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By Véronique Robert

GENRE: Comedy, Romance
LOGLINE: Stunned after their father’s death, two newly and unexpectedly bankrupt sisters realize that happiness is sometimes where you least expect it when they reluctantly travel far from home, leaving all behind to take possession of an abandoned sailboat in Martinique.


Six men carry a luxury casket. Now orphaned, Charlotte, an art student in her twenties, and Sophie, a free spirited teen, bury their father. The opening of the will shocks them in a way they never saw coming. Their father, having lied to them in order to keep appearances, in reality is bankrupt. Their only chance for survival is to rebuild a sailboat in Martinique. In Italy a young man, Franco needs to clear his head and reflect on his options. Can he find it in his heart to take charge of the wine making business as expected by his family? Once in Martinique, the girls struggle to make ends meet and to restore the sailboat that was abandoned for so many years. Franco helps but also captures Charlotte’s heart making it harder for her to leave the Island. They face time and the elements. Everything seems to be against them. Even as work on the boat moves along, a hurricane sets them back. Then we meet Franco’s fiancé whose unannounced visit leaves Charlotte clearly unsettled. She questions Franco’s intentions. Yet Sophie and Charlotte find themselves more at home with every passing day. After the boat is finally completed and set in the Bay, Franco appears to be falling for Charlotte. He explains his dilemma about the business, why he needed some time to think away from his home and mostly that his wedding was fixed and cancelled, still it leaves Charlotte heartbroken. Finally the boat is sold! Charlotte, deciding to stay, takes a teaching position but a tragedy occurs. Franco’s car runs off the road sending him to the hospital. For the following three months Charlotte hopes at his bed side. The girls celebrate one last evening on the boat. Franco rushes to the airport hoping to have the chance to tell her how much he really loves her. At last they reunite. Charlotte reveals that only Sophie is leaving to study at Lyon’s College. Franco suggests quitting her job. Coming from above the clouds, we move closer to the ship anchored in a bay in the South of France. On the boat’s deck Charlotte and Franco embrace. On shore the waves hit the sandy beach.


Veronica Mortarino

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Frances Kermeen

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