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Dave Juehring

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Davenport, Iowa

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About Dave

I don't want to be labeled any one category thus I feel I can be best summed up as an "artist"...in the vein that an artist is one who expresses their thoughts, feelings, & emotions in whatever medium that may be; whether it may be acting, modeling, dancing, photography or cinematography. The arts have always been a passion for me.

Unique traits: Enjoys comedies to dramas, coach-able and easy to work with, always on time, team player, dialects, clinical and coaching background.



  • I Don't Recall

    I Don't Recall (2016)
    Film by Jason W. Schaver (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor After an accident, a mild mannered pushover fakes amnesia to avoid returning to his unappreciative family.

  • The Orange Man

    The Orange Man (2015)
    Film by Stephen Folker (Horror) Actor

  • Up on the Wooftop

    Up on the Wooftop (2015)
    Film by Joe Clarke (Family) Actor SANTA'S BEST FRIEND IS COMING TO TOWN! When Santa's dog Toby gets left behind at a home in suburban Iowa during a test sleigh flight before Christmas, he has to convince the Anderson family of his true identity so that they can help him find his way back to the North Pole before Christmas Eve! Along the way, Toby will have to help the kids deal with some growing pains, foil the evil plans of a crooked mall Santa and his elf henchmen, and most importantly, help Dad discover the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Sons & Daughters of Thunder

    Sons & Daughters of Thunder (2015)
    Film by Kelly Rundle (Drama) Actor In 1834, if polite discussions about abolishing slavery were considered inappropriate among Americans in Northern states, then eighteen days of public student-sponsored debates on the divisive subject at Lane Seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio were scandalous. Organized by Theodore Weld, one of the architects of the abolitionist movement, the shocking oratory sparked intense controversy and awakened a young Harriet Beecher Stowe to the horrors of slavery. When school trustees slapped a gag order on the "Lane Rebels," most of the students left the school in collective protest. Years later, Harriet's novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was described by President Abraham Lincoln as the book that started the Civil War. "Sons & Daughters of Thunder," a new film based on the award-winning play by Earlene Hawley and Curtis Heeter, tells the unforgettable true story of the beginning of the end of slavery in America. Written by Kelly Rundle

  • The Miskatonic Files

    The Miskatonic Files (2015)
    Television (Thriller) Actor

  • Favorite Refrain

    Favorite Refrain (2014)
    Film by Josh Davidson (Mystery and Thriller) Actor A music teacher finds a dead body.

  • Field Freak

    Field Freak (2014)
    Film by Stephen Folker (Comedy, Horror and Thriller) Actor The story revolves around a family that moves into an abandoned cabin in Beaver Pelt Falls, Idaho. Charles (Dave Juehring) a former best selling writer, is desperately trying to pen his next book and needs a place free of distractions. Little does he know, his entire family is being watched. Strange bumps in the night escalate into a nerve wrecking encounter with the creature by Charles's wife Linda (Trena Penson). The story takes a wacky turn when they hire a psychotic, pest-control guy (Thomas Ely Sage) and our led to believe Rabid Beavers are to blame. It's not until they visit a road-side Root Beer Distillery and meet a man named Ned Perkins (Glenn Harston), that they learn what the bumps in the night really are. According to Ned, they're all going to die! Written by Stephen Folker

  • The Newscaster

    The Newscaster (2014)
    Film (short) by Joe Zerull (Horror and News) Actor

  • Hotel P

    Hotel P (2014)
    Television Actor

  • To Survive

    To Survive (2014)
    Film by Stephen Folker (Action, Adventure, Drama and Thriller) Actor A post-apocalyptic thriller about a heartbroken man and his new friends who must together battle marauders in order to survive in a new lawless world.

  • A Figment of My Imagination

    A Figment of My Imagination (2014)
    Film (short) by Eric Smigiel (Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor The Maker has spent his life developing an Android that looks and sounds human down to every detail except for one: it isn't. When the Android begins expressing wants and desires, they don't line up with what the Maker had in mind.

  • The White Room

    The White Room (2013)
    Film (short) by Tom Doherty (Drama, Mystery and Sci-Fi) Actor 'The White Room' is a powerful, emotional, psychological drama, that follows a young man who wakes up trapped and confused in a mysterious room with no recollection as of how he came to be there. The events of the film play out in an unforeseeable direction that will forever leave a lasting impact on the man's life. Written by Anonymous

  • Witchfinder

    Witchfinder (2013)
    Film (short) by Colin Clarke (Horror) Actor A small community lives in fear of the satanic evil that festers within the dark forests that surround their small village. One night, a love-struck villager ventures into the oppressive woods in search of forbidden magic and ancient rites. To aid them, the townsfolk enlist the aid of William Thatcher Blake, a witch hunter whose arrival stirs a cauldron of terror that threatens to engulf them all in a bloody pit of horror! Written by Anonymous

  • Legacy of the Masque

    Legacy of the Masque (2012)
    Video by Travis Legge (Action) Actor Diana Bowman, granddaughter of Golden Age superhero Miss Masque, discovers the truth of her family heritage upon inheriting her grandmother's worldly possessions. Seeing how awful the world is, and inspired by her grandmother's youthful crusades, Diana adopts the identity of the Masque and begins patrolling the city as a vigilante hero. Written by Travis Legge

  • The Wedge

    The Wedge (2012)
    Film by Joe Clarke (Action, Adventure and Comedy) Actor A pizza guy gets mixed up in a casino heist on the Fourth of July.

  • Castle Siege

    Castle Siege (2011)
    Film by Stephen Folker (Comedy) Actor

  • Verbatim

    Verbatim (2011)
    Film (short) by Eric Smigiel (Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor A young man, James (Myke Wilson), is home alone while his parents are out of town for the weekend. As James is getting plans ready for a party, he hears a loud noise from downstairs. He grabs a knife and ventures downstairs to investigate. What James finds is a delusional man (Dave Juehring) with information that causes a realization to take place, altering both of their lives forever. Written by Anonymous

  • Afraid of Sunrise

    Afraid of Sunrise (2011)
    Film by Justin R. Romine (Horror) Actor

  • What They Say

    What They Say (2011)
    Film (short) by Justin R. Romine (Thriller) Actor They thought she had the perfect life; wealthy and privileged, an honor student with her whole life mapped out... See full synopsis »

  • The Mustache Movie

    The Mustache Movie (2011)
    Film (short) by Stephen Folker (Adventure and Comedy) Actor A man learns from his dying mother his mustache has magical powers.

  • The Legend of Turquoise Nipples

    The Legend of Turquoise Nipples (2011)
    Film (short) by Stephen Folker (Action, Adventure and Comedy) Actor Quirky life-long friends with adolescent, behaviors embark on a treasure hunt.

  • The Ghosts

    The Ghosts (2011)
    Film (short) by Eddie O'Keefe (Drama and Romance) Actor A sheltered teenage girl's life is turned on it's head when a mysterious gang of greasers swarm into her sleepy suburb and she falls in love with their tough, handsome leader Frank.

  • Divergence

    Divergence (2010)
    Film (short) by Jared Harrison (Drama) Actor

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