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About Heini

Film director and writer Heini Grünbaum was born the 1 of September 1966 in Denmark, Europe. He was born with a Royal Robe and had long dark hair. The nurses at the hospital called him (The) Beatles because of the long dark hair.

So what is a Royal Robe you might ask? To be born with a Royal Robe, or better know by some as the caul, sometimes referred to as a Bubble boy, means that you get born inside an intact amniotic sac. Some legends suggest that being born with the caul means you will never drown. Heini Grünbaum is also a Freediver, so hopefully this legend is true ;-)

In 2011 film director Heini Grünbaum decided to publish his screenplays and start writing books. His first self publishing material is a very personal screenplay named PLAN B PARADISE. The film still hasn't materialized into the big screen all though the script (original screenplay) is from 2005.

'Many films are based on books, so the moviegoers already know the complete story before they enter the cinema,' says Heini Grünbaum. 'Why not do the same with films based on original screenplays?! Well, to be honest this is what happened; I told my father that I was frustrated that I had not managed to finance some of my best film projects, especially great stories like PLAN B PARADISE. My father then said, "well, why don't you publish them then?!" - Ahh, you mean I should rewrite them into books, I asked him? - "No," he said; "publish the screenplays as they are. When I was young we used to read theater plays in school. Theater plays and screenplays have their own music, so to speak. Publish it for what is was intended to be!" I then decided to follow his advice. Of course I realized that not only would this save me the hard work of rewriting my screenplay into a novel, but it would also give the reader a chance to have an insight of the films visual style as well, all though the screenplay still hasn't materialized into a film.'

Back in 1990 Heini Grünbaum started to write his first book, a biographical story about his stay in Syria in 1989. He never finished the book... before now. In 2010 Heini Grünbaum picked up the fifty so pages he had written in 1990 and started finish his book about Syria. And now, after more than three years of hard work, the book will be published this summer 2014. The book has been titled:

EMBRACED - In Syria with Love

Heini Grünbaum also has two other projects in progress. One is a new screenplay, for yet another horror-film: (his first being "SHREDDED - The Darkest side of Jealousy")

"The White Midget of the Dragon's Tail"

He is thinking of writing the book both as a script and a novel, so that the book will contain both the original screenplay and the novel version of it... future will tell if this will be the case?!

The other project is a book entirely based on Heini Grünbaum's personal experiences with the opposite sex:

"Sex and the Women or: How I learned to appreciate the Feel of the Pussy"

If you need more information about Heini Grünbaum, or have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact Heini Grünbaum at: Life is Beautiful <3

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