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By Gregory McGee

GENRE: Action, Sports

A girl takes on the most dangerous sport known to man, and the men are none too happy about it.


Darlene Williams is not one to be told what she can or can't do in life. But, when she declares she intends to be a professional bull-rider, people aren't exactly jumping on the bandwagon. She's upsetting the “natural order” of things in the rodeo world. Bull-riding requires strength only a man can muster. Its just too dangerous. Its something a girl could never do. Good points. But Darlene ain't sold. Its not that she's some beefed up, muscle bound “man-chick.” Nothing like that. She's maybe 127 pounds dripping wet, and a real lady to boot. This is one truly exceptional girl, from an exceptional family that doesn't shrug off her crazy dreams. Long before Darlene busts out of that bull chute for her first wild 8 second ride, the tension and resentment from the rodeo world is as raw as a fresh cut Texas T-bone, and the danger isn't just from the deadly 2 ton monsters she rides. The forces aligned against Darlene want nothing more that to make her fail miserably, so that nary another woman will ever dare to straddle a bucking bull. When her friends and family cowboy up to help her accomplish what most sane people would consider impossible, Darlene shows the spirit of a champion and the tenacity of a woman who knows what she wants. Its a formidable combination.


She Rides Bulls, by Gregory McGee

WGAW # 1392737

I will send you a screenplay upon request.

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