Greg Paul

Greg Paul

Producer / Writer at No Brainz Productions
Screenwriter, Story Analyst, Script Consultant, Actor, Producer, Editor, Voice Artist, Music Composer, Music Supervisor, Singer, Sound Designer, Sound Editor and Sound Mixer

Prescott, Arizona

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January 2012
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About Greg

Writer, Script Consultant, Story Analyst, Producer, Actor/Musician

Current Script Consultant for upcoming feature film The Fifth Borough

Executive Producer and Co-Creator of
Sam Francisco: Millennial Detective

Unique traits: Friendly, experienced, rational and dedicated.




  • Cooper's Jump

    Cooper's Jump Mystery Thriller Drama Family A son uncovers his father's mysterious past when the FBI accuses him of being infamous skyjacker DB Cooper.


  • The Fifth Borough

    The Fifth Borough (2017)
    Film (Short) Writer Nicks daughter is diagnosed with a brain tumor. He needs money. Lots of it. On Staten Island, your options are limited. But you can always count on Family.

  • A Crime to Remember

    A Crime to Remember (2013 - 2016)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Actor A look back at famous cases from the past.

  • Six Degrees of Murder

    Six Degrees of Murder (2016)
    Television (Crime) Actor A closer look at murder investigations that required law enforcement to untangle a complicated web of relationships in order to uncover the truth.

  • All Sales Are Made When They Run to Get Away

    All Sales Are Made When They Run to Get Away (2016)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor In the fast-paced, competitive market of cell phones, one carrier's experimental advertising strategy enlists the help of actors posing as homeless people in public to ruin the reputation of other providers. After one of youPhone's employees leaves, Greg is determined to replace him, but his boss, Mr. Delaney, is concerned that mistakes he's made in the past will put both of their careers in jeopardy. Mr. Delaney offers a solution: Greg he must beat Riley, Greg's work nemesis, in a one on one battle. If he wins, he gets the promotion, but if he loses he gets fired. Greg refuses to lose his job, especially to a woman. On a downtown subway train, Greg and Riley duke it out for their jobs. Garnering more attention than Riley, Greg thinks he's won, but a sexist comment turns the tables in Riley's favor.

  • Beyond the Horizon

    Beyond the Horizon (2015)
    TV Movie (Drama and Sci-Fi) Actor After a brutal attack, a young woman in need of a job unwittingly joins a flawed group of misfits posing as grief counselors.

  • To Wonder If...

    To Wonder If... (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama, Fantasy, Musical and 1 More) Actor An upcoming entrepreneur reconsiders his life's decisions with the help of a captivating subway performer.

  • The Final Table

    The Final Table (2015)
    Film (Short, Action and Comedy) Actor The Final Table is being robbed.

  • Module Overseer

    Module Overseer (2014)
    Film (Short, Action, Drama and Thriller) Actor Two assassins, one room, one Survivor.

  • Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall

    Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall (2014)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Actor In each one-hour episode, Tamron Hall is joined by a core team of correspondents with extensive knowledge of law enforcement and a passion for storytelling. Series goes beyond the headlines to explore not only what happened, but why it happened, and how it was investigated. Written by ID

  • Motion Picture Martyr

    Motion Picture Martyr (2014)
    Film (Thriller) Actor Jimmy Taylor, a twenty-something failed filmmaker living in the shadow of the BQE, spends his days on the tech crew of a Manhattan theater, and his nights alone and muttering to himself on his small camera. After numerous rejections from society, Jimmy decides the only way he will make a dent in this world is by making a snuff film...the world's first. Written by Jacob Cohen

  • The Perfect Murder

    The Perfect Murder (2014)
    Television (Crime) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Redrum

    Redrum (2014)
    Television (Crime) Actor When it comes to murder, no detective starts their search at the beginning of the crime. Rather, a murder investigation always begins with the body, after the deed is done. It is up to the police to piece together the story, moving backwards in time until they arrive at the root of the crime. In REDRUM, viewers follow the backwards tale of murder from false motives and mistaken witnesses to conversations taken completely out of context, until the truth finally comes out at the very end. Written by Investigation Discovery Publicity

  • Scorned: Love Kills

    Scorned: Love Kills (2014)
    Television (Crime) Actor A voyeuristic peak into the lust and obsessions that have fueled some of the more brutal acts of violence to grab headlines around the world.

  • Compromised

    Compromised (2014)
    Television (Short, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Shortly after the U.S. mandated human chip program, an elite group of specialists known as The Liberty Team, uncover a breach in the system and must fight a new technology based form of terrorism.

