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David C. Eichhorn

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Editor, Dialogue Editor, Sound Editor and Re-Recording Mixer

Los Angeles, California

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About David

Multiple award-winning editor who has left the studio system to focus on working with independent filmmakers. 22 years experience in all aspects of post: editing; dialogue editing; sound effects; ADR/Foley; mix; color correction; titles/graphics; output formats.

The relationship of picture and sound is so tightly interwoven that it makes no creative or financial sense to use separate facilities, especially when you are on a budget. The design of your overall soundtrack should start 'happening' during the edit.

I own a web & graphic design company as well, so as an editor I love to create titles & graphics when working on a movie.

Make Post in the Woods the creative place to incubate your masterpiece. Private, comfortable and centrally located in the Hollywood Hills.

Unique traits: I have a knack for visceral storytelling, creative solutions and making meaningful sequences out of available material. Detail-oriented and a keen ear for music & sound.



  • Crossroads with Kriz Harriz

    Crossroads with Kriz Harriz (2017)
    Television (Documentary, Adventure and Reality-TV) Editor "Crossroads" is a reality TV mini series, which boasts an electrifying blend of adventure, fun and entertainment. Through the lenses of our cameras we dive into a world of abundant colors, rich history and vibrant culture. Kriz Harriz returns from Los Angeles to Sri Lanka, showing the world his favorite places on the island, explores the customs and lifestyles of its people, showcases some local foods and beverages, explores ancient customs, unravels faith based traditions, goes beyond the surface and discovers the backstory of this island.A venture off the traditional tourist trail, taking the viewer to experience a Sri Lanka the world has rarely ever seen. Written by Creative Syndicate Unlimited

  • Bear Down

    Bear Down (2017)
    Film (Documentary) Editor Add a Plot »

  • Culture of Fear

    Culture of Fear (2017)
    Film (Thriller) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • The Illustrator

    The Illustrator (2017)
    Film (Short) Sound department An Illustrator (Frank) discovers that his drawings are coming to life. These manifestations of Frank's imagination lead him through a dark path down memory lane. What happens to him next leads to a riveting twist that will send shivers down your spine. Written by Quentin Ransohoff

  • JL Ranch

    JL Ranch (2016)
    TV Movie by Crystal Sky Productions Editor

  • The Savannah Project

    The Savannah Project (2015)
    Documentary by Ray Spiess Editor/Sound Editor/Re-recording Mixer

  • The Sweetening

    The Sweetening (2015)
    Film (short) by Grace Rowe Sound Editor / Re-Recording Mixer

  • Feature Trailer for "The Tribunal"

    Feature Trailer for "The Tribunal" (2015)
    Film by St. Michael Movies Editor

  • Running The Streets with Doug Williams

    Running The Streets with Doug Williams (2015)
    Television by DNA Productions Editor

  • Mingle

    Mingle (2014)
    Film (short) by Gilardi Enterprises Editor / Sound Editor

  • A Beautiful Friendship

    A Beautiful Friendship (2011)
    Film by Mark iV Productions Supervising Sound Editor

  • Rockin' the Wall

    Rockin' the Wall (2010)
    Film (Documentary, History and Music) Sound department Rockin' the Wall is the story of rock music's part in bringing down the Berlin Wall, featuring the Doors, Quiet Riot, Toto, Vanilla Fudge, plus 'witnesses' from behind the Iron Curtain. Interview footage is mixed with existing and original music from the stars as well as heavy documentary footage and animation to tell the experiences of people behind the Wall and the role rock music played in their lives. In addition to the musicians, interviewees include a member of the Reagan administration involved in Voice of America, several Cold War historians, and is narrated by film and TV star Adam Baldwin. Written by Anonymous

  • It's All in the Rhythm; A Close Encounter with Luis Ewerling

    It's All in the Rhythm; A Close Encounter with Luis Ewerling (2010)
    Film (short) by Vanessa Hayes Productions Editor

  • Cold Storage

    Cold Storage (2009)
    Film (Thriller) Sound department A young woman has a fatal car accident, and is discovered by a simple-minded mountain hermit. He takes her lifeless body back to his cabin. There he nurtures her as if she were alive... and in his mind she is.

  • JAG

    JAG (2009)
    Television by CBS Dialogue Editor

  • Finding Neverland

    Finding Neverland (2009)
    Music Editor

  • Evil Sister II (Trailer)

    Evil Sister II (Trailer) (2009)
    Film Editor

  • Angels Fall

    Angels Fall (2007)
    TV Movie (Drama, Romance and Thriller) Sound department Running out of transportation - and financial means, when her car breaks down in a Rockies town, former Boston chef Reese Gilmore accepts a diner cook's job at least until she can afford the spare parts which may takes weeks to arrive anyway. She resist the owner's womanizing son, handsome romantic ranch-hand Lohario 'Lo', but gets on kissing terms with grumpy recluse author and former city reporter Brody. She needs help to and after reporting to sheriff Rick Marsden she vaguely saw an apparent murder. No woman's corps is found, and her own psychiatric past is revealed. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Jericho

    Jericho (2007)
    Television by CBS Supervising Sound Editor

  • Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector (Trailer)

    Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector (Trailer) (2007)
    Film by Parallel Entertainment Editor

  • Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

    Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector (2006)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Editorial department Irreverent as ever, Larry The Cable Guy plays a big city health inspector who's happy with his usual beat of greasy spoon diners and low-rent ethnic restaurants. His easygoing life is turned upside-down when he's saddled with a straight-arrow rookie partner (Iris Bahr) and assigned the biggest case of his career: investigating an outbreak of mysterious food poisonings at the city's swankiest restaurants. Infuriating restaurateurs with his bad manners, Larry still manages to charm a sweet, shy waitress (Megyn Price) into a budding romance. But when his unorthodox methods cost him his job, Larry has to go undercover to bring the conspirators to justice and 'Git-R-Done!' Written by Anonymous

  • Totally Awesome

    Totally Awesome (2006)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Sound department A spoof of typical 1980's teen movies. The idea is that VH1 found a "long-lost", never-released teen film made in the 1980's and decided to air it now in 2006; thus it is loaded with the typical formula, clichés, bad fashions, and stereotypical characters found in those movies and makes fun of them. Written by Anonymous

  • Rest Stop

    Rest Stop (2006)
    Video (Horror, Romance and Thriller) Sound department In Texas, the aspirant actress Nicole Carrow runs away home to Los Angeles with her boyfriend Jess Hilts. They drive through a shortcut in an old road, and when they park in a rest stop, Jess is abducted by the sadistic driver of an old yellow truck. Along the night, Nicole is threatened by the sick maniac, while mysterious things happen to her in the place. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Life Is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story

    Life Is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story (2006)
    TV Movie (Biography, Drama and Music) Sound department American Idol's third season winner Fantasia Barrino plays herself in a television movie that shows how the teenage single mother overcame poverty, sexual abuse and illiteracy to win the hit talent show. "Life Is Not a Fairy Tale: The Fantasia Barrino Story" will premiere in August 2006 on the women's cable channel, Lifetime Television. Written by Chuck Halley

  • Fallen

    Fallen (2006)
    TV Movie (Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy and 1 More) Sound department Aaron is a high school jock with a promising future. But on his 18th birthday, his life forever changes when his incredible powers emerge, revealing the terrifying truth of his identity. As The Redeemer, a half-angel, half-man who can return fallen angels to heaven, Aaron holds the entire world's destiny in his young hands. He must battle warrior seraphs and confront the fallen angel who has sparked his nightmares. But can he save himself and the girl he loves? Based on the bestselling book series, Fallen soars to new levels in the battle between good and evil. Written by Amazon Product Discription

  • That Guy

    That Guy (2006)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Sound department A thirty-something guy finds it tough giving up his partying lifestyle in order to settle down in suburbia.

