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By Dan Yeager

GENRE: Horror
LOGLINE: A brilliant high school senior and a beautiful, leggy CDC Scientist fight to save L.A. from homeless people and body-builders infected with a brain disease that makes them mindless flesh-eaters.


An army of flesh-crazed power-lifters, tweaking on their ‘roids of rage, and killer winos hopped-up with a lust for blood and meat run rampant through the streets of L.A., attacking anyone who crosses their path. Having chewed off their own lips, their ragged, gaping maws spread an infection that threatens to wipe out the entire population. A forgotten, infected human brain from the jungles of New Guinea ends up in a high school biology class where an unwitting teacher exposes his students, the homeless population, and then, most terrifyingly, the ‘roided-out body-builders of Muscle Beach to the infection, turning them all into violent, cannibal monsters. For the sexy young CDC Scientist (a buxom vixen whose missionary grand-parents fell victim to the disease when it first appeared in New Guinea) it’s personal, as she tries to unravel the mystery of its cause and transmission. She, the teacher and the high school prodigy who identifies the infection fight the maniac hoards with the help of the scientist who first discovered the disease in New Guinea and a band of martial arts patriots led by a crusading, anti-juicing body-builder. Their only hope is to make it to Camp Pendleton, HQ for CDC response efforts. They join a group of survivalist bus-drivers with a giant, articulated, armored combat bus, and together they plow through hoards of the infected (and unseen forces bent on fomenting the chaos) to find the cure to save the people they love.

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