  • The Interview

    The Interview (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Actor Danny Cummings thinks he has his day figured out until a casual job interview and an interrogative first date spirals him into utter confusion.

  • Gods Behaving Badly

    Gods Behaving Badly (2013)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor Greek gods living in modern-day New York intervene in the lives of a young couple.

  • Searching for Taylor Swift

    Searching for Taylor Swift (2013)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Searching For Taylor Swift humorously documents the struggle of a 25 year old Colombian Taylor Swift fan and his off the wall quest to meet his unlikely idol.

  • Syrup

    Syrup (2013)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor A slacker hatches a million-dollar idea. But, in order to see it through, he has to learn to trust his attractive corporate counterpart. Based on Max Barry's novel.

  • The Big Wedding

    The Big Wedding (2013)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Don and Ellie were once married and have two children, Lyla and Jared. They adopt a boy from Colombia, Alejandro. Eventually they would divorce, Ellie would move away and Don would hook up with Bebe, Ellie's best friend. When Alejandro is about to get married, he informs Don and Ellie that he never told his natural mother who is so traditional that they got divorced. And she is coming for the wedding so he asks them if they can pretend to still be married. Don and Ellie reluctantly agree to it and Bebe moves out who is also upset that Don doesn't want to commit. Lyla who is married is going through a rough patch in her marriage. And Jared who hasn't had much luck with women finds himself attracted to Alejandro's extremely sensual sister, Nuria. Written by

  • The Following

    The Following (2013)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor The FBI estimates there are currently over 300 active serial killers in the United States. What would happen if these killers had a way of communicating and connecting with each other? What if they were able to work together and form alliances across the country? What if one brilliant psychotic serial killer was able to bring them all together and activate a following? Written by Jack

  • Side Effects

    Side Effects (2013)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor Emily Taylor, despite being reunited with her husband from prison, becomes severely depressed with emotional episodes and suicide attempts. Her psychiatrist, Jonathan Banks, after conferring with her previous doctor, eventually prescribes an experimental new medication called Ablixa. The plot thickens when the side effects of the drug lead to Emily killing her husband in a "sleepwalking" state. With Emily plea-bargained into mental hospital confinement and Dr. Banks' practice crumbling around him, the case seems closed. However, Dr. Banks cannot accept full responsibility and investigates to clear his name. What follows is a dark quest that threatens to tear what's left of his life apart even as he discovers the diabolical truth of this tragedy. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (

  • Blue Caprice

    Blue Caprice (2013)
    Film (Biography, Crime and Drama) Actor An abandoned boy is lured to America and drawn into the shadow of a dangerous father figure. Inspired by the real life events that led to the 2002 Beltway sniper attacks.

  • The Dream Boys

    The Dream Boys (2013)
    Television (Comedy) Actor The 44 episode story of best friends/enemies Adam and Mat and their ongoing struggle to keep their lives afloat amidst Mat's poorly-timed, yet inadvertent, bouts of sleepiness.

  • Night & Day

    Night & Day (2012)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor The people we are by night, are not always the people we are by day.

  • Saved by the Pole

    Saved by the Pole (2012)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor A Catholic girl inherits her father's strip club.

  • Here Comes the Boom

    Here Comes the Boom (2012)
    Film (Action, Comedy and Sport) Actor A high school biology teacher looks to become a successful mixed-martial arts fighter in an effort to raise money to prevent extra-curricular activities from being axed at his cash-strapped school.

  • Louie

    Louie (2012)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Actor Louie is a stand-up comedian and divorced father of two girls. This series follows him through his everyday life, as he meets various characters, struggles with his love life and pursues humor. Written by Anonymous

  • Royal Pains

    Royal Pains (2012)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Actor ROYAL PAINS centers on a young E.R. doctor who, after being wrongly blamed for a patient's death, moves to the Hamptons and becomes the reluctant "doctor for hire" to the rich and famous. When the attractive administrator of the local hospital asks him to treat the town's less fortunate, he finds himself walking the line between doing well for himself and doing good for others. Written by Lynn Weiss

  • That's My Boy

    That's My Boy (2012)
    Film (Comedy) Actor While still in his teens, Donny (Adam Sandler) fathered a son, Todd (Andy Samberg), and raised him as a single parent up until Todd's 18th birthday. Now, after not seeing each other for years, Todd's world comes crashing down on the eve of his wedding when an uninvited Donny suddenly shows up. Trying desperately to reconnect with his son, Donny is now forced to deal with the repercussions of his bad parenting skills. Written by Official site