  • Ultra

    Ultra (2006)
    TV Movie (Action, Adventure, Comedy and Fantasy) Sound department A single superhero juggles her crime-fighting career with the demands of her active social life.

  • Grey's Anatomy

    Grey's Anatomy (2005)
    Television (Drama and Romance) Sound department A Medical-Based drama centered around Meredith Grey, an aspiring surgeon and daughter of one of the best surgeons, Dr. Ellis Grey. Throughout the series, Meredith goes through professional and personal challenges along with fellow surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital.

  • Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough

    Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough (2005)
    Video (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Sound department Once again set in the oceanfront Florida city of Blue Bay, "Wild Things 3" tells the tale of snobby rich girl Marie Clifton. Although she lives the life of luxury, Marie's distraught over her stepfather not giving her a pair of diamonds, valued at over $4 million, that are entitled to her in her late mother's will. That is, until one of her classmates, the local bad girl Elena Sandoval, accuses her stepfather of rape. Soon, it's deja Vi all over again as Detective Michael Morrison and probation officer Kristen Richards investigate, but as with the first "Wild Things" everything is not what it seems to be, and everybody has secrets to hide. Written by Troy Hurlburt

  • Greys Anatomy

    Greys Anatomy (2005)
    Television by Shonda Rhimes Dialogue Editor

  • Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again

    Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again (2004)
    Television (Comedy and Documentary) Editorial department Bill Engvall, Ron "Tater Salad" White, Jeff Foxworthy, and Larry the Cable Guy return on-stage to give some funny redneck laughs and humorous spins on everyday affairs.

  • Death Valley

    Death Valley (2004)
    Film (Action, Drama and Thriller) Sound department Four friends head to the desert to attend a winter rave. Instead, it turns into the trip to hell when they meet up with a couple of bad locals.

  • Family Sins

    Family Sins (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department A seemingly respectable pillar of the community hides sickening secrets within the walls of her family home.

  • Judas

    Judas (2004)
    TV Movie (Biography, Drama and History) Sound department Judas meets Jesus and at first doesn't know what to make of him or whether or not to trust him. A cynical city boy, Judas makes fun of the country bumpkin disciples who follow Jesus but eventually decides to join the band, as well. He and Jesus become good friends, even though they often see things very differently. Ultimately, Judas is convinced that Jesus needs to use his popularity and wonder-working powers to free the Jews from the Romans, and Jesus sees a larger, spritual perspective. As a friend, Judas convinces Jesus to give his disciples his miraculous powers, and he does with good results. Finally, the Jewish leaders spy on Judas and convince him of the greater good of betraying Jesus, in order to save the Jewish people. Judas gets caught between the corrupt leaders, Caiaphus and Pontius Pilate, and Jesus. Written by Anonymous

  • King Solomon's Mines

    King Solomon's Mines (2004)
    Television (Action, Adventure, Fantasy and Romance) Sound department An adventurous quest for a treasure hidden in King Solomon's mines, based on H. Rider Haggard's timeless tale.

  • Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again (Trailer)

    Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again (Trailer) (2004)
    Film by Parallel Entertainment Editor

  • Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again (feature film)

    Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again (feature film) (2004)
    Film by Parallel Entertainment Supervising Sound Editor

  • Rescue Me

    Rescue Me (2004)
    Television by Showtime Supervising Sound Editor

  • Joan of Arcadia

    Joan of Arcadia (2004)
    Television by CBS Supervising Sound Editor

  • Red Water

    Red Water (2003)
    TV Movie (Horror) Sound department In the quiet waters of the Mississippi, body parts are being discovered. No one knows what is behind it all, until a huge man eating bull shark turns up. This bull shark is different, as it can breath in fresh water, making a deadly encounter between anyone who comes before it. John Sanders must now try and reach the surface, with his ex-wife and whilst being held hostage. Written by Film_Fan

  • Murder, She Wrote: The Celtic Riddle

    Murder, She Wrote: The Celtic Riddle (2003)
    TV Movie (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Sound department Jessica is invited to a will reading in Ireland, and is surprised when she finds out what the besquest is. The family is riven with competing personalities, and a clause in the will requires all of them to work together to discover where the treasure hidden. It's not long before the bodies start to turn up...

  • Boomtown

    Boomtown (2002 - 2003)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Sound department Each episode of this series, set in present day Los Angeles, examines one crime from many different viewpoints - uniformed cops, detectives, witnesses, the media, the fire department and rescue squad, even the criminals themselves. Written by Brian Barjenbruch

  • Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie

    Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie (2003)
    Film (Comedy and Documentary) Sound department The comedic stylings of four sort-of famous funnymen are brought to the big screen courtesy of this 2002 documentary.

  • They Shoot Divas, Don't They?

    They Shoot Divas, Don't They? (2002)
    TV Movie (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Sound department Sloan McBride is a rock star from the 80s who, though her career is slowly going down the tubes, is trying to keep her head above water. Jenny is a young girl who worms her way into Sloane's life seeming the innocent assistant and turning into her worst nightmare. Jenny is secretly out for revenge on Sloane for ruining her mother's career as a singer and causing her to commit suicide. Jenny will stop at nothing to make a fool out of Sloane and is willing to even kill for the change to get closer to her. Will Jenny get the revenge she so desires? Or is her revenge unfounded in delusion? Written by Virginia Castagno <musicaltheaterbabe@hotmail.com>

  • The Ring

    The Ring (2002)
    Film (Horror and Mystery) Sound department Rachel Keller is a journalist investigating a videotape that may have killed four teenagers (including her niece). There is an urban legend about this tape: the viewer will die seven days after watching it. If the legend is correct, Rachel will have to run against time to save her son's and her own life. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Just a Walk in the Park

    Just a Walk in the Park (2002)
    TV Movie (Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sport and 1 More) Sound department A dog-handler is invited to house-sit a penthouse apartment for one of his rich clientèle. While there he meets a dog-loving neighbor and sparks fly. The only trouble is that she assumes he is the rich owner of the apartment, an assumption that he does not want to correct. Written by John Sacksteder <jsackste@bellsouth.net>

  • L.A. Law: The Movie

    L.A. Law: The Movie (2002)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department Reunion movie from the popular TV series reunites most of the original cast from the Los Angeles law firm of McKenzie-Brackman. In the eight years since the series ended, the founding senior partner, Leland McKenzie, has retired and left Douglas Brackman, Jr. as the senior managing partner. New employees to the firm are Brackman's over-achieving son Jason, who's at odds with his father, and ambitious and conniving associate Chloe Carpenter at odds with others. Former partner Michael Kuzak, now a successful restaurant owner, is called out of retirement to help stop the impeding execution of a former client on death row and the opposing counsel is Kuzak's old flame Grace Van Owen. Meanwhile, divorce lawyer Arnie Becker deals with his most toughest divorce: his own, where his estranged young wife has hired former McKenzie-Brackman lawyer Abby Perkins as her legal representation. Office manager Roxanne Melman deals with her ex-husband, Dave Meyer, who claims that he's dying and wants to ... Written by Matthew Patay

  • First Monday

    First Monday (2002)
    Television (Drama) Sound department Each Supreme Court term begins on the first Monday in October. Currently, the Court's evenly divided between conservatives and liberals. Moderate Justice Joseph Novelli has just joined them. The show follows their cases and lives.

  • Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie

    Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie (2002)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department Moyher's good boy Benny Silman from Brooklyn becomes an economics student at Arizona State University for the sun and sexy girls- and the proximity of gambling paradise Las Vegas. Benny aces his studies, being a mathematical genius, but the one who earns money from him at sports is bookie Troy, who however recruits him as subcontractor, making a few thousand for himself. The next year Benny starts for himself, with a few dozen student vassals, and makes a hundredfold. A friend's big brother, Chicago stock-broker Joe Jr., doesn't hold Benny to a $6,000 loss but plants the idea of cheating by playing the 'spread' trough an accomplice jock, notably NBA-class college basketball player Stevin 'Hedake' Smith. Local drug lord Big Red imposes himself as second investor, but Benny manages to keep that secret for Joe's 'family'. Alas Benny also makes a single female conquest, Carolina horse rancher's daughter Callie, whose moralistic nagging not to 'waste his talent' makes working job, studies ... Written by KGF Vissers

  • Fidel

    Fidel (2002)
    TV Movie (Biography and Drama) Sound department Fact-based (?) drama about the rise of Fidel Castro from a respected lawyer in Cuba to rabble-rousing dissident to power-hungry ruler of his nation. One wonders about the facts in this very homogenized presentation though. The story goes something like this: Fidel meets future wife, gets married, has a child, political aspirations get in way of family, Fidel has a politically-motivated affair, gets thrown in jail, gets expelled from the country, comes back and fights out of the jungle for a few years, casts then leader Baptistsa out of power and seizes leadership. Once seizing power, he kills everyone who opposes him or disagrees with him - although once again this aspect is very watered down. The promised idea of a free election is also quickly dismissed as not in the people's best interests. Fidel's immense popularity with the people at the time of his coming into power is depicted, but the anti-Castro thought is only briefly touched upon in a discussion with a former restaurant ... Written by John Sacksteder <jsackste@bellsouth.net>

  • Christmas Rush

    Christmas Rush (2002)
    Film by FX Networks Supervising Sound Editor

  • Evil Sister 2

    Evil Sister 2 (2001)
    Video (Horror) Editorial department A young woman and her father go in search of the twin sister who appears in her dreams.

  • Running Out

    Running Out (2001)
    Film Sound department Add a Plot »

  • After Amy

    After Amy (2001)
    TV Movie (Drama and Sci-Fi) Sound department A reporter (Bridget Fonda) gets the scoop on the first ever human cloning, but the furor surrounding the event jeopardizes the baby's birth and the career of the doctor (Mary Beth Hurt) responsible for creating the clone.

  • Soul Food

    Soul Food (2000 - 2001)
    Television (Drama) Sound department The everyday life and problems of the Josephs, a black family living in Chicago, Illinois.

  • A Glimpse of Hell

    A Glimpse of Hell (2001)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department USNavy Ensign (Lieutenant junior grade) Dan Meyer feared a non-flying officer's career prospects -like his- aren't brilliant but tries to excel at his assignment, in charge of gun turret 1 on the battle ship USS Iowa, which sees action in every major war. When the crew tell him the budget never goes to necessary repairs and improvements on the 50 years old ship, he takes his Navy-retired father Donald's advice to file a detailed report above the well-connected captain Fred Moosally's head. When master chief Skelley, the ship's liaison with HQ, asks Meyer to execute artillery experiments which can impress the brass he eagerly accepts against objections from the crewmen, especially Petty Officer Dale Mortensen; the first test successfully sets a record. Alas the second, in turret 2, goes terribly wrong: an explosion destroys the turret and kills 47 sailors, which seals the fate of 16 inch-guns till further notice. Meyer protests in vain when evidence is willfully destroyed 'to spare the... Written by KGF Vissers

  • The Lost Battalion

    The Lost Battalion (2001)
    Television by Showtime Supervising Sound Editor

  • Ali: An American Hero

    Ali: An American Hero (2000)
    TV Movie (Biography, Drama and Sport) Sound department Interprets Cassius Clay's life, his Muslim transformation into Muhammad Ali and his 1974 fight with George Foreman for the heavyweight championship.

  • Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

    Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2000)
    TV Movie (Drama and Thriller) Sound department Dustin Yarma is a Los Angeles film executive whom awakens on a beach after a night of drunken debauchery to a dead body of a young woman he was with the night before. Minnow, a beach bum/derelict, approaches Dustin and offers to dispose of the body only if Dustin will finally support him. With little choice and knowing his life will be damaged in a public Hollywood scandal, Dustin accepts Minnow's offer. Soon, Minnow has moved into Dustin's posh house, and socialized with more of Dustin's friends, including his girlfriend Darcy. Written by matt-282

  • The Wonderful World of Disney

    The Wonderful World of Disney (1998 - 2000)
    Television (Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy and 4 More) Sound department Experience the magic and adventure from Walt Disney world of color

  • Secret Agent Man

    Secret Agent Man (2000)
    Television (Action and Thriller) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • The Pooch and the Pauper

    The Pooch and the Pauper (2000)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Sound department The bulldog Liberty (who's thoughts we're able to hear) is the "First Dog of the USA", i.e. the president's dog. As such he has a lot of representative duties, but also many privileges which made him snobby and condescending towards other dogs. But one day when the young Nataniel takes him for a walk, he's mixed up with the stray dog Moocher who looks like his identical twin. Henceforth Moocher takes Liberty's place in the White House. From now on a different spirit reigns in the White House... Written by Tom Zoerner <Tom.Zoerner@informatik.uni-erlangen.de>

  • Mary and Rhoda

    Mary and Rhoda (2000)
    TV Movie (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Sound department The old friends from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," Mary and Rhoda, are reunited, only to discover that Mary has a daughter named Rose and Rhoda's daughter is named Meredith. Written by Matthew D. Wilson <mdw1900@rit.edu>

  • The Lady in Question

    The Lady in Question (1999)
    TV Movie (Mystery, Crime and Thriller) Sound department In 1938, Jewish rights activist Emma Sachs is targeted by the Nazis. When she dies, foul play is suspected. But was it the Nazis, or was it someone else? Detective Tony Rossini investigates, along with Larry "Cash" Carter, a theatre director connected to Mrs. Sachs and her family. Written by Jason A. Cormier

  • Execution of Justice

    Execution of Justice (1999)
    TV Movie (Crime and Drama) Sound department The true story of the assassination of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and City Supervisor Harvey Milk on November 27, 1978. The case of assassin Dan White has become known as the "Twinkie defense" after his sentence was reduced from first-degree murder to voluntary manslaughter. White served five years in prison and committed suicide in 1985. This film is based on 'Emily Mann''s play. Written by <coymoon@petercoyote.com>

  • Hayley Wagner, Star

    Hayley Wagner, Star (1999)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • Total Stranger

    Total Stranger (1999)
    Film (Drama and Thriller) Sound department A middle-aged woman takes on a young female tenant to help pay her debts, but gets a lot more than she bargains for when the girl starts to act very strangely indeed . . .

  • Michael Landon, the Father I Knew

    Michael Landon, the Father I Knew (1999)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department Michael Landon Jr. directs this biographical story of his television star father, 'Michael Landon' (John Schneider). The film deals with the scarring that Michael Jr. felt after his parents divorce when he was 15 and looks at his father's philandering ways. Michael Jr. is the son of Landon's second wife 'Lynn Noe'), who was deserted when Landon took up with a make-up artist on the set of Little House on the Prairie (1974). Written by John Sacksteder <jsackste@bellsouth.net>

  • The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer

    The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer (1999)
    TV Movie (Thriller and Drama) Sound department Fact-based story about Ira Einhorn, a 70's peace-nik who is generally credited as one of the founders of Earth Day. In the late 60's and early 70's, Ira lived with Holly Maddux. But when she tries to leave him in 1977, she suddenly disappears. Later her body is discovered in a trunk in Einhorn's apartment. Let out on bail, Einhorn flees from the country and manages to elude authorities for years. Meanwhile he is convicted in absentia and sentenced to prison. Holly's father is determined to see his daughter's murderer brought to justice and has him tracked and is eventually caught in France in 1997. Martin Donovan appears as the assistant D.A. who put the case together. Today, Einhorn is now appealing his conviction. Written by John Sacksteder <jsackste@bellsouth.net>

