Vlad Stoian

Vlad Stoian

Music supervisor and other in Bucharest, Romania

About Vlad



Warmer Climes (name inspired by the Boat Club song/Seagull-logo inspired by Shout Out Louds debut album) is a Romanian blog about the importance of being free and fascinating Music. Warmer Climes aka 26-year-old Vlad Stoian works as a Music journalist in Bucharest, Eastern Europe. On Warmer Climes he mostly expresses his neverending tropical needs and love tribute for Scandinavia and unique Music. The blog contains rare interviews with brilliant musicians around the globe and various projects like the IMAGINARY series Warmer Mixtapes or the Q&A episodes Facts & Figures, where he calls the most amazing art creators of the moment to open their hearts in a special way and write intimate things about themselves.



Franz Ferdinand, Digitalism, Boards Of Canada, Gotye, Iggy Azalea, Memory Tapes, Supergrass, The Cinematic Orchestra, Gabriella Cilmi, Nathan Fake, The Wombats, Yelle, Telefon Tel Aviv, The Drums, Munk, Clock Opera, Louis La Roche, Shiny Toy Guns, XXYYXX, Liar, Kris Menace, Saint Etienne, Sam Sparro, Disclosure, Pictureplane, Markus Mehr, Adamski, brandUn DeShay, The Hood Internet, CFCF, Toro Y Moi, Pional, Young Galaxy, Shout Out Louds, Peter Bjorn And John, Dntel, Aeroplane, The Magician, Lindstrøm, Renaissance Man, Longwave, Silver Medallion, Emeralds, Emma Hewitt, Little Boots, Anoraak, DJ Vadim, Starfucker / STRFKR, Adrian Lux, Kimbra, My Brightest Diamond, Times New Viking, Salva, The Go! Team, Jimmy Edgar, Gamble & Burke, Sally Shapiro, Tyson, My Panda Shall Fly, Moullinex, Hyetal, Boxcutter, Penguin Prison, The Stills, Ulrich Schnauss, Hatchback, Jens Lekman, WhoMadeWho, Harald Björk, Taken By Trees, I'm From Barcelona, Jay-Jay Johanson


"People like him really makes me sure I want to continue writing songs."
(Adam Olenius of Tutankamon, We Are Serenades and Shout Out Louds)

"Vlad Stoian needs his own Record Label, Concert Venue, and Reality Show. I am fascinated by this man."
(Patrick Grossi aka Active Child)

"Was honoured to be asked to do an imaginary mixtape for Warmer Climes. Led to an interesting discussion with Vlad via email this morning, which in turn led me to check out an interview with him, which went some way to explaining the context of his emails. Been a weird morning... Regardless, the blog is well worth checking out, and clearly means a lot more to him than idle Journalism. Found some amazing tracks this morning going through the imaginary mixtape series and checking stuff out on YouTube."
(Christopher Horne aka Christ. of Boards Of Canada)

"One of the most Interesting people on the Planet."
(John Michael Jagos aka Brothertiger aka Seafoam)

"It's Refreshing to see such a Good Promoter!"
(Johann Jesse aka Creation Never Sleeps)

"Super Sweet Journalist!"
(Vanessa Fernandez aka Vandetta of Urban Xchange/Parking Lot Pimp and Octover)

"He is the Tom of MySpace to Artists on Facebook and he's always Positive and Warm."
(David Rickards of Marché Vivant)

"Most serious and mature approach of Blogging ever."
(Julian Jaschke aka Jimbo Matsumoto)

"An Absolute Hero in the Music World of Today."
(Leo Marcus aka Pále)

"There's nothing like it."
(Nia Keturah)

"A Very Rare Collection of People's Emotions."
(Yan Wagner aka Wagner of Flying Turns)

"A REAL Music-Interview blog where you can talk with your heart."
(Umberto Chambry aka U.M.B.E.)