  • NYC 22

    NYC 22 (2012)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor Drama following six diverse NYPD rookies as they patrol the gritty streets of upper Manhattan. The new trainees include Jennifer "White House" Perry, a former college volleyball star and Marine MP in Iraq with a take-charge attitude; Ray "Lazarus" Harper, the oldest rookie and a former police news reporter with better sources than most seasoned cops; Tonya Sanchez, who comes from a family with a criminal history; Ahmad Kahn, an Afghani native who fought his way to freedom; Kenny McClaren, a fourth-generation police officer with great instincts but qualms about joining the force; and Jayson "Jackpot" Toney, a young basketball legend who squandered his opportunity in the NBA. Their demanding Field Training Officer, Daniel "Yoda" Dean, is a case-hardened, unsentimental veteran of the force who emphasizes basics and holds each cop accountable for their actions. Rounding out the team is Sergeant Terry Howard, a no-nonsense plainclothes officer from the Gang Intel Unit, who trains the ... Written by CBS

  • Person of Interest

    Person of Interest (2011 - 2012)
    Television (Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 2 More) Actor A billionaire software-genius named Harold Finch creates a Machine for the government that is designed to detect acts of terror before they can happen, by monitoring the entire world through every cell-phone, email and surveillance camera. Finch discovered that the machine sees everything, potential terrorist acts and violent crimes that involve ordinary people. When the government considered violent crimes between normal people "irrelevant", Finch built a back door into the system that gives him the social security number of a person involved in a future violent crime so he could act. Partnered with John Reese, an ex-CIA agent, the two work in secret to prevent violent crimes before they can happen. Eventually their activities lead to being hunted by the New York Police Department, CIA Agents in pursuit of Reese who was listed as dead, a computer hacker named Root who wants access to the Machine, and government officials who want to keep all knowledge of the Machine a complete secret. Written by Jones

  • Gotham

    Gotham (2012)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actor Revolves around a female cop who discovers a magical world that exists within New York City that is unseen by normal humans and reinvents popular landmarks in a magical otherworldly manner.

  • TRAINerr

    TRAINerr (2011)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Two deaf black teens with bright futures are misidentified as thugs using gang signs by a skittish white male whose overreaction leads to fatal consequences.

  • Stagemore

    Stagemore (2011)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actor Just a beat or two down the block from the heart of the NYC theater entertainment district is where anything goes to keep the doors open and asses in the seats. The action takes place at an Off Off Broadway.

  • Melody June Cooper: Actress* for Hire

    Melody June Cooper: Actress* for Hire (2011)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor A Julliard-trained actress dreams of making it big as a highly respected performer in Hollywood; she showcases her talents in her acting reel, becoming a satiric calling card for African-American actresses.

  • Unforgettable

    Unforgettable (2011)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actor Carrie Wells, a former police detective, has a rare ability to remember virtually everything she experiences including detailed visual recall. She returns to police work and uses her ability to solve crimes.

  • Blue Bloods

    Blue Bloods (2011)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor Blue Bloods follows the lives of the NYPD's First Family of Law Enforcement: the Reagans. Frank, the Police Comissioner and son of former PC Henry Reagan, must balance his duties of running the largest police force in the world and being his kids' boss. His daughter Erin is an Assistant District Attorney, son Danny is a senior detective and fellow Marine Veteran, and new Harvard Law grad turned cop, Jamie all swirl through this family drama and passionately defend their city from harm. The Irish-American family is deeply rooted in their patriotism, passion, and love of family.

  • Zookeeper

    Zookeeper (2011)
    Film (Comedy, Family and Romance) Actor A group of zoo animals decide to break their code of silence in order to help their lovable zoo keeper find love -- without opting to leave his current job for something more illustrious.

  • Lights Out

    Lights Out (2011)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Sport) Actor A former heavyweight boxing champion struggles to find his identity after retiring from the ring.

  • Boston's Finest

    Boston's Finest (2010)
    TV Movie (Crime and Drama) Actor A female detective teams with a disgraced ex-cop to solve crimes and untangle the conspiracy that sent him underground.