  • The Patty Duke Show: Still Rockin' in Brooklyn Heights

    The Patty Duke Show: Still Rockin' in Brooklyn Heights (1999)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Sound department The original cast members from the classic television series resurrect their characters, including Patty Duke in her legendary dual role as identical cousins Patty and Cathy Lane. This time the family reconvenes in New York in order to surprise Patty, and end up battling her old arch-nemesis Sue Ellen, who is intent on having the high school torn down. Written by Anonymous

  • Mutiny

    Mutiny (1999)
    TV Movie (Drama and War) Sound department Fact-based story about 300 predominantly black sailors who were killed on July 17, 1944 while loading munitions on a ship in San Francisco. Three weeks later, 50 survivors were court-martialed for refusing to load another shipment. The men cited the Navy's lack of care for their safety. Written by John Sacksteder <jsackste@bellsouth.net>

  • Replacing Dad

    Replacing Dad (1999)
    TV Movie (Comedy and Drama) Sound department Linda and George live in a small town. He is the school principal. They are about to celebrate their 16th anniversary. She catches him with her daughter's young teacher, and has to deal with the kids, the town and her love to him. Written by Jonathan <jrd@netvision.net.il>

  • NetForce

    NetForce (1999)
    TV Movie (Action, Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Sound department Set in the year 2005, a division of the FBI, called "NetForce" has been initiated to investigate Internet crime. A Bill Gates-type character finds a loophole in his new web browser which enables him to gain control of the Internet. Net-Force, headed by Kristofferson and Bakula's characters set out to stop him. Written by Brad Herring <cdc2234@aol.com>

  • My Last Love

    My Last Love (1999)
    TV Movie (Romance and Drama) Sound department My Last Love is a TV movie about a single mother who had been diagnosed with cancer. Her treatments aren't helping, so she decides to move with her daughter Carson, from Chicago to her home on the west coast. While there, she meets a busboy named Michael and they fall in love. In the meantime, she has several struggles dealing with Carson's reaction to her illness, her mother's over-protectiveness, and the matter of who will care for her daughter when she dies. Written by Susie-16

  • To Serve and Protect

    To Serve and Protect (1999)
    Television (Thriller, Crime and Drama) Sound department The Carr Family is a well known family of cops, for three generations now. Now the current generation of cops are investigating a serial killer who murders his victims all differently so they can't trace them all back to him. Yet the murder starts sending Tom Carr, at the police station, videos with him, the serial killer, on it. If that wasn't bad enough. Tom and his wife Helen have to care for their nephew, Matt, when his mom is killed and his dad is hospitalized one night after a shooting at a near convince store. The killer starts to get personal now and attacks the Carr family, by kidnapping and threatening to kill Matt. What will the Carr family do in this time of Crisis? Will Matt be saved in enough time or be the next victim to the killer? Written by Princessmaniac1

  • African Odyssey

    African Odyssey (1998)
    TV Movie (Documentary) Editor Add a Plot »

  • Assignment Berlin

    Assignment Berlin (1998)
    Film (Drama and Thriller) Sound department Tracy Garret's a cop and after an incident that left one person dead, she's invited by her father to spend sometime with him in Berlin. While they were out having dinner, her father's shot. She is then informed by the German inspector assigned to her father's case that her father's a CIA operative. She then decides to investigate the case... Written by rcs0411@yahoo.com

  • Mr. Murder

    Mr. Murder (1998)
    TV Movie (Sci-Fi and Thriller) Sound department A group of scientists are trying to produce the perfect soldier by cloning. The day the clone is born, Marty Stillwater, a mystery novel writer, feels that something strange is going on inside his body and mind. Seven years later, Marty discovers that his double has his same physical appearance but has the personality of a murderer. Written by Rudy Rivas <rtr@webhouse.es>

  • Black Cat Run

    Black Cat Run (1998)
    TV Movie (Action, Mystery and Thriller) Sound department A girl is in love with a gas station attendant and sees him against her father's wishes. The father is the sheriff and shortly after a confrontation with the boy friend, he is killed by escaped convicts and the daughter is kidnapped. Everyone, including the deputy, is convinced that the boy friend committed the murder and ran away with the girl. This sets up a chase of the convicts by the boy friend and of the boy friend by the police. Written by John Sacksteder <jsackste@bellsouth.net>

  • Labor of Love

    Labor of Love (1998)
    TV Movie Sound department Add a Plot »

  • Tarzan and the Lost City

    Tarzan and the Lost City (1998)
    Film (Action, Adventure, Family and Fantasy) Sound department On the eve of his wedding, John Clayton, Lord of Greystoke (better known as Tarzan), receives a message from the witch doctor Mugambe that his homeland is in danger. It turns out that a treasure hunter named Ravens is searching for the lost city of Opar, and is destroying the jungle and desecrating the villagers' burial grounds in the process. Only Tarzan can stop Ravens and set things right in the African jungle, but will Jane stand for her fiance being away for so long? Written by Jean-Marc Rocher <rocher@fiberbit.net>

  • The Tiger Woods Story

    The Tiger Woods Story (1998)
    TV Movie (Biography, Drama and Sport) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • The Patron Saint of Liars

    The Patron Saint of Liars (1998)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department A woman runs away from her husband when she discovers she is pregnant, going to a Catholic school for girls, where she meets and marries another man, who raises the child as his own. Meanwhile, the first husband spends 15 years searching for his wife. Written by Bill Hensley <Bill.Hensley@trw.com>

  • The Perfect Getaway

    The Perfect Getaway (1998)
    TV Movie (Drama and Thriller) Sound department Colt Erickson is a helicopter pilot who's hired by a woman to fly her around. But suddenly she pulls a gun on him and tells Colt to land in the nearby prison. When they do one of the inmates goes in and she tells Colt to go but the guards shoot at the copter damaging it. So it crashes. Colt sees the man she broke out is Randy Savino a guy he knows. They are now trapped in the desert. Colt's girlfriend Julia is approached by the FBI who tell her about the break out. She says Colt wouldn't do that. That's when they reveal that Colt and Savino's past and that Colt has been making trips across the border. So it seems that the Feds are treating Colt like a suspect so Julia tries to find him herself. Written by rcs0411@yahoo.com

  • The Temptations

    The Temptations (1998)
    Television (Biography, Drama and Music) Sound department The true story of The Temptations, the Soul vocal group of the 1960s, as seen from the viewpoint of the last surviving member, Otis Williams. Beginning from their humble origins in the late 50s and continuing through the 90s and the deaths of the other 4 members. Written by Nic Cage <2cool@zebra.net>

  • The Wedding Singer

    The Wedding Singer (1998)
    Film Sound Editor

  • The Price of Desire

    The Price of Desire (1997)
    Film (Drama and Thriller) Sound department Monica and Sinclair spice up their marriage by picking up men and playing games with them. But they're in trouble when Monica falls for one of their intended victims, who won't be played with.

  • In My Sister's Shadow

    In My Sister's Shadow (1997)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department Joan Connor is a lonely florist who falls for her little sister's ex, even though he is stalking the younger woman.

