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Kristen Tinsley

Screenwriter, Script Consultant and Script Supervisor

Brooklyn, New York

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"People, GET TO KRISTEN RIGHT AWAY!! When it comes to making your script marketable. She gives you coverage, copious notes to improve the script, formatting, spelling, grammar, pacing, structure, dialogue, conflict, character analysis, as well as available for consulting throughout the process to the end !! SHE WALKS THE TALK !! She loves what she does, so to truly do the work is not work for her. Her passion is tangible !! So very open and giving!! A FIND!!!"- Ozzie Stewart Stage 32 member. Screenwriter

Welcome to Film Genius Script Consulting! I love scripts and have been working on them for as long as I can remember. As a script consultant and professional script reader, I often get asked what I actually do for writers. The answer to that is both simple and complicated. Back in the day, production companies used to employ script readers to read scripts and give coverage. Now these jobs are labeled as internships and anyone who is willing to read a script is hired to work for free. I have wanted to work in script development for sometime and now I do. When I was first starting out I took internships like this because I needed experience and so that I can learn the ropes of what it takes to get a script produced. Now I do coverage and notes for screenplays that are almost ready to be produced and improve upon them. It is a lot of work, but I love it and I am making connections in the development world which is every screenwriters dream. I get to hear straight from the horses mouth as to why one script is developed over another. Now I apply that knowledge to your screenplay and help to make it more marketable.

I decided to go out on my own as a reader because I saw so many mistakes that could have easily been fixed. But I was powerless in letting the writer know the flaws because it was already submitted and had to be covered. I see a lot of formatting, spelling and grammar errors. Some may argue that as long as your story is good, those errors will be overlooked. This is true and this is not true. It all depends on who you sent the script to. Some will see one error and stop reading and some will note the errors and if there are too many, then they will not see you as a professional writer that can take on other writing jobs. Some people can sell their scripts while other writers are good enough in writing that they will be paid to fix a script or develop a concept in the future. Either way, you must show that you have talent in story structure and that you cared enough to look over your script for errors.

This is where I come in. I read your script line by line and correct any errors in spelling, grammar and formatting. Then I separate my comments into sections, dialogue, overall, conflict, characters, pacing and structure. You will easily be able to see where the mistakes have been made and why I am pointing out a certain flaw. I make suggestions as to how you can fix your story. I charge $100 to do this and I read your final draft for free. I am also available to my writers the whole time we are working together because I know there will be questions. Why so cheap for so much work? This is not a lot of work to me. I was a creative writing major in college and had to read and comment about my classmates written work. Being a creative writing major also helped me to be so good at story structure and character development. All script consultants are different and some charge thousands. One writer paid a guy who had one film produced in the early 90's $5,000 for coverage. The film went straight to DVD and nobody saw the film. But this writer was convinced that this guy knew what he was doing. The guy sent the writer a paragraph of comments and said he liked the script and that was it. I was able to help this writer fix the flaws in his story and the formatting errors he was making. So be careful when you go hunting for script readers. If you have any questions or would like to hire me, please email me at


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