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By Timothy Peake Gilbert

GENRE: Horror

Unintended consequences result when two teenage girls unknowingly become the sacrificial offering to the Devil while playing an online board game with friends.


During a night of partying in a peaceful, quiet suburban town, five kids, ages 17 - 20, begin playing around with an online Ouija Board for excitement. The oldest in the group (Randy - an only child with wealthy parents), jokingly quotes the lyrics of one of his favorite death metal songs, where in exchange for Satan providing him paradise now, he offers Satan the 2 females in the group; the partying, wild and sexy Nia, as well as the innocent, attractive, intelligent Danielle. Unexplainable events begin happening almost immediately, including a major surge in random violence. One police detective desperately seeks answers in this world and that of the occult. He begins to suspect that no one close to Danielle and Nia are safe because someone has made a...... "Deal With the Devil".

Michael L. Burris

I find the Logline a little confusing. I'm trying to refine the art of Logline writing myself. I would start at "While playing etc. as the opening and perhaps the result entails unintended consequences. The just of the logline does capture my attention though. Well if I may here is how I'd write it is just a suggestion. "While playing an online board game some horrific unintended consequences result for two teenage girls. The Devil and his minions weave a plot to make the girls his sacrificial offering."

Cori Lee

A movie commentary ?

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