  • Into Thin Air: Death on Everest

    Into Thin Air: Death on Everest (1997)
    TV Movie (Adventure, Biography and Drama) Sound department An adaptation of Jon Krakauer's best selling book, "Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster". It attempts to recreate the disastrous events that took place during the Mount Everest climb on May 10, 1996. It also follows Krakauer and portrays what he was going through while climbing the mountain. Written by <Tronsark@juno.com>

  • Miracle in the Woods

    Miracle in the Woods (1997)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department Quarreled sisters; Sarah and Wanda inherit property from their mother. It has always belonged to the family. Sarah insists on selling it as soon as possible because she has many difficulties. She goes there with her daughter; Gina. Wanda, on the other hand, wants to keep the property in family. They soon discover that it's not abandoned. Old lady, Lilly Cooper has been living there for many years and doesn't want to leave the house, at least, not as long as she can meet her son. Written by Anonymous

  • Get to the Heart: The Barbara Mandrell Story

    Get to the Heart: The Barbara Mandrell Story (1997)
    TV Movie (Biography, Drama and Music) Sound department Biography of country music star Barbara Mandrell looks at her early career and follows her career through the tragic auto accident in 1984 which almost killed her and her ultimate recovery and change of outlook on life. Mandrell portrays herself in her later life and Maureen McCormick offers a good portrayal of the younger Mandrell. Written by John Sacksteder <jsackste@bellsouth.net>

  • Nowhere

    Nowhere (1997)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Sci-Fi) Sound department A group of teenagers try to sort out their lives and emotions while bizarre experiences happen to each one, including alien abductions, bad acid trips, bisexual experiences, suicides, bizarre deaths, and a rape by a TV star. All of this happens before "the greatest party of the year". Written by Parca Mortem <icy_shadow@rocketmail.com>

  • Jitters

    Jitters (1997)
    TV Movie (Drama and Romance) Sound department An independent, professional woman has second thoughts about getting married.

  • The Blackout

    The Blackout (1997)
    Film (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Sound department Matty is a film star who is tired of Hollywood life and moves to Miami, where he makes a proposal to his girlfriend Annie. She is not ready to marry him, and it is revealed that she had an abortion. Depressed because he lost his baby (though it was him who initially asked for abortion), Matty, together with his friend Micky, go on a wild night, they meet a waitress also called Annie and in the end of the night Matty passes out. A year and a half later Matty lives in New York, leads a clean life visiting AA meetings and has a relationship with attractive blonde Susan. He is still obsessed with Annie and returns to Miami, where unexpected news about Annie 2 (the waitress) waits for him. Written by Anonymous

  • The Sleepwalker Killing

    The Sleepwalker Killing (1997)
    TV Movie (Crime and Drama) Sound department Mark Schall kills his mother-in-law and wounds his father-in-law in the middle of the night, then turns himself in. He claims, however, that he cannot remember the crime itself. His defense team finds evidence that suggests the crimes were committed while Mark was sleep walking. They build their defense around this theory. Written by Mike Borzumate <borzum@rpi.edu>

  • Deep Family Secrets

    Deep Family Secrets (1997)
    TV Movie (Thriller) Sound department A young woman journeys back to her birthplace and discovers that much of what she had always taken for granted was all a lie.

  • David

    David (1997)
    TV Movie (Adventure, Biography, Drama and History) Sound department The tribes of Israel need to defeat the superior might of the Philistines: "Now appoint a king to lead us, such as all the other nations have." (I Samuel, 8:5). And so the prophet Samuel gives the Hebrews their first king, Saul, a simple farmer, who with God's help becomes a brave and mighty warlord who leads the united tribes of Israel against their enemies. Saul, however, has incessant doubts about his mission. Not trustful enough of divine wisdom, he acts of his own accord and thus sins against the Lord. The influential prophet Samuel turns away from Saul in order to select a new king according to God's will: David. He is still a young boy, tending sheep in the fields, when, secretly Samuel oints him as the next king of the Israelites. When David - as courageous as he is intelligent - emerges victorious from his encounter with Goliath, the Philistines' most powerful warrior, he becomes a hero. His fame arouses the jealousy of King Saul, who senses that David is going to dispute his... Written by Anonymous

  • Home Invasion

    Home Invasion (1997)
    TV Movie (Thriller) Sound department A gang of armed criminals bursts into the home of a woman, taking her and the daughters of three of her friends hostage.

  • Vanishing Point

    Vanishing Point (1997)
    TV Movie (Action, Adventure and Romance) Sound department When his wife goes into a troubled labor while he is on the road over 1200 miles away James Kowalski, a former race-car driver and Army Ranger, attempts to elude police while trying to get home. After numerous chases, he turns into a aboriginal American reservation and reflects on his life, and his wife. He then heads off to break through an impenetrable police and F.B.I. road-block. Written by Kale Whorton <nikko11@mind.net>

  • Rough Riders

    Rough Riders (1997)
    Television (Action, Drama, History, War and 1 More) Sound department In 1898 the US government decided to intervene on the side of the Cuban rebels in their struggle against Spanish rule. Assistant Navy Secretary Theodore Roosevelt decides to experience the war first hand by promoting and joining a volunteer cavalry regiment. The regiment, later known as the Rough Riders, brings together volunteers from all corners of the nation and all walks of life. When Roosevelt and his men finally land on Cuba, they face ambush, intense enemy fire, and a desperate, outnumbered charge up a defended hill. Written by Anonymous

  • Touched By An Angel

    Touched By An Angel (1997)
    Television by CBS Dialogue Editor

  • Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

    Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997)
    Film by Touchstone Supervising Sound Editor

  • In Cold Blood

    In Cold Blood (1996)
    Television (Crime, Drama and History) Sound department At the end of the 1950s, in a more innocent America, the brutal, meaningless slaying of a Midwestern family horrified the nation. This film is based on Truman Capote's hauntingly detailed, psychologically penetrating nonfiction novel. While in prison, Dick Hickock, 28, hears a cell-mate's story about $10,000 in cash kept in a home safe by a prosperous rancher. When he's paroled, Dick persuades ex-con Perry Smith, 31, to join him in going after the stash. On a November night in 1959, Dick and Perry break into the Holcomb, Kansas, house of Herb Clutter. Enraged at finding no safe, they wake the sleeping family and brutally kill them all. The bodies are found by two friends who come by before Sunday church. The murders shock the small Great Plains town, where doors are routinely left unlocked. Detective Alvin Dewey of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation heads the case, but there are no clues, no apparent motive and no suspects... Written by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

  • Pretty Poison

    Pretty Poison (1996)
    TV Movie (Romance and Thriller) Sound department A clueless cheerleader falls for a mysterious young man who tells her he's a secret agent. But the truth is much simpler and darker.

  • Thrill

    Thrill (1996)
    TV Movie (Action and Drama) Sound department A disgruntled worker rigs a bomb, triggered by a motion sensor, on the roller coaster at a financially troubled amusement park.

  • The Siege at Ruby Ridge

    The Siege at Ruby Ridge (1996)
    TV Movie (Drama and History) Sound department A mini-series dramatization of the controversial 1992 attack by federal agents on the Idaho home of Randy Weaver, a white seperatist. The ten-day siege, begun over a minor gun charge, resulted in the deaths of Weaver's son, wife and dog, and a U.S. Marshall. The incident caused major public outcry against the FBI and U.S. Marshals. Written by Jonathan D. H. Parshall <parshall@citcom.net>

  • Face of Evil

    Face of Evil (1996)
    TV Movie (Drama and Thriller) Sound department On her wedding night, twenty-year-old Darcy Palmer empties her fiancé's bank account and flees to New York City. Along the way, she tries robbing Brianne Dwyer, who's heading to a New England college for her freshman year, and ends up killing her. Darcy assumes Brianne's identity, enrolls in her place at college, and kills anyone who gets in her way. When Darcy becomes interested in her roommate Jeanelle's wealthy widowed father, she poisons Jeanelle so that she's too sick to spend time with him when he visits the campus, and Darcy takes her place. Suspecting her dirty deeds, Jeanelle confronts her roommate, who coolly admits to killing many people and stealing their identities. Then, Darcy attacks... Just in the nick of time, Jeanelle's father rescues her from harm. Darcy escapes but is caught just as she's about to snare her next victim... Written by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

  • Raven Hawk

    Raven Hawk (1996)
    TV Movie (Action and Drama) Sound department A Native-American woman, who was framed for the murders of her parents years before, returns to her reservation to seek revenge.

