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London, England

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About H.

Harris holds British, American and Italian passports.


Film: Harris' feature-length Screenplays include Broken Thread, Produced by Deepak Nayar (At Eternity's Gate; Bend it Like Beckham; Buena Vista Social Club; Bride and Prejudice; Mistress of Spices) and Directed by Mahesh Mathai (Bhopal Express). Linus Roache and Saffron Burrows played the leading roles, and Andrea Corr played a feature role. The film was shot in India and the UK.

Theatre: Several of my full-length plays have been produced in the USA, UK, and Italy including:
Ella's Secret (in English): Baron’s Court Theatre, London, UK, July 2015 directed by Edward Davies, and Ethnic Cultural Theatre, Seattle, Washington, USA, Directed by Harris;
Tchaikovsky (in Italian): Teatro Dell'Orologio Sala Orfeo, Roma; Teatro Millelire, Roma; Teatro Cristallo, Bolzano, Italy, productions Directed by Harris;
Ella's Secret (In Italian): Teatro Millelire, Roma, Spoleto La Mama Fringe Festival, e Teatro Dell'Angelo, Rome Italy, directed by Harris
Selling Off: John Houseman Theatre, NYC, Directed by Gene Feist;
Moscow Shadows: The New End Theatre, Hampstead, London, Directed by Philip Grout;
A Minute of Silence: Upstairs at the Gatehouse, London, Directed by Harris;
Something in Common: Assembly Rooms Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Warehouse Theatre, Croydon, London, both productions Directed by Harris.
Lunch with Sandy: A 10-minute play, The Machine Room Theatre, London, Directed by Emma Benson;
Peanut Butter and Jelly: University of the Streets Theatre, NYC, Directed by Harris;
There Aren't Any: various venues in NYC, Directed by Harris;

Staged readings directed by Harris:
The Thieves Road (in Italian): Teatro Argot Studio, Roma in Italian under the title "L'Ultima Battaglia di Custer".
The Family Jewels: Main stage at Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly Circus (West End);
Tchaikovsky: Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Gardens, London.

Harris graduated New York University at Washington Square with a Bachelor of Science degree. He began his theatrical work in the mid-1960s in Greenwich Village where he studied acting at the HB Studio with Herbert Berghof, and he was a member of the first Repertory Company of The Roundabout Theatre NYC, under the direction of Gene Feist.

His screenplays, plays and book have won more than 30 awards internationally - see AWARDS below.

Harris is a member of the Dramatists Guild, NYC, the Society of Authors, UK, English PEN and SIAE, Italy.

Unique traits: Patience


  • Moscow Shadows

    Moscow Shadows Budget: $100K - $1M | Drama Comedy Two widows of the Soviet system have been close friends and neighbors for more than 40 years.  Anna remains an idealist and Natasha is a black marketeer, selling ikons for dollars, which is a capital offense. Their neighbor is murdered and the ensuing police investigation brings unexpected and tragic consequences.

  • A Death In Brooklyn

    A Death In Brooklyn Budget: $100K - $1M | Drama Family A twelve year-old boy on his way home from school and about to discover he has been orphaned is befriended by a stranger, an 80 year old man, who helps him through his trauma.

  • Broken Thread

    Broken Thread Budget: $5M - $10M | Drama A half-Indian, half-English businessman is haunted by a mysterious woman from his past who threatens to wreck his marriage and comfortable family situation.  Produced by Deepak Nayar (At Eternity's Gate; Bend it Like Beckham; Buena Vista Social Club; Bride and Prejudice; Mistress of Spices) and Directed by Mahesh Mathai (Bhopal Express). Linus Roache and Saffron Burrows played the leading roles, and Andrea Corr played a feature role. The film was shot in India and the UK.

  • Selling Off

    Selling Off Budget: $1M - $5M | Biography Comedy Alan has finally decided to sell his business and abandon the treadmill, but there's no mercy for him. As this day goes on, he frantically juggles the demands of partner, girlfriend, lawyer, ex-wife, banker, mother, clients and employees, things escalate until he's stabbed, thrown out of a window, and claws his way back in as the chaos continues unabated.

