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By Joseph E. "Duke" Miller

GENRE: Thriller

Two sisters take a Christmas trip to the Bahamas and end up in a deadly game of cat and mouse and one of them is the bait, but which one? 


On a yacht In the Bahamas, a young woman is murdered by a couple in

scuba gear. They toss the body overboard and follow her into the water.

Winter, Washington DC, Mandy Anderson, is in a book store signing her

newest best seller. Her sister Kate, joins her. Later, they meet with

Kate’s business partner, Petra. Kate wants Petra to add extra security

over the holidays. Petra agrees and tells them that her daughter's

missing. She was in the Bahamas. Her last text was - Pandora. Mandy

and Kate agree to look for her.

In the Bahamas, Mandy and Kate go to a club where they meet Nick, a

charter boat Captain. Nick and Mandy talk. Kate feigns illness and

agrees to meet Mandy for breakfast. When Kate fails to show up for

breakfast, Mandy goes to her room. Kate’s bed hasn’t been slept in and

her luggage is gone. Mandy reports Kate's disappearance to the police.

The police try to convince Mandy that Kate’s not missing, but has found

other diversions. Mandy investigates on her own.

Questions about disappearing tourists aren't good for business. The

police pick up Mandy and take her to see the Chief Constable who tells

her that Kate flew back to the States. Mandy disagrees. The Constable

takes her passport and orders her out of the country. His men take her

to the hotel to pack.

At the hotel, Mandy eludes the police and goes to Nick for help. Their

only clue is Pandora. Nick knows the location of a yacht by that name.

Mandy goes to the Pandora and asks the owner and his girlfriend about

Kate and Shanna. They deny knowing anything. Mandy waits for the couple

to leave and sneaks onboard and discovers a stateroom filled with

photographs of young men and women as well as makeup, wigs and odd

looking latex gloves. Mandy realizes that the couple is posing as their

victims, but doesn’t know why. As she gathers up evidence. The couple

returns and discovers Mandy onboard. They tie her up and set out to

sea. The y anchor the Pandora over a patch of dark blue water. On deck,

the couple make latex impressions of Mandy's hands and face then toss

her into the water over a deep cavern.

Mandy gets free, fights the woman, takes her air tanks and fins and,

pushed along by the current, swims into the cavern. The current

thrusts her into a grotto where she discovers the remains of numerous

victims. Mandy struggles to the surface as a storm approaches and

climbs onboard the Pandora where she fights the man as the yacht is

tossed about and the man is thrown overboard into the yacht’s twin

screws. Mandy gets control of the yacht.

At home on the Chesapeake Bay, Mandy mourns the loss of her sister.

Petra shows up and demands the bearer bonds that Kate “stole” from the

brokerage. Mandy isn’t fooled. She knows that Kate didn’t steal the

bonds. Petra pulls a gun and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t turn

over the bonds. Mandy runs onto a pier into the frozen Chesapeake Bay.

Petra and Amanda fight. Kathryn, who suspected that Petra was planning

to steal the bonds, arrives and confronts Petra. Petra tries to escape,

but slips off the pier, breaking through the ice. Kathryn and Amanda try

to save Petra, but Petra’s heavy fur coat drags her under the water.

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