  • Don't Be A Menace to South Central

    Don't Be A Menace to South Central (1996)
    Film Supervising Sound Editor

  • Home Song

    Home Song (1996)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department High school principal Tom Gardner is happily married with two children, but then his perfect life is disrupted by the arrival of new student Kent Arens and his mother Monica. Tom and Monica share a secret--on the night of Tom's bachelor party he got drunk and slept with Monica. Tom learns that Kent is his son and though initially he wants to keep it a secret, he eventually has no choice but to tell his family the truth. Written by Anonymous

  • Savage

    Savage (1996)
    Film (Action, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Sound department After his family is murdered, and he's left for dead, a farmer awakens in the desert and finds himself transformed into a savage warrior, with all the powers and skills of the ancient gods. Guided by his "spirit masters" he's given a mission; destroy Tital Corporation, the world's most powerful high-tech computer company and its ambitious leader, Michael Burroughs. Burrough's has discovered the technological remains of an ancient race and a secret that will allow him to open the Vortex and achieve immortality. Out in the desert, ancient powers collide with sophisticated technology as the Savage and Burroughs meet in a titanic struggle that could destroy mankind. Written by Emerald

  • If Looks Could Kill

    If Looks Could Kill (1996)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department The true story of John Hawkins, a notoriously elusive criminal profiled on John Walsh's television show 'Americas's Most Wanted'. Hawkin was a sociopathic con man and murderer, who used sex in his scams and had the charm and good looks to do so. After a $1 million insurance settlement on a business partner's death, he disappeared, leading the California detective who pursued him on a wild chase all over the world. Written by Bruce Cameron <dumarest@midcoast.com>

  • Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

    Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)
    Film (Comedy and Crime) Sound department "Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking your Juice in the Hood" is a parody of several U.S. films about being in the 'Hood', for instance "Boyz n the Hood", "South Central", "Menace II Society", "Higher Learning" and "Juice". We follow Ashtray as he returns to the place he grew up in and meet his father and his basket-case friends. Crazy stuff happens. For example, Ashtray is older than his father and his best friend Loc Dog's grandmother is a trigger-happy old lady who blames her eccentric-looking kid for not being tough enough. Written by Rune Dahl Fitjar <rfitjar@online.no>

  • The Price of Love

    The Price of Love (1995)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department 16 year old Bret lives with his indifferent father and a stepmother who abhors him. After yet another fight he leaves home. He meets two guys and a girl who are drifting around. He feels attracted to Roxanne and they decide to continue together to LA. Unfortunately Roxanne gets busted by the police, so Bret is on his own again. In LA he meets some nice guys who offer him lodging. However they are involved with (male) prostitution... Written by Willy Vanhaelen <willy.vanhaelen@advalvas.be>

  • Streets of Laredo

    Streets of Laredo (1995)
    Television (Drama and Western) Sound department Captain Woodrow Call, now retired from the Rangers, is a bounty hunter. He is hired by an eastern rail baron to track down Joey Garza, a new kind of killer, only a boy, who kills from a distance with a rifle. Joined by his old compadre Pea Eye, it is a long ride to south Texas and the Mexican side of the border, where the past, in the form of Maria Garza, Joey's mother, haunts Call. Written by Bruce Cameron <dumarest@midcoast.com>

  • Zoya

    Zoya (1995)
    TV Movie (Romance and Drama) Sound department A young Russian countess escapes the 1917 revolution and, despite hardship, makes a new life for herself in America.

  • The Break

    The Break (1995)
    Film (Drama and Sport) Sound department A depressed and destitute Nick Irons, a tennis pro banned from the tour for slugging a player during a TV match, agrees to coach a bookie's "head case" son, Joel, who wants to turn pro. The bookie wants his son to get out of tennis and contracts Nick to discourage him. Nick begins to do that but after an episode with his old flame, Jennifer, and after seeing the kid's determination he decides to teach him all the tricks, both physical and psychological, of the trade. The two battle the kids of a famous coach, unfair refs., injuries, travel all over the southern US, while Nick tries to woo his love back, finally to reach the big championship tennis match where all is resolved in dramatic fashion. Written by <rmaisiak@uab.edu>

  • High Sierra Search and Rescue

    High Sierra Search and Rescue (1995)
    Television Sound department Griffin Campbell heads up volunteers in a remote mountain town who perform dangerous rescue missions. Morgan runs the general store, Lisa the gas station, Cruz is a teacher and Flynn a ski instructor. They bond at night swapping stories.

  • Crowfoot

    Crowfoot (1995)
    TV Movie (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Sound department A half-Native American cop falls in love with the ghost of a young woman. He struggles to help her come to terms with her death while also seeking to bring to justice the man responsible for her murder.

  • Mad Love

    Mad Love (1995)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Sound department The high-school student Matt Leland lives with his twin brother and sister and his father in a house by the lake. When the teenager Casey Roberts moves to the house on the other side of the lake, Matt snoops into her room with his telescope. They meet each other and soon they fall in love with each other. One day, Matt is taking a test at school and Casey activates the fire alarm to stop the test. She is suspended and her father decides to check her into a psychiatric institution. However Matt breaks her out of the hospital. They travel in Matt's car and have lots of fun until the day Matt discovers that Casey has bipolar disorder with periods of depression and periods of elevated mood. When she tries to commit suicide, Matt realizes that she needs specialized help. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Joseph

    Joseph (1995)
    TV Movie (Adventure, Biography, Drama and History) Sound department The story begins in Egypt, in the marketplace of Avaris where Joseph is sold as a slave to Potiphar, the Pharaoh's Chief Steward. Joseph, the favored son of the patriarch Jacob, was given into captivity by his own envious brothers. A tireless and highly productive worker, Joseph wins his master's trust and is named steward of Potiphar's household. However, Joseph also unwittingly arouses the lust of Potiphar's wife. Luring him into her room one day, she orders Joseph to give her pleasure. But Joseph prefers punishment, even death, to betraying his master. As he flees from the room, the desperate woman tears off Joseph's garment and brandishes it as proof of her violation. As Potiphar questions him, Joseph begins to narrate the story of his past, a tale of suffering and hardship. We flash back to the time when Jacob and his family settled near the town of Schechem. It is a brief and unhappy stay, for when Jacob's daughter Dinah is ravished by the young prince of Schechem, Jacob's sons ... Written by Anonymous

  • Tad

    Tad (1995)
    TV Movie (Drama and History) Sound department Biography on Abraham Lincoln, who lost one of his sons during presidency.

  • In the Shadow of Evil

    In the Shadow of Evil (1995)
    TV Movie (Drama, Crime, Mystery and Thriller) Sound department Jack Brenner is a hot-shot cop on the trail of a serial killer known as The Roper. Just as he's getting close to catching the killer, he is injured and develops amnesia. Dr. Molly Nostrand works to help Brenner recover his memories and the two become romantically involved. Meanwhile, The Roper is still out there somewhere and the police are depending on Jack Brenner to bring him in. Written by Anonymous

  • Escape from Terror: The Teresa Stamper Story

    Escape from Terror: The Teresa Stamper Story (1995)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department Teresa Walden-Stamper is happily married to her husband Paul Stamper and together they have one daughter Katie Stamper. The marriage seems happy until Paul starts abusing Teresa and becomes obsessed with her. Teresa divorces Paul and gets a restraining order against him but this doesn't stop Paul and he kidnaps Teresa and shoots her boyfriend Chris Butler. Paul is later caught by the police and is taken to jail but later escapes from jail and Teresa knows that now she must protect herself and her daughter and that they're in real danger. Based on a story from Unsolved Mysteries. Written by Jonathan

  • Chameleon

    Chameleon (1995)
    Film (Thriller) Sound department A government agent who had retired comes out to try to find a druglord who had his family murdered. However, as he assumes various roles, his chief becomes concerned about him as he starts struggling to differentiate between reality and his make-up. Written by John Sacksteder <jsackste@bellsouth.net>

  • Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas

    Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas (1994)
    TV Movie (Comedy and Romance) Sound department In this conclusion of the long running series it finally happens: Kelly and Zack will marry. Zack's parents are against the early commitment and Kelly's parents can't afford it, so only the gang travels to Las Vegas for the wedding. However, before the wedding can happen, they have to live through many adventures, including Zack losing his hard earned money, Kelly becoming jealous and Slater being chased by mobsters. Written by Tom Zoerner <Tom.Zoerner@informatik.uni-erlangen.de>

  • Jack Reed: A Search for Justice

    Jack Reed: A Search for Justice (1994)
    TV Movie (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Sound department Brian Dennehy returns as dedicated police officer, Jack Reed, who investigates a brutal murder case while battling corruption within his own department. Written by Amanda Lowe <daro@meditnet.com>

  • Where Are My Children?

