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By Chris Sullivan

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Crime, Fantasy, Thriller
LOGLINE: Officer Jack Newland discovers vampires are real and that his son, Seth, fights them side-by-side with good vampires. "Vampires vs Vampires. Humans vs Vampires and a twist never seen used in the Vampire Lore."


[First 6 Pages, Teaser] Officer JACK NEWLAND is chasing a CRIMINAL. Jack Newland is in his mid 40s and in great shape. The Criminal is in his mid 20s and thin. JACK N Y P D! Stop running. The criminal continues to run then tips a few trash cans into the ally trying to loose Jack. Jack jumps over the trash cans and continues the chase without breaking his stride. CRIMINAL I didn’t do it! JACK Then why the hell are you running?! The criminal climbs up an eight foot chain link fence, lands on the other side, and takes a left around a corner. JACK (CONT’D) Shit! Jack looks around and takes a detour down a smaller ally on the left and slams into the criminal. They both roll into an empty street. CUT TO: EXT. STREET Jack puts handcuffs on the criminal and they start walking to the police car. JACK You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in court. You have the right to talk to a lawyer and to have a lawyer present while you are being questioned. If you want a lawyer but can not afford one, one will be appointed to you at no cost before any questioning. If you answer questions now without a lawyer present, you still have the right to stop answering. Do you understand each of these rights I have explained to you? CRIMINAL Yeah. JACK Having these rights in mind, do you now wish to answer questions? CRIMINAL No. JACK Aww. Take the fun out of it. Jack sits the Criminal in the back seat of his patrol car, closes the door, then walks to the driver side. CAMERA: PANS UP TO REVEAL A MAN, MAKIA, ON A ROOFTOP LOOKING DOWN ON JACK AND THE CRIMINAL. DISSOLVE TO: INT. POLICE STATION CAMERA: PANS UP FROM THE GROUND TO JACK’S DESK SHOWING A PICTURE OF JACK, HIS WIFE, MAGGIE, AND HIS 18 YEAR OLD SON, SETH AT A PARK AND JACK’S NAME PLAQUE: “OFFICER JACK NEWLAND”. ROXANNE Newland. Your wife is on line four. JACK Thanks Roxanne. (Picks up the phone.) Maggie? MAGGIE (O.S.) (Through phone.) Hi, Honey. How was your day so far? Jacks gets more comfortable with the phone and continues filling out his police report. JACK Good. I’m just finishing my report from an arrest I just made; then I’m off for the night. CUT TO: 2. INT. JACK’S HOUSE – DINING ROOM MAGGIE is clearing off the plates from the dinner table. Maggie, in her early thirties, is clearly the cute “nerdy” type of girl who hasn’t really realized her beauty and feels lucky to have Jack. MAGGIE Are you going to Bart’s when you’re off? JACK (OS) (Through the phone.) Yeah. But I’ll be home early. Right after the game. MAGGIE Okay. I love you. Bye. JACK (OS) (Through the phone.) Bye. CUT TO: INT. BART’S BAR Jack and his two friends FRED, and MITCH who are also cops enter and sit at the bar. BART the bartender is behind the counter waiting for them. BART Mitch, Fred, and Jack! It’s great to see yuh! It’s been a long time! FRED You saw us two days ago. Jack, Fred, and Mitch sit at the bar. BART Yes! That I did. But two days is a really long time when you’re a bar tender. MITCH Bart Ender the Bar Tender. You couldn’t have been destined any other job. BART True. So what will you guys have? The usual? 3. MITCH Screw Driver. JACK Rum & Coke. FRED I’ll have a Holy Bar Tender. They all laugh sarcastically. FRED (CONT’D) Um. Give me a Double Brandy on the Rocks. MAKIA enters the bar in a long black leather coat. Makia appears to be in his late 30s but was actually born in the early 1800’s in Spain and has charm and good looks. MAKIA (Spanish accent.) Bart. BART Makia. MAKIA Double Spike, hold the ice. Bart grabs a blacked-out mug from a shelf under the bar, fills it halfway using a heated keg hidden under the bar, and fills the rest with Burban and places it on the bar. BART There you are. Makia glances at Jack then walks over to a table in the corner, partially unscrews the light bulb above his table, and sits down facing Jack and the entrance. BART (CONT’D) (To the officers.) Don’t mind him. He’s one of my regulars. He comes in every night. I guess after work. MITCH So Bart, is the game on yet? Bart grabs the TV remote and turns on the football game. BART Jets and the Vikings. Go Jets. 4. FRED (Pulling out his wallet.) All right everyone, who’s in? Bart places an empty jar on the bar. BART (Announcing to everyone in the bar.) Money collection has started! Rings a small bell twice and pulls out a notebook. FRED Five on Vikings. MITCH Twelve on Jets. JACK Twenty on Vikings. BART (To everyone in the bar.) Minimum bid is five dollars. Seven other guys drop several dollars into the jar and give Bart their names. BART (CONT’D) (Rings the bell twice.) All bets are closed and final. No refunds. You must be here to collect the winnings. And show ID. CUT TO: INT. TV Football game: The VIKINGS kickoff to the JETS. The JETS get to the 45 on the return. Makia sips from his mug looking at JACK. Jack gets up and walks into the bathroom, walking passed Makia. CUT TO: 5. INT. MEN’S ROOM Jack enters and walks up to the urinal. CUT TO: INT. BART’S BAR Bart sees Makia stand up and walk into the bathroom. Bart grabs a small crossbow and holds it below the bar. CUT TO: INT. MEN’S ROOM Jack is washing his hands while looking in a mirror. Makia enters and walks past Jack; Makia’s reflection is NOT seen, going to a urinal. Jack turns around and is startled. JACK Woah. I didn’t see you come in. (Drying his hands.) So, who do you think will win the game? MAKIA Vikings. JACK I hope so. I’ll get some money out of it. Jack leaves the bathroom and Makia washes his hands looking in the mirror, only seeing the wall behind him. CUT TO: INT. BART’S BAR Jack sits back on his stool. Bart puts the crossbow back on the shelf under the bar. BART You all right? MITCH (Drunk.) Yeah, did everything come out okay?

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