"If only everyone had the kind of Curiosity about the World that his Colourful Emails and Blog demonstrate..."
(Geoffrey O'Connor aka Sly Hats of Montero and Crayon Fields)

"A great site for Expanding your Music Horizons!"
(Megan Wyler of Little Owl)

"Probably the Best and Most Unique One-Man Music Blog around."
(Kiran Leonard aka Beat Nurse aka Pend Oreille aka Akrotiri Poacher)

"Loving this thing seriously. I think it's an awesome thing to do. I mean, the idea of just reading and not listening it makes people search. And I think that is a big part of Life, the Searching thing."
(Jaime Tellado Alvarez aka Skygaze)

"Thanks to Vlad for his Blog and his Amazing Creativity."
(Ricardo Tobar)

"It's Really Different from Anything Else. You should check it out!"
(Patrick Michael Cutrupi aka Biceratops aka KUI)

"I absolutely love his blog and think it's such an amazing Unique project! I'm a huge Iggy Azalea fan and that's what made me discover his page and it made me love her more that she put together that mixtape for him with her favorite songs and explanation. I also really love the graphics he uses overall to set the tone of the webpage, it's very Beautiful! I'll obviously make sure to keep checking back his fabulous Warmer Climes!... Such a fascinating project, I'm so happy Iggy introduced me to it."
(Ana Grant of Iggy-Azalea.net)

"One of the Most Passionate People I've Ever 'Met'!"
(John-Paul Thwaites aka The Happy Cat)

"He should be managing artists. He's like the John Connor of the Terminator. Sent back from the Future to save Music."
(Mark Laba aka Flashback)

"Vice's fave... The guy's Certainly Unique!"
(Rowan Perkins aka Debian Blak of East Park Reggae Collective and The Broken Orchestra)

"Excellent Blog. Delighted to be a Part of It!"
(Clara Prettenhofer aka Clara Moto)

"What he's asking does take time, but is obviously worth it. I don't think many bands/managers/PR's seeing the big picture tho. Lots of lazy people in this industry..."
(Anonymous Label Head)

"Wonderful Musical and Emotional Diary. It really is something Special, as Music Journalism these days is so often Cold, Impersonal and too Referential. Not enough Heart and Soul! Hopefully, the World will adjust accordingly to his great example of how Music can be written and thought about. The Realest Music Journalism out there!"
(Oscar Scheller aka Oscar)

"Extremely Unique and full of Personality and Vibe. It's not like anything else out there and that's something he should be proud of."
(Adam Finkel aka ALEK FIN)

"I’ve been fascinated with Vlad Stoian, the mad scientist behind the mixtape focused blog Warmer Climes for what feels like forever. I love the concept behind Warmer Climes and the detail and care Vlad takes to make each mix special. Vlad Stoian is a intriguing study in his own right. His phantasmagoria of an Internet existence is so much of his own creation. It’s something everyone living in this digital world can relate to on some level, and in the bigger picture of things, it’s a fascinating way to look at our Freedom Of Choice as individuals and as a Human Race. Everything and nothing matters. It’s all excess, unless we choose to attach meaning to it. Vlad strives to share his every thought without deleting and re-writing, un-sending, or any other form of editing, in an attempt to paint a picture of one man’s life, and let you, the fan, friend, acquaintance, enemy, whatever, decide what, if anything about him his worth holding on to. It’s not spam, unless you decide it is. Vlad’s openness, fearlessness and refusal to be anything but himself is awe-inspiring. You can’t fake the sunshine. Vlad and Warmer Climes embody what is means to create your own reality, and for that I thank him."
(Andriana Albert aka Gluttony Is The New Black)

"This blog is so Original and Fresh."
(Fredric F. of PLS DNT STP)

"Warmer Climes engages - it's something to delve into it."
(April Valentine of A.I.R. Recordings)

"Warmer Climes is a fantastic way to find new music, and hear what the artists of today are listening to. It's super good!"
(James McIntosh aka Utrecht)

"This is most fun I've had doing an interview."
(Andrew Groves of Arcane Roots)

"Who doesn't like a bit of colour?... We think its ace, something real in a sea of bullshit, if I'm honest. So rad."
(Tom Pullum of Don't Think Twice)

"MTV Hive is so intense. With the possible exception of this extreme blog called Warmer Climes, I have never been bombarded with so many widescreen images and emboldened apple typefaces in my life."
(Gordon Bruce of Tiny Mix Tapes)

"Well, he's real. Not everyone can handle it. He's an alien from God."
(Chris Cantino aka CCTV of 2ØXX, Archers, Trace Figures and Saudade)

"Todd? Have you heard of this Romanian blog? Weirdest email of all time but he has big name acts..."
(Louis Filliger of Feeding People)

"Hey, my love, I got you!!! Your writing is amazing."
(Brandon McCartney aka Lil B)