    Where Are My Children? (1994)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department Based upon a true story, Marg Helgenberger stars as a single mother mysteriously arrested by the FBI and separated from her children, thus beginning a 25-year struggle to be reunited with them.

  • Andre

    Andre (1994)
    Film (Adventure, Drama and Family) Sound department Toni Whitney and her family adopt a baby sea lion. When it grows and starts getting into mischief, it antagonizes some of the fisherman in the town. One of the fisherman, Billy Baker, is upset with the Whitney's because Toni's father, Harry, was appointed Harbor Master instead of him, partially because of the seal. But when the humorous antics of the sea lion attracts media attention, further squeezing out Mark, and running down his business, he gets even more upset. Written by Brian W Martz <B.Martz@Genie.com>

  • A Place for Annie

    A Place for Annie (1994)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department Baby Annie is HIV positive and has been left in the clinic by her drug addicted mother. To prevent that she's deported to a home where they'd just wait for her to die, nurse Susan takes charge of Annie at her home. Two years later she plans too adopt her -- but suddenly Annie's mother reappears and demands her back. And under the law, Susan, as foster-mother, has no claim to the child. Written by Tom Zoerner <Tom.Zoerner@informatik.uni-erlangen.de>

  • Dead Connection

    Dead Connection (1994)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Sound department After a series of murders in motel rooms are connected, a cop, Dickson, heads out on the trail to find a serial killer. He discovers that he signs the motel guest-books with the names of boxers, and hence gets a lead on him. However, when he just fails to catch up arrest him, the chase becomes personal. Written by David Gibson <djg6@ukc.ac.uk>

  • Search and Rescue

    Search and Rescue (1994)
    TV Movie (Adventure) Sound department They may seem like an ordinary group of people from the small town of Bear Valley, but after they risk their lives to perform heroic rescues in the rugged Sierra Mountains, it is obvious that these courageous people make up a very special team Written by <Goldenshadows@hotmail.com>

  • The Silence of the Hams

    The Silence of the Hams (1994)
    Film (Comedy and Thriller) Sound department A rookie FBI agent, Jo Dee Foster (Billy Zane), has been assigned to work on the case of the Psycho Killer, a killer who has killed over 120 people. But to find out more about the Psycho Killer, Jo is forced to meet Dr. Animal Cannibal Pizza (Dom DeLuise), a famous doctor turned cannibal who ate pizzas with human body parts. Meanwhile, Jo's girlfriend, Jane Wine (Charlene Tilton), has just stolen $400,000 in cash from her money-hungry boss, Mr. Laurel (Rip Taylor), so she and Jo can be happy, but gets lost in a really horrible storm, caused mostly by a special effects crew behind her car, and stops at the Cemetery Motel, where the owner, Antonio Motel (Ezio Greggio), is dominated by his insane mother ('Shelly Winters'). Written by Will

  • Breathing Lessons

    Breathing Lessons (1994)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department A married couple review their lives and renew their love for one another while driving to a friend's funeral.

  • Judicial Consent

    Judicial Consent (1994)
    Film (Thriller) Sound department Judge Gwen Warwick becomes involved in the murder trial she has been assigned. Her marriage is on the rocks and the murder victim is an old friend, who rumour has it, had an affair with her. Written by Rob Hartill

  • Texas

    Texas (1994)
    TV Movie (Adventure, History and Western) Sound department In the beginning of the 19th Century many Anglosaxons are settling in the Mexican province of Texas. As the years go by, political conflicts between the settlers and the Mexican government are escalating which would lead to war and Texan independence. Written by Dragan Antulov <dragan.antulov@altbbs.fido.hr>

  • Roseanne and Tom: Behind the Scenes

    Roseanne and Tom: Behind the Scenes (1994)
    TV Movie (Biography and Drama) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • Gypsy

    Gypsy (1993)
    TV Movie (Biography, Comedy, Drama and Musical) Sound department Based on the autobiography of Gypsy Rose Lee, this made-for-TV movie-previously a Broadway smash and a 1962 film-depicts the life and times of a stripper and her domineering mother.

  • Zelda

    Zelda (1993)
    TV Movie (Biography and Drama) Sound department Famous 1920s modernist US writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and his eccentric Flapper socialite wife Zelda Sayre's relationship began quite passionately, but he slowly fell into alcoholism and she was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia.

  • Danger Theatre

    Danger Theatre (1993)
    Television (Comedy) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom

    The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom (1993)
    TV Movie (Biography, Comedy and Thriller) Sound department Err, the title is almost a summary itself. Based on the true story of a Texas mom who tries to hire a hitman (through her ex's brother) to kill either or both a cheerleader and her mother. With the intended victims out of the way, Wanda's daughter gets the chance to become a cheerleader. When the media get hold of the story, Wanda's trial turns into a media circus. Written by Rob Hartill

  • The Portrait

    The Portrait (1993)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department After a long absence, artist Margaret Church returns to her aging parent's home to finish a portrait of them. Her parents, Gardner and Fanny Church, unbeknownst to Margaret have sold the family home and are moving. While coming to grips with the loss of her childhood home and the memories it held, Margaret must deal with many issues ranging from her father's frequent and disturbing memory lapses, to her feelings of isolation from her parents. Fanny and Gardner are totally devoted to each other and absorbed in their love and life together, making their daughter feel left out. While struggling to get her parents to sit still long enough to paint their portrait, Margaret thinks they don't take her or her painting seriously. A conversation with her father makes Margaret finally come to the realization that her parents love her, appreciate her painting career and that they can't and won't change at their ages. Returning to NY for her premier art showing with the finished portrait, Margaret... Written by E.W. DesMarais <jlongst@aol.com>

  • Skylark

    Skylark (1993)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department Jacob's farm is in trouble from a severe drought. Jacob and Sarah begin to wonder if Sarah can stay, and what will happen to Jacob if she and the children have to leave the farm. Written by Kathy Li

  • Call of the Wild

    Call of the Wild (1992)
    TV Movie (Adventure and Drama) Sound department A young boy heads off to the Yukon after hearing tales about the Gold Rush, and he forms an unwavering friendship with a heroic Alsatian dog called Buck. Written by Jonathan Broxton <j.w.broxton@sheffield.ac.uk>

  • Stalin

    Stalin (1992)
    TV Movie (Biography, Crime, Drama, History and 2 More) Sound department Josef Stalin rises from his rejection as being physically unfit in the Czar's army during world War I to undisputed head of the huge Soviet empire of the 1950s. After the success of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 he vies with arch-rival Leon Trotsky for power under the acknowledged leader, Vladimir Lenin. After Lenin's stroke, the merciless Georgian's ruthless methods soon eliminates all rivals and his cruel paranoia and overt sadism help him maintain power by eliminating every possible rival including many former comrades. Written by duke1029@aol.com

  • Love Potion No. 9

    Love Potion No. 9 (1992)
    Film (Comedy, Fantasy and Romance) Sound department Two scientists who are hopeless with the opposite sex experiment with a substance that makes them irresistible to anyone who hears them speak.

