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By Paul Corricelli

GENRE: Drama, Thriller

When an introverted teenager wins a literary contest, his deadbeat uncle with a cocaine habit is enlisted to pose as the author, but when he’s blackmailed by his dealers, he plans to kidnap the publishers assistant and random her for the money he needs... if he doesn't get them all killed first.


A tragic accident has left the surviving members of the Myers family in ruins.

Ethan Myers is just a kid trying to adjust to life without his parents. He’s all but given up on any kind of real connection with his Uncle Jimmy, who never seems to have time for him. He’s also written a book about the tragic events that took his parents from him, and he’s won a publishing deal in the process. The only problem is, he’s underage and he doesn’t want it.

The publisher, Lampton Finch, not wanting to pass up on this potential best-seller, enlists Ethan’s Uncle Jimmy to pose as the author. But Jimmy has been adrift on a sea of cocaine and bad decisions since his brother was killed, and his sudden windfall hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Jimmy’s drug dealers, the Clomp brothers, want a piece of the action and it’s not long before they put the screws to Jimmy for everything he’s got.

Out of money and desperate, Jimmy kidnaps Lampton’s assistant Jeanne, in order to ransom her for the money he’s sure will fix all his problems.

Meanwhile, Ethan has begun an unlikely friendship with Emily-class bully and all around scary girl, over shared family tragedy. When Ethan gets caught in the middle of his Uncle’s mess, Emily vows to take charge and get revenge.

Jimmy’s life is quickly spiraling out of control, but he acquires the money, only to have it stolen from him by Emily, who is determined to make the drop before Jimmy screws it all up. To make things worse, a police detective is now on the case and closing in.

As Ethan, Emily and the Clomp brothers head to an abandoned warehouse at the edge of town to make the drop, Jimmy-in hot pursuit, crashes his car. Deep in crisis, Jimmy heads out on foot to try and make things right, before everyone he cares about is killed - because of him.


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Nathaniel Baker

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