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By Michael Scott Lima

GENRE: Sci-fi, Thriller

Kept in the dark about the government's involvement with the UFO phenomena, the President orders a secret investigation that brings Special Investigators Max and Judge too close to the truth, forcing the military to shut down the investigation, but not in time to save the President from the truth.


Unfortunately I have to withhold posting the synopsis. Nonetheless, here are some things to know: EXTRAORDINARY EVIDENCE is based on actual events. 1.) It defines the 3 forms of UFOs and evidence that some are indeed alien craft. 2.) It presents scientific evidence that alien craft use exotic propulsion. 3.) It presents the 10 forms of physical evidence of alien craft. 4.) It presents the 11th Form of Evidence – that the U.S. military has a group working with U.S. Air Force Space Command, NORAD and others, using ballistic missile technology through Defense Support Program satellites via the Space Surveillance Network and the Missile Defense Agency to track and study alien craft in space and in our atmosphere. 5.) In the final scene, prepare yourself for a powerful summation that shows the microcosm of life, projected out to the universe, proving that Earth (and planets with life) are actually lighthouses to the Cosmos, attracting advanced life forms throughout the universe and ... from other dimensions.

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