Amanda Leishman

Amanda Leishman

"The Star that wont go OUT"
Actor, Costumer, Crafty, Crew, Set Decorator and Wardrobe Supervisor

Thunder Bay, Canada

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March 2014
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About Amanda

Hello my Cupcake Glitter Mice ! Time to get creative ! I am an upcoming actor and currently teach children Drama, they say thoughs who cannot do teach but I say otherwise ! I am a fun filled outgoing person with a creative mind, Who loves to laugh and would love to meet YOU! Here I am looking for tips and Tricks of all aspect of live theatre, How to get notice, what makes you stand out, My humor OBVOUSLY. I keep telling you how funny I am so Here comes a joke your way people Q. What did the cat say after eating two robins lying in the sun?A. I just love baskin’ robins. Ahaha Im quite i Jokest now airnt I, and no no focks im not comdian I was just simply "Born this way"

Unique traits: Recreational Theapist, I bring The TR love.Accessible Active Adaptable Admirable Adventurous Agreeable Alert Allocentric Amiable Anticipative Appreciative Articulate Aspiring Athletic Attractive Balanced Benevolent Brilliant Calm Capable Captivating Caring Challenging Charismatic Charming Cheerful Clean Clear-headed Clever Colorful Companionly Compassionate Conciliatory Confident Conscientious Considerate Constant Contemplative Cooperative Courageous Courteous Creative Cultured Curious Daring Debonair Decent Decisive Dedicated Deep Dignified Directed Disciplined Discreet Dramatic Dutiful Dynamic Earnest Ebullient Educated Efficient Elegant Eloquent Empathetic Energetic Enthusiastic Esthetic Exciting Extraordinary Fair Faithful Farsighted Felicific Firm Flexible Focused Forecful Forgiving Forthright Freethinking Friendly Fun-loving Gallant Generous Gentle Genuine Good-natured Gracious Hardworking Healthy Hearty Helpful Herioc High-minded Honest Honorable Humble Humorous Idealistic Imaginative Impressive Incisive Incorruptible Independent Individualistic Innovative Inoffensive Insightful Insouciant Intelligent Intuitive Invulnerable Kind Knowledge Leaderly Leisurely Liberal Logical Lovable Loyal Lyrical Magnanimous Many-sided Masculine (Manly) Mature Methodical Maticulous Moderate Modest Multi-leveled Neat Nonauthoritarian Objective Observant Open Optimistic Orderly Organized Original Painstaking Passionate Patient Patriotic Peaceful Perceptive Perfectionist Personable Persuasive Planful Playful Polished Popular Practical Precise Principled Profound Protean Protective Providential Prudent Punctual Pruposeful Rational Realistic Reflective Relaxed Reliable Resourceful Respectful Responsible Responsive Reverential Romantic Rustic Sage Sane Scholarly Scrupulous Secure Selfless Self-critical Self-defacing Self-denying Self-reliant Self-sufficent Sensitive Sentimental Seraphic Serious Sexy Sharing Shrewd Simple Skillful Sober Sociable Solid Sophisticated Spontaneous Sporting Stable Steadfast Steady Stoic Strong Studious Suave Subtle Sweet Sympathetic Systematic Tasteful Teacherly Thorough Tidy Tolerant Tractable Trusting Uncomplaining Understanding Undogmatic Unfoolable Upright Urbane Venturesome Vivacious Warm Well-bred Well-read Well-rounded Winning Wise Witty Youthful


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