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By Christine Rose

GENRE: Sci-fi, Crime

This mix of sci-fi, drama and a little bit of bromance follows two Los Angeles homicide detectives whose first case together leaves one of them with a small problem: when circumstances are just right, he morphs – literally – into a creature the likes of which the world has never seen.


In a story with equal nods to noir, science fiction and superheroes, with a dash of traditional cop shows and bromance thrown in for good measure, when Los Angeles homicide detective Jack Oberman gets slapped with a new case and a new partner in one fell swoop, he’s none too pleased. He works the case with accountant-turned-cop Morty Abramowitz, who’s a little too eager and a little too East Coast for his liking.

The case involves men turning up dead at various places throughout the LA area, though the causes of death are questionable at best. The new partners team up with Detectives Melissa Kowalchuk and Shannon Braden and manage to get themselves onto the trail of an internationally-known murderer, but for Jack it may already be too late.

When he’s captured and subjected to the same medical experiments as those who’ve died, it changes him. Literally. And what’s worse, even as Morty and the ladies race to find him, they discover that not only is a mad scientist type at the heart of what’s going on, but the US military seems to be involved as well. When Morty finally finds Jack, there’s little time for relief with everything exploding around them. But it’s when Jack morphs into something out of a B horror movie right before Morty’s eyes that their lives are changed forever.

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