  • Something In Common

    Something In Common Budget: $1M - $5M | Romance Drama Charlie, age 28, uses her wit and sexuality to obtain the justice she needs to put her terrifying past behind her. Charlie's “. . .seduction techniques are reminiscent of Sharon Stone’s famous leg crossing and uncrossing in the film Basic Instinct.”  (from a Review of the London Stage Production)

  • The Family Jewels

    The Family Jewels Budget: $100K - $1M | Comedy Sam’s behaviour has become more eccentric since his wife of 60 years died six months earlier. His son who lives a forty minutes away and his daughter who lives in London come together to help him move and a lifetime of bittersweet memories, festering resentment, and sibling rivalry erupt to the surface.

  • The Perfect Pizza

    The Perfect Pizza Budget: $100K - $1M | Romance Comedy Maria abruptly cancels her wedding in NYC and rushes off to Rome to work in the family pizzeria where she invents the perfect pizza and transforms the simple family restaurant into the trendiest spot in town. This screenplay was co-authored with Gail Roberts.

  • The Post Office

    The Post Office Budget: $100K - $1M | Independent Drama Amal is a terminally ill 8 year-old girl who has the gift of inspiring excitement and wonder in the mundane lives of those around her. The Post Office was chosen Best Screenplay at the 2012 European Spiritual Film Festival, Paris. (Based on the short poem/play of the same name written by Rabindranath Tagore, which is in the public domain.)

  • Ella's Secret

    Ella's Secret Budget: $100K - $1M | Drama On a quiet Sunday morning, Ella receives an unexpected visit from Helga, a woman she has never met before.   Both their lives have been affected by the same Nazi-SS officer.  Helga has a mission, and Ella has a secret.

  • Southern Justice

    Southern Justice Drama Thriller Alabama 1940. A young African American lawyer and the daughter of a prominent white family are having a clandestine love affair. When the reading of a will reveals their family histories, her family attempts to silence his with racial violence. 

  • A Minute of Silence

    A Minute of Silence Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Mumbai, India. Dora, Anglo-Indian, a psychologist, returns to Mumbai to find her Indian father who abandoned her.  Dev, a deaf shoemaker in a traveling circus, unwittingly becomes her first patient.  With the help of his eccentric friend, Ashish, and the zany circus clowns, Dev reverses roles and cleverly guides Dora through a catharsis that reconciles her with the memory of her father.  The story challenges perceptions of deafness.

  • My Name Isn't Judit

    My Name Isn't Judit Budget: $10M - $30M | Biography Drama Based on a true story. A successful single woman discovers she is pregnant and feels compelled to search for the identity of her father, and to confront the mother who abandoned her. My Name Isn't Judit was Semi-Finalist in the 2021 Table Read Austin screenplay contest, and Finalist in the Writemovies.com International Writing Contest.


  • L'Ultima Battaglia di Custer

    L'Ultima Battaglia di Custer (2017)
    Theater by Teatro Foresnnata (Drama) Writer/Director Also known as The Thieves Road Readings of my latest play "L'Ultima Battaglia di Custer" was presented in Italian at Teatro Argot Studio, (Trastevere) Rome, Italy May 30 & 31 at 20:30. Spero che potresti assistere alla Lettura Mess-in-Scena di "L'Ultima Battaglia di Custer" : Synopsis in English: Denver, Colorado, 1891: Armstrong, a rancher, has hired Sarah to be the teacher of his young children. Through the conflict that developes between them about the genocide of native americans and Sarah's personal story, we are reminded of the recent events in the USA at Standing Rock, North Dakota.

  • Ella's Secret

    Ella's Secret (2015)
    Theater by Boothman Productions (Drama) playwright London Production See 2012 for details

  • Tchaikovsky

    Tchaikovsky (2013 - 2014)
    Theater by Nera Onda (Biography) Writer/Director Tchaikovsky (1840-1893): Did Tchaikovsky die at that age of 53 from asiatic cholera or did he commit suicide to avoid being prosecuted for sodomy, stripped of his civil rights and assets and sentenced to hard labor in a Siberian prison? The controversy over his death remains unresolved. The critics wrote: “Freedman's pen has met Tchaikovsky and has drawn a sketch of his soul. Not a small undertaking to distill the life of the Russian composer in a 90 minute play, from age 24 training at the conservatory until his death at only 53 years of age, in circumstances still debated.” teatro.persinsala.it “Tchaikovsky turns to the past...to his homosexuality, an offense at that time, to his marriage of convenience, his friendships, his pain.” Alessandra Greco, teatritaliano.it “...an effort, masterfully done, to examine his essence. Profound and delicate.” Alessandra Greco, teatritaliano.it

  • Ella's Secret (In Italian)

