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By Bradley McHargue

GENRE: Thriller, Horror

A team of paranormal investigators on a routine investigation become trapped in a home populated by a malevolent spirit while four cameras capture their every move.


Andrew, a film student at the University of Michigan, is tagging along with a team of paranormal investigators to document their process for a school project. At first things go according to plan, but as the night progresses, things quickly begin to take a turn for the worse, with the team becoming stranded as a malevolent spirit makes its presence known. Taking a unique approach to the concept of “found footage” HAUNTED is presented in a quad-screen/real-time format, showing the audience everything that is occurring inside the house all at once.

Written in tandem with screenwriter Daniel Weissenberger, HAUNTED is our attempt to craft a genuinely frightening found footage thriller that avoid the common pitfalls endemic to the sub-genre. To avoid the confusion inherent in a four-camera set-up, primary action is told through Andrew’s perspective, with the remaining three cameras allowing the audience to recognize the impending danger long before the characters do. Our hope is that this will encourage repeated viewings, with the audience desiring to see the film multiple times to see if there was something they missed.

While the “ghost hunter” set-up has become commonplace over the past few years, we believe our script’s low budget potential and unique style & approach make it stand out. During the writing of HAUNTED, the main thing at the forefront of our minds was simply “How do we make this different?” As such, we believe we have crafted an original, mind-bending thriller that pays homage to the found footage genre while striving to do something new with it.

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