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  • Las Vegas Vietnam: The Movie

    Las Vegas Vietnam: The Movie (2017)
    Film (Action and Drama) Actor 4 Gangs Rule Las Vegas: Black, White, Asian, Mexican, only one will win - or will they in this Comedy, Drama, Ghost story.

  • Eyes of a Hustler

    Eyes of a Hustler (2016)
    Film (Short and Action) Actor A young street hustler forms a plan for his exit and tries to convince Red his right hand man it's time for a more positive and promising lifestyle for him, his son and girlfriend. Things turn for the worst when his abandonment of the street empire he has created intimidates his begrudging childhood friend and threatens the lively-hood of a crooked cop. In an environment where success can cost your soul or even your life, He can lose everything he loves in a blink of an eye in an effort to be loyal to his childhood friend. It is a story of betrayal, soul-searching, and the good old American Dream through the eyes of the hustler's in the streets. The thing is sometimes the price the hustler pays can cost more than the hustle itself. Written by Ronnie G. Perdue

  • From the Inside Looking Out

    From the Inside Looking Out (2016)
    Film (Drama) Actor From the Inside Looking Out is the tale of one man's will to change his old thought process. Though tempted by his past, he refuses to fall victim to the very thinking that once hindered his personal growth. Bound by a new moral and value system, he is forced to reckon with obstacles and adversity as he collides with an old friend. Now, more than ever, his choice becomes paramount, as he must decide if he will do the "hard right" over the "easy wrong", with the understanding that whatever choice he makes will shape the community that he was once part of. Written by Director, L. D. Faison

  • The Liq

    The Liq (2016)
    Film (Adventure) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Truth on Trial

    The Truth on Trial (2016)
    Film (Drama) Actor "In the Middle of trUth we will always find "U" & Passion and Murder is no match against the power of Prayer!

  • Dead Redux

    Dead Redux (2016)
    Film (Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor RUTGER wakens, badly beaten, at the bottom of a ditch in the Nevada desert. No memory of who he is or how he got there. Even worse, the world appears to be a post-apocalyptic wasteland. As he pursues a series of clues to uncover his identity, he realizes his body is decaying yet he feels little pain. His voice degenerates to the point in which he can't speak at all. He is in fact dead but has somehow been reanimated. Reaching what is left of Area 51, Rutger discovers he was an Air Force Master Sergeant and part of a secret government project to 'reboot' dead bodies so they could serve as invincible warriors. Apparently he and his wife were in a deadly car crash, and he volunteered for both of them to be reanimated. With this slim memory of his wife MIRANDA, also an Air Force Officer, Rutger sets out to find her. Is she dead or a reboot? The human survivors of this bleak landscape call the reboots zombies, and the vigilantes among them are determined to exterminate what they don't ... Written by Lisa Jan Savy

  • Misled

    Misled (2015)
    Film (Crime and Drama) Actor Two brothers from southwest Detroit struggle to improve their lives. Unable to afford college and faced with expulsion - and meanwhile supporting his mother - Jason turns to stripping which turns to prostitution, posing a huge dilemma since he has just begun the first true love relationship of his life. Bobby's own drug habit spirals him down into a darker and darker place, exasperated by the re-emerging memory of the horrible childhood secret he shares with Jason. Written by Anonymous

  • Knavish Folk

    Knavish Folk (2015)
    Film (Crime) Actor Unscrupulous criminals clash with a disillusioned cop when they're all presented with the perfect heist by a mysterious man only known as Hermes.

  • Red Angel Dragnet

    Red Angel Dragnet (2014)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor The zombie apocalypse is over; the humans have won. A zombie hunter, zombie sympathizer, and zombie missionary cross paths and clash over the dispensation of four seemingly harmless zombie remnants.

  • Ashes of Eden

    Ashes of Eden (2014)
    Film (Crime and Drama) Actor An "Urban American Graffiti" tale of choices, consequences, redemption and faith all woven into a gritty framework of tested relationships.

  • Death of a Star

    Death of a Star (2013)
    Film (Drama) Actor This is a crime and punishment story. Aliyah (Katelyn Coffey) walks into a Movie Studio by accident and becomes an actress. Her accidental death leads to an investigation. The Studio Boss (Alex Kushner), and the investigator (Patrick Sarniak) turn out to be pretty shady characters. In the end, bad guys get just punishment and not-so-bad-guys get rewarded. . Written by Anonymous

  • Captive of a Death Mask

    Captive of a Death Mask (2012)
    Film (Horror) Actor The only one more scared than his victims is the killer himself! When underground fighter Sean Porter attends a meeting to advance his fighting career, he awakens into a nightmarish scenario. Framed for murder and sealed into a suit with his fingers sewn shut, a knife in his hand, and a remote control taser on his back, Sean is forced to play the part of a masked serial killer- or die trying. Fighting to save his victims and himself, can Sean find a way to turn the tables, or will he die as a... Captive of a Death Mask. Written by Anonymous

  • Who Killed Aliyah?

    Who Killed Aliyah? (2012)
    Film (Crime and Drama) Actor While investigating the disappearance of teen Aliyah , investigator Herzog comes across her photo on the Internet. This photo leads him to the Black Brothers Movie Studio. Using Dostoevsky type deductive logic, Herzog discovers that the lives of the Studio Boss and that of his own are intertwined with the life of Aliyah. There are several side stories. All the shenanigans that happen behind the Blue Doors of the Movie Studio will keep you amused. This is a Detective Story. Theme is Crime and Punishment. It is definitely a Suspenseful Drama. Written by Anonymous

  • Street Kings 2: Motor City

    Street Kings 2: Motor City (2011)
    Video (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor Motor City moves the action to Michigan and explores the world of dirty cops on the violent streets of Detroit.

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