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Skip Erickson

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Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Editor, Director, Music Composer and Producer

Rochester Hills, Michigan

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Award Winning Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Camera Operator; Editor, Sound Designer

Unique traits: Musician/Composer for over 35 years Cinematographer for over 23 years


  • Pizza Man

    Pizza Man (2016)
    Film by Set Jester (Drama and Short) Director/Cinematographer George Mariano, the stereotypical down-on-his-luck kind of guy, finds himself at the end. With an impending eviction on the horizon, living in a crappy one-room rental, and zero hope of ever climbing out of the cesspool that is his life, George has chosen to end it... with a bullet. But as the metaphorical hammer falls within his cheap hand-gun, there comes not a bang of deadly bliss, but a bang at his front door. A stranger has come to coach George on his failed life - to give him hope where there is none - to help George get back in the game.

  • Blood Moon Reaping

    Blood Moon Reaping (2014)
    Film by Set Jester (Fantasy, Horror, Western and Short) Exec. Producer/Cinematographer "What took place in the past should have remained in the past - but for a select few Shaker County residents, their past would be their present, and their future. Each person finding themselves stuck within a forever echo. Knowing not if they are blessed - or cursed."

  • Message

    Message (2014)
    Film by Set Jester (Drama, Thriller and Short) Director/Writer/Exec. Producer Eric and Samantha Millar find themselves having to come to terms with the loss of their daughter. Since her passing, they have begun to slowly drift apart from each other, both dealing with the loss in their own way... Eric for the better, Samantha for the worst. Then one day, Samantha receives a message... one that changes everything. Written by Skip Erickson

  • Country Mice and City Mice

    Country Mice and City Mice (2012)
    Film (Documentary) Cinematographer A historical documentary about the culture of urban sprawl, the politics of urban planning, the aesthetics of our built environment and the history of western expansion.

  • Betrayed

    Betrayed (2012)
    Film (Short and Drama) Cinematographer Robert Park (Tim Kaiser) is an unhappy man in an unhappy marriage. When his mistress, Dianna (Jeannine Thompson) encourages him to get his wife Lucinda (Penny Gibbs) out of the picture, Robert struggles against guilt and the loss of his marriage as he finds out that nothing is quite what it seems. Written by Anonymous

  • Kill Me Again

    Kill Me Again (2012)
    Film by Set Jester (Drama, Horror and Short) Exec. Producer/Cinematographer While an unsuspecting group celebrates one of the happiest days of their lives, they find themselves suddenly facing their worst nightmare. The festivities disrupted - the group must fight for their own survival, but with the zombie apocalypse beginning... will they make it? Written by Steven Rodriguez

  • Little Creeps

    Little Creeps (2012)
    Video (Comedy and Horror) Cinematographer Long considered a mockery with his fellow professors Cordell (Robert Z'Dar) & Donnely (Dustin Diamond), professor Vern Drake (Joe Estevez) becomes obsessed with finding the Demonicron, a book said to open the gates of hell. Pushed over the edge after being fired by the dean (Lark Voorhies), professor Vern Drake begins his obsessive search for the Demonicron. Sure enough he finds the Demonicron and decides to conjure the demons found within the pages of the book to do his bidding and to get revenge on those who ridiculed him. However, when he only manages to translate half the words required to summon them, he only gets half size demons. Now the demons are anxious to prove that though they are half the size, they are double the trouble! Written by Brandon Sites - Big Daddy Horror Reviews

  • Demo Man Urban Miners

    Demo Man Urban Miners (2011)
    Television (Reality-TV) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Beach Vacancy

    Beach Vacancy (2011)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Thriller) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Bite Me: The Movie

    Bite Me: The Movie (2011)
    Film (Action, Comedy and Horror) Cinematographer It's 1988 and A.C. is one of the coolest guys of the decade. But behind his trendy looks, expensive cloths, and cool demeanor he is secretly a mega-geek who loves dungeons and dragons and video games. He works at a stereotypical 80's office where big hair, power suits, ass grabbing and cocaine use by the boss are the norm. All is looking good until the boss forces him to bring his geekier best friend Nick to the big corporate retreat with all his coworkers. Nick agrees to be normal for the weekend but after arriving mysteriously disappears. He finally shows up before dawn but to A.C.'s dismay he's been turned into a vampire. With his Geek-dom of knowledge A.C. knows all about vampires, comprehending exactly whats happening. With his reputation at stake he now has to cover up Nick's vampirism while at the same time thwart the evil attacking them. But as coworkers start showing up dead and becoming vampires themselves hiding the danger they're in becomes perilously difficult. Will A.C. ... Written by Anonymous

  • 13th Sign

    13th Sign (2011)
    Film (Horror) Cinematographer Twelve individuals who think they are competing for a million dollars on a New Reality TV Show are drugged, beaten, trapped and chained in a chamber room far below the earth buried under the ashes of a slaughterhouse that burned to the ground in the 1930s. When the chamber doors open, the twelve contestants are soon faced with their worst fears when they realize that they have not just been kidnapped but that they are being used in the Devils Ritual held by his Fallen Angels, the Guardians Waylon Reavis and Jeff Hatrix who brutally torture and dismember their victims one by one, using their bodies to create an altar for the Devil to open the gates and unleash hell on earth by the date 12-21-2012. Written by Anonymous

  • All-American Muslim

    All-American Muslim (2011)
    Television (Reality-TV) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Minor League: A Football Story

    Minor League: A Football Story (2010)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Sport) Cinematographer/Actor A struggling Minor League team faces a new challenge after an 0-10 season, the rich pockets of Richard Wellington. Wellington seeks to purchase the team from an owner struggling to keep fans in the stands, advertisers to pay the bills, and players around in general. When the team owner Joe Smith declines his offer, Wellington does what any offended and deep pocketed bad guy often does, buys a new expansion team down the road and tries to buy up what little talent they have, including their coach. Now Smith must find a new coach, assemble players, and round up enough advertisers to keep the team together long enough to face off against their new rival expansion team. When he meets former retired college Coach Whistler the pair try and turn around the fortunes of this down on its luck team and give it just what it gave them, a second chance. Written by Brad Leo Lyon

  • Gentleman's Bet

    Gentleman's Bet (1995)
    Film (Drama and Thriller) Art department Add a Plot »

  • Josh Kirby... Time Warrior: Chapter 1, Planet of the Dino-Knights

    Josh Kirby... Time Warrior: Chapter 1, Planet of the Dino-Knights (1995)
    Video (Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy and 1 More) Editorial department In the 25th century mankind has found a device capable of destroying the universe. Irwin 1138 separates the Nullifier into 6 pieces which he scatters throughout time. When the evil Dr. Zoetrope goes after the pieces, Irwin 1138 must try to stop him, with the help of a 20th century teenager, Josh Kirby, and a half-human warrior named Azabeth Siege. The race is on. Written by Chuck Ivy


  • "Pizza Man" - 3rd Place Dramatic Short - Indie Gathering International Film Festival

  • "Message" - Best Narrative Short - Made-in-Michigan Film Festival

  • "Message" - Best Narrative Short - The Indie Gathering International Film Festival

  • "Message" - Best Narrative Short - Mitten Movie Project

  • "Message" - Best Actress - Silent River Film Festival

  • "Message" - Best Actress - Mitten Movie Project

  • "Message: - Best Actress - Delhi Shorts International Film Festival

  • "Message" - Best Background Music - Mumbai International Film Festival

  • "Message" - Screenplay - 3rd Place - Mitten Movie Project

  • "Message" - Sound - 3rd Place - Mitten Movie Project

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