Glen Eric Huysamer's Reel

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Golden Gate

How many time can you look at that fantastic bridge called the Golden Gate?

Minute Pan by Glen Eric Huysamer.mp4

A very unusual day in Table Bay here in Cape Town as there were no ships in the bay. Normally there are numerous.

You Lie Boy by Amanda Lois Stone

Amanda was looking for some online exposure but had no budget at all, like many local artists here in Cape Town. We chose the song and while we were still discussing things I decided right there and then, without delay lets role camera, we were outside in the street with her retro practice microphone , a brick wall as backdrop, her daughters doing make up and running around dressing mom up as best they could and another friend Lorna volunteering her time, pressing the CD player somewhere to...

My Antarctic Flight

Just recently in January 2013 I had the great and wonderful privilege to fly over parts of the Antarctic. Here in a short slide show are some of the pictures I was able to take.

'Excuse me while I kiss the sky!'

I was here in the clouds, again. Conscious of how magical it really is, floating around here in the stratosphere. Would I say, 'excuse me while I kiss the sky', as the blades of fire provided the effervescence of reality, born of the dreams of my fathers. Here I am living their dreams, be there a tomorrow where one can say they live in mine. Be I grateful enough now, to kiss the sky, for that reality.

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