  • Still Not Quite Human

    Still Not Quite Human (1992)
    TV Movie (Comedy, Family and Sci-Fi) Sound department In the final film of the series, Chip and his "father" attend a robotics convention. Here, Dr. Carson is kidnapped and replaced with an android. Can Chip and his newfound friends save Dr. Carson from a dangerous competitor? Written by B.H. Yasuda <b_yasuda@hotmail.com>

  • Encino Man

    Encino Man (1992)
    Film (Comedy) Sound department Stoney and Dave find a caveman (Link) trapped in ice, thaw him out, and show him around town. Although Link is slow to catch on to basic concepts of 20th century life, he has no trouble impressing all the girls and helping Stoney and Dave find the coolness they've been searching for. Written by Michael Silva <silvamd@cleo.bc.edu>

  • Miss Rose White

    Miss Rose White (1992)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department During World War II, Reyzel Weiss escapes Poland and settles in America with her father, Mordecai, believing that both her mother and her sister had become victims of the Holocaust. As an adult, she changes her name to Rose White and remains silent about her past. After almost 20 years, however, Rose learns that her sister, Lusia, survived. Eventually, the two reunite, and Rose must finally face her painful memories and accept her heritage. Written by Jwelch5742

  • O Pioneers!

    O Pioneers! (1992)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department Alexandra Bergson inherits the family farm and struggles to carve a home and a fortune from the windswept prairie. Along the way, she forfeits her one chance for love, but never forgets the teenager who stirred her heart. He returns 15 years later and rekindles within Alexandra a long-buried dream and newfound desire. Willa Cather's famous novel comes stirringly to life in this made-for-TV movie. Written by SLR

  • Tequila and Bonetti

    Tequila and Bonetti (1992)
    Television (Action, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy and 2 More) Sound department Nick Bonetti is a cop from New York who accidentally shot a twelve-year-old girl. His department felt that it would be best that he leave New York until all the excitement dies down. So he is sent to California, and far as he is concerned, it's like being sent to another planet, and as far as the locals are concerned, he is an outsider. He is teamed with a dog named Tequila, who is not exactly Rin tin tin. But they try to work as best as they can. Written by <rcs0411@yahoo.com>

  • The Jacksons: An American Dream

    The Jacksons: An American Dream (1992)
    Television (Biography, Drama and Music) Sound department The Jacksons are your average working-class family in Gary, Indiana; but when their father discovers the kids have an extraordinary musical talent they form a band. Winning talent show after talent show they soon hit it big when Motown calls. From there they become the now famous Jackson 5. But along the way their success brings trouble and turmoil Written by Tony Meier <discokid@aol.com>

  • L'annonce faite à Marie

    L'annonce faite à Marie (1991)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • In the Heat of the Night

    In the Heat of the Night (1991)
    Television (Action, Crime, Drama and Mystery) Sound department Bill Gillespie is a police chief in a small town in the American South, and later becomes sheriff of the county. As Bill tries to solve crimes and catch criminals, aided by his capable investigator Virgil Tibbs and police lieutenant Bubba Skinner, he must navigate tricky small-town politics. Racial tensions often run high in the South and this theme is frequently explored. Bill's personal life is often portrayed in this TV drama, as well. Written by Tad Dibbern <DIBBERN_D@a1.mscf.upenn.edu>

  • Prisoner of Honor

    Prisoner of Honor (1991)
    TV Movie (Biography and Drama) Sound department "Prisoner of Honor" documents the French Dreyfus Affair that saw a French Captain sent to Devils' Island for espionage near the end of the nineteenth century. Richard Dreyfuss plays Colonel Picquart who is given the job of justifying Dreyfus' sentence. Instead, he discovers that Dreyfus, a Jew, was merely a convenient scapegoat for the actions of the true culprit, a member of the French General staff. His attempt to right the wrong sees his military career ended and the famous French author, Emile Zola, found guilty of libel. Written by Anonymous

  • Cool as Ice

    Cool as Ice (1991)
    Film (Comedy, Music and Romance) Sound department The old teen rebel saga is updated for the rap crowd, unfortunately rapper Vanilla Ice is the teen. Ice shows up on a neon-yellow motorcycle which gets everyone's attention, including the female honor student who has never had a rebellious bone in her body. Written by John Sacksteder <jsackste@bellsouth.net>

  • Without Warning: The James Brady Story

    Without Warning: The James Brady Story (1991)
    TV Movie (Drama) Sound department Based on a true story, this film focuses on James Brady, the press secretary to Ronald Reagan who was severely injured in an attempt on the president's life. When John Hinckley Jr. tries to kill Reagan, he also shoots Brady. Although Brady recuperates, he is left partially paralyzed and continues to heal with the support of his wife, Sarah. The shooting inspires Brady to seek stricter gun control laws, resulting in the Brady Bill. Written by Jwelch5742

  • Shakes the Clown

    Shakes the Clown (1991)
    Film (Comedy, Crime and Drama) Editorial department Shakes plods about his duties as party clown, and uses all of his free time getting seriously drunk. Binky, another clown, wins the spot on a local kiddie show, which depresses Shakes even more, and his boss threatens him with unemployment if he can't get his act under control. When someone murders Shakes' boss and makes it look like Shakes did it, he goes undercover, posing as a hated mime, and tries to find information that will clear his name. Written by Ed Sutton <esutton@mindspring.com>

  • Fires of the Mind

    Fires of the Mind (1990)
    Documentary by National Geographic Editor

  • Nightwish

    Nightwish (1989)
    Film (Horror) Sound department Grad students and their apparently unbalanced professor gather in a remote cabin to document some supernatural goings-on. Before long, people are going insane, hallucinations are popping up all over the place, and nobody's entirely sure what's real and what's not. Written by Brian J. Wright <bjwright@acs.ucalgary.ca>

  • Jake Spanner, Private Eye

    Jake Spanner, Private Eye (1989)
    TV Movie (Comedy, Crime and Drama) Sound department Burnt-out private dick Jacob Aloysius Spanner teams up with his brother to help an old adversary track down his one remaining loved one, his kidnapped granddaughter. But who's the hood and who's being hoodwinked?

  • Inside the Soviet Circus

    Inside the Soviet Circus (1989)
    Documentary by National Geographic 1st Assistant Editor

  • The Unnamable

    The Unnamable (1988)
    Film (Horror) Sound department Back in the 1800's a lady gives birth to a monster. They decide that the baby is too ugly to name, therefore the monster is known as the "Unnamable". The creature brutally slaughters his family, and gets trapped in a vault. Go ahead to 1998, and some college students have heard the story about the unnamable and want to check out the vault... Written by <chopp@gte.net>

  • The Infinite Voyage

    The Infinite Voyage (1988)
    Television (Documentary, Sci-Fi and Sport) Editor The miracles and wonders of the life and universe are explored and discovered in this fantastic voyage along of its 20 episodes about the human body, the past of the earth, the dinosaurs, ancient cultures, the stars and the Earth planet and much much more. With professionalism and a deep love for it, this series is an incredible experience for the senses, a 'infinite voyage' for the mind. Written by Chockys

  • Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, Part III: The Legend Continues

    Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, Part III: The Legend Continues (1987)
    TV Movie (Western) Sound department Brady Hawkes and Billy Montana join forces once again in this new adventure. This time around their goal is to help the Sioux fight the government and get the supplies they need. They also uncover corruption within a government outpost and find themselves in a dangerous position. Written by Anonymous

  • Acapulco H.E.A.T.

    Acapulco H.E.A.T.
    Television (Action and Adventure) Sound department Ashley, formerly of MI6, and Mike Savage, formerly of the CIA, are co-leaders of the H.E.A.T. team, a group of specialists recruited to fight a secret war against international terrorism. Based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the team operates throughout the Caribbean and around the world behind the unlikely cover of being the owners and models for a fashion company specializing in beach wear. Written by Marg Baskin <marg@asd.raytheon.ca>


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