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By Chris Sullivan

GENRE: Action, Crime, Drama
LOGLINE: While the FBI tries to track down a Hitman who masks murders as suicides, Police Officer Vio reflects on his past two years with his wife, Samantha, on their anniversary while criminals from their past attempt revenge.


[First 6 Pages, Teaser] INT. VIO’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - MORNING We open on a nicely furnished home, pictures of Vio and his wife Samantha at the beach, Christmas, other holiday and candid pictures of them happy and very much in love. We see a picture of Vio at age 18 in an US Marines uniform next to a glass case displaying a few Military medals. Next to the Medals Display case is a picture of Vio receiving a medal from the President of the United States. Vio’s bathroom that is connected to his bedroom has been converted into a large Panic Room. VIO, now in his mid-30s and still in an athletic shape, is sleeping in his bed. Vio’s alarm clock goes off and displays 6:00am. SAMANTHA, Vio’s wife, is already awake and is packing Vio’s suitcase. Vio is wearing a white tank top and sweatpants. Vio rolls over and turns off his alarm. SAMANTHA Good morning Hero.. I’m almost done packing your stuff. Samantha inserts a loaded magazine into a Desert Eagle and puts it on the bed next to a suitcase. VIO Thanks Babe. You know, I planned on packing last night but someone kind of distracted me. Samantha smiles. Vio gets up then lays on the floor and starts doing push-ups. SAMANTHA And your breakfast is almost done. VIO Thanks Sam, you didn’t have to make me breakfast. Samantha leaves the room. SAMANTHA (O.S.) I can’t send you to work on an empty stomach. VIO So my flight leaves at eight; I should be done around nine tonight and back home some time around ten. Vio starts doing sit-ups. SAMANTHA (OS) Well make sure you’re careful. Be safe. Do you want butter on your English Muffin? VIO And Jelly. SAMANTHA (OS) Of course. How could I forget? Samantha returns to the room. SAMANTHA (CONT’D) Your breakfast is ready and on the table with Orange Juice and coffee. VIO Awesome. Be there in a sec. Samantha picks up a red folder, opens it, and flips through a few pages. SAMANTHA All your papers are in your briefcase. Samantha puts the folder in Vio’s briefcase. Vio gets up and they both head to the kitchen. CUT TO: INT. VIO’S HOUSE - KITCHEN Vio and Samantha sit at the dinner table and start eating breakfast. Vio picks up his police badge/necklace, which is sitting on the dinner table and puts it around his neck. CAMERA PANS TO THE TV AND REVEALS MICHELLE WINTERS, A WEATHERMAN FOR THE NEWS. 2. CLOSE UP OF TV: The 5 day forecast is on the screen showing all clear, sunny days with highs in the mid 70s and lows in the high 50s. MICHELLE WINTERS (TV) And to look at our 5 day forecast; we will be having all clear, sunny days with highs in the mid 70s and lows in the high 50s. Yes, it’s truly great to live in sunny San Diego here in the middle of December. Now let’s switch to the east coast. CUT TO: EXT. FBI HEADQUARTERS – DAY It’s snowing heavily on the building and the cars in the parking lot. TEXT TYPE EFFECT FBI Headquarters. Washington D.C. CUT TO: INT. AGENT SUMMERS’ OFFICE AGENT MICHAEL SUMMERS is sitting at his desk which has about 30 files on it. Agent Summers is reading through one then puts it down and starts looking at another file. AGENT BENSON enters and is obviously in no rush. AGENT BENSON Summers, your main suspect’s alibi checked out. There’s no possible way he was connected to these murders. Agent Benson sits at the desk still reading the file. AGENT SUMMERS Damn it. AGENT BENSON Are you even sure these are murders? I mean, didn’t the coroners all say they were suicides? 3. Agent Summers picks up another file and starts reading it. AGENT SUMMERS Most of them. Agent Benson pulls out a pack if cigarettes and a lighter. AGENT SUMMERS (CONT’D) Uht uhh… Not in here. Agent Benson puts the cigarettes back in his pocket. AGENT BENSON What did they say about the other ones? AGENT SUMMERS Accidental. AGENT BENSON Sounds like open and shut cases. Why are you still interested? AGENT SUMMERS Let’s say your wife comes home with a big dent in your car. She’s says it’s an accident. Do you still want to know the details? AGENT BENSON Damn right I do. I’d want to know why the hell she’s driving my Vet in the first place. AGENT SUMMERS Now what if some 15 year old kid takes the car out for a joy ride and makes the same size dent in your car. But still returns it to you and he disappears into the night. AGENT BENSON I’d track the punk down and he’ll get what he deserves. AGENT SUMMERS (Holds up some files.) Think of these cases as my Corvettes. I’m just trying to catch the punk. 4. AGENT BENSON Coroners say suicide, you say murder. If there were any witnesses the coroners wouldn’t say suicide. AGENT SUMMERS Coroners don’t get the reports, at least not the full ones. I’ve interviewed as many of the witnesses as I could find. Some of these cases are 4 years old. Some witnesses forgot the details, moved away, one guy was convinced Bob Barker did it. AGENT BENSON The guy from The Price is Right? AGENT SUMMERS Apparently, that witness had a grudge because he didn’t get to be a contestant. AGENT BENSON But you had enough witnesses to report the same what? “Last person seen with the deceased”? AGENT SUMMERS More or less. But listen to this. All the deceased died just after or during a social gathering. AGENT BENSON A party? Agent Summers continues flipping though a few files. AGENT SUMMERS Right; a party, night club, movie theater. Anywhere in public. I guess he just gets lucky and does it when no one is around. Agent Summers picks up a file and hands it to Agent Benson. AGENT SUMMERS (CONT’D) Except for this one. This case here; he walked into a night club blew off the bartender’s hand, put a bullet in the guy’s head, and killed three bouncers. 5. (MORE) Then the sick bastard lit another bouncer on fire. AGENT BENSON This doesn’t seem to match the other profiles. AGENT SUMMERS I know. I was confused too. Then I tracked down some of the witnesses. They reported a male AND female with guns. They were the ones shooting and the employees were just returning fire. AGENT BENSON Interesting. So who are you tracking down? Bonnie or Clyde? AGENT SUMMERS They both seem to be ghosts. Out of all the murders not one of the witnesses reported seeing a woman. AGENT BENSON Think they could be professionals? AGENT SUMMERS Could be. CUT TO: CLOSE-UP ON FILE SHOWING A C.S.I PHOTO OF A CHARRED CORPSE LYING ON AN AUTOPSY TABLE. CUT TO: INT. AGENT SUMMERS’ OFFICE Agent Benson looks at the C.S.I Photo. AGENT BENSON Hey, you hungry? Agent Summers takes the file from Agent Benson and places it on the desk. AGENT SUMMERS Yeah, I can eat. 6. AGENT SUMMERS (CONT’D) Agent Summers and Agent Benson get up and exit the office. CUT TO:

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