a video showing our newest FotoCrane UltraLite with its super light weight design featuring telescoping arms

FotoCrane Breakdown

When you are done with your shoot, the FotoCrane UltraLite telescopes quickly down to 80cm in just seconds, making you ready to move on for the next job.

What the SteadyTracker Can Do

SteadyTracker Video by Pointe Digital, Salt Lake City Utah. Thanks Doug and your team at Pointe Digital. We appreciate the excellent work.

SteadyTracker DSLR DV Camera stabiliser review

Why the SteadyTracker is easier to tune than iits competitors

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