"Something very cool going here, getting a Detailed Portrait of Music's Importance across the Globe!"
(David Ryan Henson aka Precious Mettle Drier Sheetz)

"I love this idea of telling the story of one's life through important musical moments."
(Nate Gettings aka Yrnn of Perennial Melt)

"Cool blog! #welldone #unique"
(Tyler Reid and Stevie G. of Tyler N Stevie)

"Honestly, I just love the idea... We get hit up everyday... But when someone is Real we can't say no. We love Music! His concept is great! It's not like every other blog, it is a close in depth perspective from the artist... We feel honored... So thank you!"
(David Darville aka Young Piff and Benjamin Hamilton aka Sandor of Young Piff & Sandor)

"It's a really cool project that, as Liberal-arts kids, Branchez and I both appreciate very much."
(Brice Ormesher of Proper Management)

"...But there are also people like him. Genuine people. Genuine persons like him who actually can voice themselves, position themselves with something worth talking about. His genuine interests are not only an interest of mine but of many people that I know who adore him."
(Katie Miller of Absolutely Art)

"I've been thinking about this Blogging phenomena. People are naturally curious and they want to know more about fellowhumans' lives. They want references about how they have succeeded in their own lives, they want references to learn to be more like others, they want to know where they stand... To know themselves better. That's why people watch Reality TV shows, read interviews, read tweets and blogs. His blog is brilliant - it exposes information about Music makers on their own will and provide us readers 'references' to know where we stand in our lives. Thank you for that gift he has given to us! I have spent hours on reading other Music makers' thoughts and favourite songs."
(Keijo Kuttila aka Alladin aka Dragon Rose)

"I'm privileged to be a part of such a high class roster of artists, that have done Warmer Mixtapes."
(Conrad Clifton)

"He truly is an artist. His blog is genius and as near to perfection as humanly possible. Every artist should be raring to be part of this."
(Alex Christopherson aka TÂCHES of Printfields)

"It felt like it was the first and last time someone actually took care of the origins of a sound, so it had to be the good ones! It's all about honesty."
(Kevin Houston aka Heblank of Nizari 1411 and Housetone)

"He is a connoisseur of things good here in Life. He has the sensibility of a poet, a magician of words - he makes meaning out of meaninglessness. An Eastern lantern, lighting up dark places for us all, especially during Christmas!!"
(Nicolas Makelberge)

"I get over 200 requests like these per day and I almost always turn them down. In his case I decided to make an exception because I liked his blog. And instead of making a list of songs, something that would take me 5 mins I sat down and I created an ORIGINAL PIECE for him."
(Jens Lekman)

"This guy seems really poetry."
(Ashland Mines aka Total Freedom)

"He is very poetry."
(Travis Egedy aka Pictureplane)

Dazed Digital: ...your favourite website?
Serge G. of The Whendays: Warmer-Climes.blogspot.com
Filip S. of The Whendays: Tie between Facebook & Warmer Climes

"Definitely unique!"
(Marius G. Mevold aka Mindflow/Slick Shoota)

"I probably went through about... 40 of the imaginary mixtapes in that night, the first night I made Music. I just kept reading them, the artist didn't matter, I just loved reading through them, they inspired me. And Vlad created them, so Warmer Climes & Vlad have inspired this music project of mine. I did want to do a project, yes, badly but without Vlad it would not have been started probably until years from now. Now I think he has helped me a lot in Life because now Music Production is a very possible career choice for me. It was already an idea, but now I have the knowledge and I will continue to gain the knowledge. By the time college comes I'll be a mastermind at this. This is the best blog I know of!"
(Reed Faulk aka Mötsu)

"It's seriously one of the best blog ideas that I've ever seen! Warmer Climes is so good and unique. Makes the World more exciting."
(Máté Janky aka Alley Catss)

"I love the concept!"
(Antoine Bédard aka Montag)

(Hidden Shoal Recordings)

"So immensely grateful and flattered that internationally known blog Warmer Climes decided to interview me and include me in his blog among such huge artists. I’m a simple singer/songwriter and this is truly an honor to be included amongst a roster like this. Words cannot begin to express how humbled and grateful I am. Thank you many times over."
(Joshua S. aka Mason Black)

"I think it's a really good, clever and original idea."
(Charley Bickers)