  • The Long Farewell

    The Long Farewell (2010)
    Film (Short, Crime and Mystery) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Machine

    The Machine (2010)
    Film (Short, Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor When low-level employee Josh Riley (Bill Doherty Jr.) comes across an old film reel amongst the dusty inventory, he inadvertently uncovers the fatal flaw in the company's revolutionary machine, Visual Audio Enhancement Simulation. Josh takes a stand against the corporation to prevent the release of V.A.E.S., but Via-Tech CEO Mark Felix (Greg Paul) decides to give Josh a sneak preview of what his new program can do. Written by Kathy Lee

  • The Quinn-tuplets

    The Quinn-tuplets (2010)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actor A set of quintuplets have had their lives documented on television. Now they are adults with professional lives.

  • Fast Choices

    Fast Choices (2010)
    Film (Action) Actor Three crews are fighting each other to take over the world, but is intercepted by a vigilante named Kyoshi Rodrigo. As the war goes on, who will win? Can Kyoshi Rodrigo be able to stop the crews from winning or will the crews destroy Kyoshi Rodrigo and if they do destroy Kyoshi Rodrigo, which crew will triumph and take over the world? Written by Shindo - Ki Rodriguez

  • Knight and Day

    Knight and Day (2010)
    Film (Action, Comedy and Romance) Actor June Havens' life becomes tangled with a secret agent, who soon realises he's not supposed to survive his latest mission. As the 2 do their best to stay alive, they learn that all they can count on is each other. Written by IMDb Editors

  • Mercy

    Mercy (2009 - 2010)
    Television (Drama) Actor Three nurses deal with patients and personal issues at Mercy Hospital.

  • Clean Livin'

    Clean Livin' (2009)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor CLEAN LIVIN, turns the world of contract killing on it's ear. Explore the world of Bobby and Vinny as they "execute" some of the less glamorous aspects of their profession. Watch as these two seasoned hit men go after a shady nightclub owner and get entangled in family obligations, religious debates, and a case of mistaken identity. Written by Anonymous

  • The Evangelist

    The Evangelist (2009)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor Set in Provincetown, Massachusetts, gay theater director Danny Ziegfeld adopts twelve-year old Gideon Bellamont who turns out to be a religious fanatic. Danny reluctantly agrees to help Gideon on his mission to convert locals to Christianity, but Gideon's increasingly radical ideas start to create trouble in the community. Written by Anonymous

  • The Box

    The Box (2009)
    Film (Drama, Fantasy, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Norma and Arthur Lewis, a suburban couple with a young child, receive a simple wooden box as a gift, which bears fatal and irrevocable consequences. A mysterious stranger delivers the message that the box promises to bestow upon its owner $1 million with the press of a button. However, pressing this button will simultaneously cause the death of another human being somewhere in the world, someone they don't know. With just 24 hours to have the box in their possession, Norma and Arthur find themselves in the cross-hairs of a startling moral dilemma and must face the true nature of their humanity. Written by Warner Bros. Pictures

  • The Invention of Lying

    The Invention of Lying (2009)
    Film (Comedy, Fantasy and Romance) Actor It's a world where everyone tells the truth - and just about anything they're thinking. Mark Bellison is a screenwriter, about to be fired. He's short and chunky with a flat nose - a genetic setup that means he won't get to first base with Anna, the woman he loves. At a bank, on the spur of the moment he blurts out a fib, with eye-popping results. Then, when his mother's on her deathbed, frightened of the eternal void awaiting her, Mark invents fiction. The hospital staff overhear his description of Heaven, believe every word, and tell others. Soon Mark is a prophet, his first inventive screenplay makes him rich, and he's basically a good guy. But will that be enough for Anna? Written by <>

  • The Orchard

    The Orchard (2009)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Empire State

    Empire State (2009)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • House Rules

    House Rules (2009)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Wild About Harry

    Wild About Harry (2009)
    Film (Drama and Family) Actor In 1973 playing it straight can get a little twisted... Set in 1973 and inspired by true events, 'American Primitive' tells the story of the havoc that is wreaked in a teenage girl's life when she discovers her widowed father is gay. Alternately comic and tragic, the film captures the homophobia of the time set against a backdrop of small town America on Cape Cod. The film utilizes emblematic music expressing the artistic and experimental freedom of the early 70s. Written by Anonymous

  • Vile

    Vile (2008)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Henry

    Henry (2008)
    Film (Short, Drama and Music) Actor Son to an angry, overbearing violinist father, Henry Feld wants nothing more than to erase his past failures with musical success of his own. But in a chance encounter with his album-bound sister, Henry is informed that his son, David, is leaving town unannounced and with the possibility of not returning. Conflicted, Henry is forced to make a choice between a final chance for paternal redemption, and the prospect of musical success at his latest jazz show. Written by Anonymous



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