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  • Full list of my available screenplays

    Full list of my available screenplays Other AVAILABLE SHORTS: DRAMA: 1 Page - Yardwork - When a writer can't take his wife's nagging anymore, his imagination gets the best of him.5 Pages - Triggers - A woman visits a place from her childhood that triggers many old memories, some good, some bad.6 Pages (Western-ish) - Private Property - A young man ends up on the run when he tries to protect his mother from a crazed land owner. (3rd place winner)5 Pages - The Lake - A man relives some haunting memories when he visits a cabin where he spent his summers as a young man. (top contest placement)5 Pages - Letting Go -After a horrible accident, a young girl's mother has a very hard time letting go. (2nd place winner)15 Pages - I Can See You - While on his route, a joyless postal worker begins to see messages in the form of graffiti and eventually the seemingly harmless words take a dark turn. (3rd place winner)8 Pages - A Woman Scorned - In an attempt to save his marriage, a vice cop requests for a transfer but gets pulled back in when a prostitute begins murdering her clients. (top contest placement)5 Pages - Getting to Know You - When a man and a women meet by chance and quickly find out they have a lot in common, the woman begins to question whether or not this is a good thing or maybe just creepy.5 Pages - Time To Fly - Feeling trapped in her relationship, a girl with a flair for the dramatic finally pushes her easy going boyfriend too far. (top contest placement)6 Pages - (dark) Reflection - A troubled teen comes face to face with his demons when he spends the night in a post office basement.6 Pages - Defenseless - Never take candy from strangers and never help your creepy landlord find a lost cat.11 Pages - Through Eyes of the Innocent - Following the death of his father, a bitter man revisits some painful memories when he receives a mysterious painting as a gift. (1st place winner)6 Pages - Jessica's Window - Through an attic window, a little girl watches the people she loves leave her behind. (2nd place winner)5 Pages – (fantasy) Ten Thousand Souls - In England’s darkest hour of the 1300’s, a Doctor comes face to face with Death himself and makes a deal to end the plague but at a costly price; he must present Death with ten thousand souls. (top contest placement) 12 Pages - (dark) The Art of Violence - When a clue from an unsolved murder is spotted in a painting, a retired NYPD Detective does whatever it takes to solve it, even break the law. (2nd Place winner)5 Pages - (dark) - You Will Always be Mine -  A man finds an extreme way to deal with his wife's infidelity. (top contest placement) 12 Pages - Our Time Deserves A Love Song - An aging musician relives his first love when someone asks what inspired him to write a particular love song.  (1st place winner) HORROR:14 Pages - Harvest - When her family's annual hunting trip arrives, thirteen year old Lindsey hides in the woods in order to avoid going but soon realizes she may be in danger.7 Pages - Witch of the Trees - A woman dies trying to save a forest but legend says her spirit remains.  “In day she sleeps - Full moon she creeps - The witch of the trees - Your soul she’ll keep. When her root grabs hold – It’s your life she craves – She’ll pull you down to her watery grave.  The witch of the trees helps the forest survive – Collecting souls of those once alive.” – Poem from “Witch of the Trees”, written by MML 10 Pages - Hazing at Dead Lake - An over-privileged University student learns the hard way that there is no "I" in team when he gets stuck out on a haunted lake with two other teammates. 12 Pages - Bad Juju - The owner of a dilapidated motel struggles to hide a dark secret when he allows some locals to seek refuge from an approaching hurricane.COMEDY:6 Pages (Rom/Com) - The Mating Dance - While waiting for an airport shuttle, two socially awkward strangers unknowingly purchase similar books on how to attract the opposite sex then put the author’s advice to the test.5 Pages - Honey Do - A woman confronts her lazy husband with a list of things he's promised to do around the house. When he refuses, she takes matters into her own hands. (top contest placement)5 Pages - Love Glow - A man agrees to six months of medical testing to make enough money so his girl will marry him, but at what price?7 Pages - How to Talk to Women – When an old trunk is unearthed at his construction site, a lonely guy's life takes a turn for the better. (top contest placement)3 Pages - Waterfall - A couple's constant arguing during a marathon has dire consequences.5 Pages - Freudian Slip - A college guy with a needy and possessive girlfriend gets a wakeup call from Sigmund Freud.    AVAILABLE FEATURES:98 Pages (Dramedy) - Memories - After their daughter suffers from amnesia due to a freak accident, a recently divorced couple embarks on a road trip to help her regain her memories. "Sometimes we spend so much time trying to preserve old memories, we forget to make new ones." – Memories, by MML **Memories recieved 2 "considers" from

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