"Fun creative idea!"
(Johan Urbom, Mikaela Urbom's aka Coco manager)

"A brilliant idea!... A perfect dialogue between reader and writer."
(Fredrik Lindson of The Crêpes and The Embassy)

"His blog is really awesome and passionate and filled with beautiful expressions and photos and artists. It's so amazing that even though he feels so far from so much... He is actually quite connected to almost everything, and he is doing it in a great way."
(Tim Fletcher of The Stills)

"His blog is a fantastic treasure. I was honored."
(Aisha Devi Enz aka Kate Wax)

"I think that his legitimacy and urgency are admirable."
(Robert Smith aka V†LENCE)

"So many people cannot even carry on conversations in person one ounce as interesting as what Vlad explores and incites in people; he has connected with the core of something very significant. I am truly comforted by having this task from him at hand, to pour my energies into the stories and meanings and memories of so many songs that continue to shape, uplift, comfort, and challenge my brain, heart and soul. Thank you Vlad for asking such a thoughtful question, and for allowing so many musicians to share a part of their imagination with the Universe. So refreshing to veer from the standard fare of What Are Your Biggest Influences? and List Your Top 10 Desert Island Discs! It is an honor for me to have my voice included within his legendary blog."
(Jennifer Baron aka The Garment District of The Ladybug Transistor)

"This shit is tight as fuck!"
(Carl Miller)

"The World needs more Vlad Stoians!"
(Bryce Linde aka Fortune Howl)

"Amazing stuff, stands out from the rest."
(Carlos Serrano)

"As lovers of Music, it is great to have the opportunity to discuss Music which has inspired us and I really enjoyed being part of this program."
(Emma Hewitt of Missing Hours)

"He's a collector of people and their stories. I like that."
(Ben Mertens of 4cuteanimalsounds)

"This dood is dope."
(John Murphy Jr. aka Ghetto Ass Glenn/Junior John/Enron Hubbard)

"I never read blogs serious until I found Warmer Climes..."
(Matthew Gallagher of Wax Monsters and Whitey & The Cadillac Franks)

"His posts and site are aesthetically beautiful. It makes a difference when someone cares as much as he does for the Music. It means what he is posting is not horse shit. It has meaning. It means he has an opinion and that is fucking gold, baby!!!"
(Sean Sullivan of Two People Playing Music)

"I just love this concept, and he's got such a great group of contributors it would be foolish of me to pass on this. I totally dig what's goin' on over at Warmer Climes."
(Greg Henry aka Greg Enemy)

"It's a great thing. It's a great blog... One of the best I've seen in a minute. Gets to the heart of Music."
(Michael Joseph Lane aka Neuport)

"The site is aesthetically brilliant, and the calibre of artists involved is breath taking."
(Sam Knowles aka Karma Kid of Olive Lian)

(Shir Khan of Exploited Records)

"A really enthusiast blogger!"
(Vito De Luca aka Aeroplane)

"...The dynamic and dare I say temperamental Warmer Climes' Vlad Stoian... Hailing from Romania, Vlad Stoian is probably one of the best and most outspoken Music bloggers of our generation."
(Jesse Kivel of Kisses and Princeton)

"His blog is incredible, well designed, concise, just fucking cool in general."
(Matthew Gallagher aka ///HEAT STROKE///)

"I was wondering how he heard about us. I don't know who this guy is (either), but yesterday I was thinking about a Music critic who was saying how he didn't like 'Fake Experimental' Music... And I guess Music writers get pretty wrapped up in what they do and don't like (to listen to), but it made me realize that everyone doesn't make Music for other people to hear... Sometimes people make the Music they want to make maybe even without thinking about how it is going to sound to someone else in that moment or later, as a recording... To a Music critic."
(Jean Smith of Mecca Normal)

"This blog is probably the best Music blog on the planet. I'm surprised I haven't come across it before."
(Jordon Saxton aka Viers)

"He's a true hero. Loving the blog, man. Think he has a lot of passion and style. Much love and respect."
(Chris Davids of Maribou State)

"Warmer Climes is about connecting with real people who give a shit. Vlad is passionate about Music and musicians of all kinds. No one's too big or too small. They are real to him... And that goes a long way."
(Matthew Joseph Kamm of TELETHON)

"People need to read these kinds of blogs! So rare..."
(Ant Pomponio of S U R F I N G and Cadillac)

