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By Scott Harper

GENRE: Action, Adventure
LOGLINE: Porter Harwood is a comic book artist who suffers from Graves Disease. When he undergoes an experimental treatment, every muscle in his body alters, becoming the quick, darting muscles of the type that control the human eye—the fastest muscles in the human body. He uses his abilities to fight crime.


We open with Porter Harwood, struggling to meet a deadline for the pencil work on a comic book project. His Graves Disease is acting up, interfering with his ability to work. The telephone rings in the middle of this. It's Porter's mom calling in regards to the experimental Graves Disease treatment Porter is to undergo the next day. The following day, Porter is taken to the hospital by his parents, and his girlfriend, Sonja Carruth. We skim over Porter's hospital stay in a montage, and pick up with him leaving the hospital after the procedure, and a bit of recovery time. Meanwhile, a drug cartel is building up its business in the city. Quickly, Porter realizes something in him has changed. He finds that he has what amounts to a super power now—he can move at near-super speed. Porter keeps this a secret, and begins trying to learn to control this ability, using it in his work to avoid missing deadlines. Meanwhile, the cartel's business continues growing. Porter sees news about the rising crime in the city. Realizing that he has an ability that can make a difference, he fashions a costume for himself, and hits the streets as a vigilante crime fighter. Upon stopping a drug deal, Porter discovers a case of money. Unable to help himself, he takes the cash with him. Porter begins treating Sonja to expensive meals. The lavish dates and the current news of the vigilante makes her suspicious. He keeps his secret from her, while continuing to fight crime on the streets as the vigilante that the media dubs "Dart". Dart's activities are quickly noted by the drug cartel. The two top men in the organization—Horacio Rosul and Dillon Whittenbeck— begin looking into their new problem, trying to figure out the best way of dealing with Dart. Porter loses control of himself, and displays his ability in front of Sonja on a date. She demands a full explanation of what has been going on. Porter takes her to his apartment, and comes clean. He tells her what has happened, shows her his costume and the money he has been taking from drug deals he stops. Sonja is horrified, wanting him to give up being Dart. Porter refuses. Sonja leaves him. Porter hits the streets harder as Dart. The drug cartel's investigation into Dart leads them to the doctor who treated Porter. They send a knife-wielding assassin named Audry Fendler after Dart. She lures him into a trap from which he barely escapes. Dart takes a beating before getting away. The injuries sustained during the fight with Audry begin causing uncontrollable muscle convulsions in Porter, forcing him to return to the hospital for treatment. The new treatment robs him of his power, thus ending his time as Dart. With Dart no longer a factor, Porter and Sonja get back together. Soon after, the cartel sends Audry to kidnap Sonja while Porter is attending an autograph signing at a comic book store as the guest-of-honor. The cartel calls the store, telling Porter where to be, and when to be there, if he wants Sonja back. One of the men kills his partner while on the phone as a way of proving his seriousness to Porter. Powerless and panicked, Porter goes to rescue Sonja, walking into another trap. He is subdued, and tied to a chair beside Sonja. They are left in the empty cartel warehouse with a large bomb while the surviving dealer and the assassin leave. Sonja frees herself from her bonds—having been working toward that end long before Porter arrived—and frees Porter. Before they can escape, the dealer and the assassin return for a last-second check on Porter and Sonja. In the ensuing action, the dealer is rendered unconscious, the detonator for the bomb is damaged, and Porter and Sonja make it to a car with the assassin pursuing them. Shortly after they flee, the bomb detonates, destroying the warehouse, and killing the dealer. The assassin chases Porter and Sonja, trying to run them off the road. Porter manages to avoid that, and doubles back, leading Audry into a crash with a police car that has responded to the exploding warehouse. The film ends with Porter and Sonja living the good live in Key West, Florida with the money Porter had stolen from the drug cartel.


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