    Ella's Secret (In Italian) (2012 - 2013)
    Theater by MTM (Drama) Writer/Director Synopsis: On a quiet Sunday morning, Ella receives an unexpected visit from Helga, a woman she has never met before. Both their lives have been affected by the same Nazi-SS officer. Helga has a mission, and Ella has a secret. What the Critics wrote: The critics wrote: "A warning against indifference." Andrea Pocosgnick, Teatrocritica "Freedman's production does not seek answers, in fact it cultivates doubts...it is able to penetrate the viewers intimate conscience, that is if the viewer does not wish to be deaf and indiferent." Andrea Pocosgnick, Teatrocritica “...'Ella's Secret' has a profound emotional component...a rivalry that is part of the female universe...intense and satisfying, with the finale of a thriller...” Mauro Corso “...the encounter/clash of two strong women...Their parallel lives, families, children and a man who...keeps them apart and also close together, ...” Elisa Suplina, Lungatevere.it

  • Broken Thread

    Broken Thread (2007)
    Film by Produced by Deepak Nayar / Directed by Mahesh Mathai (Thriller) Screenwriter A half-Indian, half-English businessman is haunted by a mysterious woman from his past who threatens to wreck his marriage and comfortable family situation.

  • Something in Common

    Something in Common (1999)
    Theater by Mettle Productions, London / HW Freedman (Drama) Playwright, Director Charlie is a mysterious and attractive woman who has a secret plan to ensure the justice she needs to put a terrifying past behind her. What the critics said: “. . . what starts out as a quirky highly charged sexual drama evolved into a disturbing and urgent thriller.” “Charlie uses sexual charms as an angler uses bait to attract the men she needs for her mission and she skilfully teases and plays them in until they are hooked and landed.” Charlie’s “…seduction techniques are reminiscent of Sharon Stone’s famous leg crossing and uncrossing in the film Basic Instinct.” Something in Common “. . . will keep you guessing . . . the final moments of truth in which Charlie pours out her harrowing story are enough to make your blood run cold.”

  • A Minute of Silence

    A Minute of Silence (1998)
    Theater by Mettle Productions, London / HW Freedman (Comedy, Family and Fantasy) Playwright, Director Synopsis Dora is a psychologist. Barry is a university graduate who has chosen to spend his life in the circus making and repairing the performers' shoes. Barry's parents cannot accept his choice and employ Dora to rescue him. They do not tell her that Barry is deaf. The love story between Barry and Dora, a hearing woman, unfolds through dialogue, physical theatre and sign language. Dora struggles to come to terms with her own problems whilst under the illusion that it is Barry who needs help. An ensemble of eight actors act out the story, have fun and mock the seriousness of the scenes. A Minute of Silence offers the audience a rare glimpse of the world through the eyes of Barry, a deaf man. Barry's witty and playful approach to life challenges many of the hearing world's misconceptions about deafness. What the Critics said about the London Premier: "…enchanting A Minute of Silence…" The Stage "..a play that challenges perceptions of deafness." Hampstead & Highgate "…a surrealist drama which can be enjoyed on several levels. It is a touching love story, a piece of physical theatre, and a play that re-evaluates deafness and proclaims the right to choose one's way of life, however unconventional." Jewish Chronicle "…remarkably eloquent.." Time Out "…a magical, multi-layered piece…" The Stage "…spectacular visual impact…" Camden New Journal "With this funny and challenging piece, Freedman certainly achieves his prime intention – to turn the common perception of disability upon its head." Disability Times "…a night that was not only entertaining but also saw theatrical technique pushed several notches on." The Stage "The current rage over genetic engineering and the probable impact on both the deaf and disability communities made the play even more topical." Disability Arts in London – DAIL "Writer/director Harris Freedman's imaginative production sews speaking and signing players into the same costume by linking everything with a gleefully manic comedia dell'arte touch. . ." Hampstead & Highgate "At each twist and turn we are presented with yet another issue – mercilessly the writer ensures that none of us escapes his questioning." Disability Times "…a poignant comedy…"Jewish Chronicle

  • Lunch with Sandy

    Lunch with Sandy (1997)
    Theater by Machine Room Theater, London / Emma Benson (Drama) Playwright Sandy is having a man for lunch.