"I'm just stoked that he gave us this opportunity and I'm so pleased to be asked to be a part of such a cool site, cool idea, and cool person."
(Justin Sweatt of Xander Harris)

"He's a man with a heart... With a soul... He's a real man... The little angel from Romania!"
(Malcolm Dakeyo aka Kelton Prima)

"I am very impressed by his involvement, style and verve."
(Christian Fuchs of Bunny Lake)

"It has to take willing martyrs like him to suffer for the rest of us so we can really figure out what matters in the contemporary Music atmosphere."
(William Sarradet of Count Backwards)

"How is it that some hip Romanian 20-something can be so intimately familiar with American Pop-culture while most of us Americans can know nothing of Romania? Why do you speak more fluent and elegant English than most people in the United States? How can we have done this to you, Vlad Stoian, from all the way over here, on the other side of the World?"
(Robert Thomas Cunningham, blogger)

"More people should know about this, it's a really eye opening blog and people should be exposed to this."
(Marcel Everett aka WATEVR/XXYYXX/CVL† SH‡†/†FREE SHADE† of Esmeralda and Beds)

"I think people are so cold and isolated emotionally now that they want to latch on to warm things. Genuine things that other people love. I think he has a good way of externalizing all his passions. People live vicariously through him. It really troubles me to know that the freedom he poses in his externalized personality has not brought him happiness. I envy his openness to the World. He's making other people feel warm even if it's not working on him. I truly do respect what he's doing. He is my guru of self-expression and he doesn't even know it."
(Brian Flynn aka Pink Noise Ordinance of Ded Pimpin and ESMK)

"The first snowflakes that fell over Bucharest caught me working on something really special for the Warmer Climes blog. It's a cool idea! I have to create an imaginary mixtape with my top 10 personal favourite songs and write a couple of words about each and every one of them. It's sooo hard to decide on only 10 songs, but it's nice to be part of this game together with so many talented artists such as Franz Ferdinand, Starfucker and Sally Shapiro. Which would be your top 10 favourite songs??"
(Viky Red)

"I think this is innovative as hell!! A very smart blog."
(Ben Miller aka WasabeWan/AUD1 of Silk Stress)

"SO excited and honored to be a part of this incredibly inventive series!"

"I totally love the blog and the concept. It's beautiful, personal, and meaningful."
(Zevi W. aka Babes)

"He's an honest person. I respect his views a lot."
(Rameses Booth aka Rameses B)

"Vlad Stoian, best blogger in East Europe."
(Nicholas Harrison of Scenic)

"Looks so crisp & professional. It's art!"
(Pennan Brae)

"He seems to have a great understanding for Music & art."
(Jens Duvsjö aka Duvchi)

"A gentleman and a scholar... The incomparable Vlad Stoian put me up on his blog."
(Dan Melchior)

"Vlad Stoian is the Klaus Kinski of the indie world!..."
(Johan Harlén of Emotion Records)

"Impressive work, a real difference!"
(Marius Våreid of Ytre Rymden Dansskola)

"I found his blog from halfway around the World!... So he must be doing something right."
(Jacob Andrew McPherson of Pulp Lab)

"It took sometime but after a lot of thought it came to me that if someone is listening to my music then they want to know what the background behind me as an artist is and what drives me to create Music. Massive respect for everything he's doing... He's subtly helping unheard artists such as myself whilst at the same time expressing his passion for Music and its meaning. Vlad is helping people to realise dreams in such a way, that not even he realises what he is doing."
(James Rice aka Stompbox of Atsubox)

"Vlad has a very credible blog here, with an excellent set of previous mixtapes, worth doing!"
(James Parrish of Prescription PR)

"Looks like he put a lot of work into this, fascinating..."
(Ben Shenton aka The Main Stem)

"This is so awesome!!! I love the design!!! It's perfect Pop Art!... Follow Warmer Climes for the finest collection of Indie Pop Music and Indie Pop Art! Go for the mix tapes, stay for the aesthetic!"
(Marc Louis Cantone of The City And Horses)

"I appreciate him spreading all of this Music (I don't just mean mine; it's very cool that he put so much effort into getting people heard... I think that the only thing musicians really have to talk about is Music, and I dig that he gives them a space to do that)..."
(Jolan Lewis aka Temple Songs)

"He gave my message the right transcription! A perfect story! Since John Peel, there seemed to be no further Music jounalists with that great passion in Music. But he is one of them! He can ascend his throne!"
(Bernhard Mueller aka the boy called hedge of $chwarzer Freitag)

"What he's doing is art. All these other motherfuckers are just writing what they think, but he's writing what the artist think. He's not a taste maker. He's a taste presenter. The way Music should be shown. I'm going to promote the fuck out of his blog."
(James Miller Krištofik aka Body Cheetah/Father Longlegs)

"Vlad is a Romanian boy filled with melancholy and longings for sunny days and comforting places. He runs a very unique website/blog - Warmer Climes - where he asks musicians (independent, mainstream, known, unknown and everything in between) to name their favourite songs. All the 'mixtapes' are surrounded by pretty images of beaches, islands, swimming pools, boys in swimming suits... The design and graphic composition of the page is extremely beautiful and coherent. Every time I go there, I feel like I'm transported to his universe of vibrant colors, good Music and endless sunny days."
(Felipe Brandalise of Chaotisch Und Charmant)

"As you can see, my concept for Collected Genius is an almost complete rip-off of Warmer Climes, the main difference being our site won't be gay. I'm dog tired of sites with a bunch of navbars and links and intricate designs that give you a headache, and detract the focus from the main event, which should be the content itself. On the Warmer Climes site, all the site design effort has instead gone into the actual content - the images and videos and text and fonts. He takes time to come up with real good-looking, high-resolution images, and instead of just using the stock blog titles, he integrates each post title into the actual image itself. I think that instead of paying some dude to make us a fancy site and then uploading some 44kb pic for each post, we should keep the actual site bare bones and spend that time and, if necessary, money, on making real well-shot or well-drawn high-quality images for each post, as if we were going to use them for 12-inch covers. That way the focus remains on the work we put out, and people will actually want to hold on the images, right-click and keep them, and we can use them for single artwork, use them in all our promotions. See how that guy makes big images out of song lyrics? That's the kind of shit we could be doing to bring attention to this genius shit we write."
(Collected Genius)

"Maybe it’s the trippy contrast of yellow dayglo and baby blue, but there’s something intriguing about the New LoFi. With solid content and a magazine-esque aesthetic, this blog never fails to deliver on covering new and notable unsigned bands, djs, and producers. Blogs with similar missions worth looking into are Gotta Dance Dirty and Warmer Climes. The common theme of all these publications is the discovery of great Music to help you chill out and dance, perfect for the weekend."

"That's what makes the World bad: Everyone is sad or fake happy. It generates a bad global environment. But the people on his blog all seem so interesting. They appeal to me. They make me wonder what they see in their lives. I hate the blogosphere. It's just all For-A-Day based. It's like every other blog is just interested in the action of the person. Not the thought behind it. Not the person. It's all just HEY, YOU WILL LIKE THIS BECAUSE IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT MY BLOG THIS IS PROBABLY MOST ACCESSIBLE TO YOU. Not HEY, YOU COULD LEARN SOMETHING FOR ONCE."
(Beau Dreamm)

"WOOOOOWWWWW! I'm looking through this and it's EXCELLENT! His blog is absolutely marvellous. I'll be sure to promote him! If I ever have a release that I'd like promoted a little bit, I'll be sure to let him know. He should keep doing what he's doing, because he's REALLY GOOD at it."
(Thomas Schoolcraft aka Schoolcraft)

"It's one of the coolest ideas I have seen in a very long time!"
(James Hand aka ▲❏l❍❏▼❏❍l❏▲)

"In this modern age of intangibility, where every moment is captured and shared in bursts and blurbs, nothing could be more relevant than Warmer Climes."
(Christian Church)

"They should do a documentary about him. I just think that journalists or whatever that is really passionate and interested in the topic that they're writing about are great. Journalists that do a lot of research..."
(Tobias Gerhardsson of World Tour)

"Really love what he's doing. Great work!"
(Cam Merton of Hidden Shoal Recordings)

"After a good amount of perusal, I can honestly say that his website is one of the coolest things I have seen on the Internet. I think that he had tapped into something that could be the future of Music journalism."
(Doug Kaplan of The Earth Is A Man)

"I really love his idea. I think it's great and personal and actually MEANS something, compared to so much of the bullshit that's out there."