  • Ella's Secret

    Ella's Secret (1997)
    Theater by Ethnic Cultural Theatre, Seattle / HW Freedman (Drama) Playwright, Director On a quiet Sunday morning, Ella receives an unexpected visit from Helga, a woman she has never met before. Both their lives have been affected by the same Nazi-SS Officer. Helga has a mission. and Ella has a secret. Cover photo courtesy of Yad Vashem Cover layout by Anthony McEwan a/k/a Rugman

  • Selling Off

    Selling Off (1991)
    Theater by TAKA Productions, NYC / Gene Feist (Comedy) Playwright SYNOPSIS Alan, an intensely busy New York accountant, realizes that his success is hollow and pointless. He decides to sell his business and get out of the 'rat-race'. When he breaks his 'good news' to the people around him his life goes out of control. His ex-wife claims the sales proceeds; his mother accuses him of ruining his life; his girlfriend refuses to go out with him; his lawyer refuses to talk to him except through his own lawyer; his clients threaten; his banker rebels; his business partner goes berserk. The pressure builds into a frenzy of misunderstandings and confrontations with disastrous results.

  • Moscow Shadows

    Moscow Shadows (1990)
    Theater by Equinox Productions, NYC / Philip Grout Playwright

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly

    Peanut Butter & Jelly
    Theater by Peanut Productions / HW Freedman Playwright, Director

  • There Aren't Any

    There Aren't Any
    Theater by There Aren't Any Productions / HW Freedman Playwright, Director


  • The Post Office - Official Selection -= Tagore International Film Festival

  • Selling Off - Quarter Finalist - Stage 32 True Story, Biopic

  • Southern Justice - Quarter Finalist - Emerging Screenwriting Genre

  • Southern Justice - Second Rounder - Austin Film Festival

  • A Death In Brooklyn - Second Rounder, -Austin Film Festival

  • Southern Justice - Top 10 Finalist -Table Read My Screenplay Summer Contest

  • The Thieves Road (stage play)- Second Rounder - Austin Film Festival play competition

  • Southern Justice - No.3 of Hot 100 Winners - Capital Fund Screenwriting Competition

  • Southern Justice – Quarter Finalist - Stage 32 Screenwriting Contest

  • A Minute of Silence Emerging Screenwriters Comedy Screenplay Competition, Quarter Finalist

  • Moscow Shadows - Play Winner of Grant for a Theatre Production in Rome, Italy euros 42,900 ($50,000)

  • My Name Isn't Judit, Semi-Finalist-Table Read My Screenplay - Austin Film Festival

  • The Thieves Roady (Stage Play) - Honorable Mention - New Works of Merit Playwrighting Contest

  • The Post Office - Best Spiritual Screenplay - European Spiritual Film Festival

  • The Thieves Road - Best Stage Play - Moondance International Film Festival

  • The Post Office - Official Selection - Mexico International Film Festival

  • Southern Justice - Aloha Accolade Award Winner - Honolulu Film Festival

  • Southern Justice, - Special Selection Fifth Place - Canadian International Film

  • Southern Justice - Semi-Finalist - RIFF Rhode Island Film Festival Screenplay Competition.

  • Selling Off - Finalist- The Ace Fest Great American Screenplay Competition

  • A Minute of Silence.- Semi-Finalist - Slamdance Screenplay Competition.

  • Selling Off - Honourable Mention - Amsterdam Film Festival.

  • Something in Common - Quarter Finalist - Writers Network Screenplay and Fiction

  • The Post Office – Semi-Finalist - Kaos Films British Feature Film

  • The Post Office – Finalist - London Independent Film Festival Feature Screenplay Award

  • Southern Justice – Semi Finalist- Writemovies.com International Writing Contest Feature Screenplay

  • The Family Jewels (Stage Play) - Semi Finalist - Writemovies.com International Writing Contest

  • Irina's Eye – Quarter Finalist - Novel -Writer’s Network 15th Annual Fiction Unpublished Novels

  • My Name Isn't Judit – Finalist - Writemovies.com International Writing Contest Screenplay Award

  • Selling Off – Semi Finalist- Writemovies.com International Writing Contest Feature Screenplay Award

  • Irina's Eye – Semi Finalist - William Faulkner Writing Competition for Unpublished Novels

  • The Post Office – Quarter Finalist - Slamdance Screenplay Competition

  • The Family Jewels (Stage Play) - Finalist - Sonoma County Repertory Play Competition

  • A Minute of SIlence (Stage. Play) - Finalist - New Century Playwright Awards

  • A Minute of Silence (Stage Play) - Semi Finalist - Julie Harris Award, Beverly Hills Theatre Guild


  • NYU shool of commerce

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