"I feel this to be a special privilege being on his blog and hope I can continue to inspire his musical dreams in the future."
(Jeremy Glenn)

"I was privileged enough to be featured on Warmer Climes."
(Rocco Raimundo)

"So honored to be a part of this legendary series!"
(Willy Joy)

"This is awesome! I like the art and type he did. Imaginary mixtape series. Peep this cool blog!"

"Most impressive blog I've seen in a while."

"Warmer Climes is a great project and I am thrilled he wanted me to be involved."
(William Yates aka Memotone)

"Marvellous! Amazing! Wonderful effort... It was such a nice thing to be asked to do and we really did enjoy it a lot! It's really nice to be able to talk about the songs in that way, and he clearly put much effort into the blog, it looks great!"
(Shake Aletti)

"The super cool 'top 10 songs' blog!"
(Gamble & Burke)

"Looks damn good!"
(The Cyclist)

"Really enjoyable concept and really made me have to think. Blog is looking very good!"
(Adam Wickens aka ∆dmin)

"I love his approach on getting to know artists. The best way to understand people's Music is getting to know their roots."
(Austyn Sullivan)

"I'm very glad about this, as I always wanted to be on Warmer Climes since discovered it a time back, posts looks beautiful and love all colors and typography..."
(Le Prix)

"Love this concept. It's very cool. And his blog seems to be THE ONE on the net!"

"His idea is for now one of the most original and friendly I saw by far."

"I really appreciate everything... He's the shit!"

"Big fan of his stuff... More people should have such compassion for Music as him."

"It was a big pleasure to do this..."
(Jeppe Kjellberg of WhoMadeWho)

"Blog looks great!"

"I thank him very much for this exclusive original idea! I felt love all over it when I made my tracklist!"

"Very nice blog..."

"Quite an impressive collection!"

"I think it looks great."

"One of my favorite blogs around..."
(Christoph Andersson)

"Wow! This is incredible! The graphics and colours are incredible. He has a great talent. Amazing, wonderful and inspiring!"
(My Panda Shall Fly)

"Once again: Really lovin' the blog, gives me warm feelin'! The graphic thing is mega! He's quite on point with what he's doing!!!"
(Margarit Aleksiev of 1000 Names)

"Blogs aren’t usually interesting, but in its run-down, Eastern European exile, Warmer Climes seems like Chillwave’s only shot at ever being anything approaching a political gesture."
(Kev Kharas of VICE)

"A blogger that seems to exist on this planet only for the love of Music and what it does to his soul. He’s one of the more interesting/passionate/scary forces within the Music blogosphere."
(Richard Thane of The Line Of Best Fit)

"How did he work to get all those people involved in the Loredana remix record? I know he has the energy to lift a mountain - and he is also absolutely nuts, hehe - but really. It's impressive. And Pitchfork did a piece on 'Rain Rain Remixed'?! That's fab."
(Tobias Isaksson of Azure Blue and Irene)

"It's a great track from a great compilation—Makelberge's interpretation is one of 50 (fifty!) featured on Rain Rain Remixed, curated by Warmer Climes figurehead/hero Vlad Stoian."

"Brutally honest yet a bit vulnerable and truthful. It's a rare thing, you know?..."
(Cascine Records/Freeman PR)

"Vlad... The most balearic guy in Eastern Europe!"
(Saulty of Downtown Party Network)

"Vlad is a legend, so enthusiastic!"
(Nicholas Futcher of Kite Club)

"Bringing warmness and a semblance of hope/heart back into Music and musicians... Forget cool and distant and fashionable, here is Warmer Climes."
(Jason Sweeney of Panoptique Electrical)

"It's a great honour to be in one of the most honest and kindest blogs out there and his support means a lot to us."

"Seems like a sweet, small world of friends who enjoy great Music."
(Aaron Neveu of The GQ)

"If you enjoy that clean-cut, minimalist blog, then Warmer Climes should be bookmarked on your computer. This blogger keeps you interested by posting beautiful pictures, (interesting) interviews, and groovin' mixtapes. All of three of these media outlets that the blogger posts somehow express a unique sense of freedom. It's really a good experience every time I visit this blog."
(Luke Goddard of The Blue Indian)

Name: Vlad Stoian

Lives in: Bucharest, Romania

Occupation: Music Supervisor and Other

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  • Since: October 2013
  • Last online: > 2 weeks ago
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