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Actor in LA

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  • 86 Melrose Avenue

    86 Melrose Avenue (2020)
    Film Actor

  • Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari (2019)
    Film Actor

  • Straight Forward

    Straight Forward (2019)
    TV Series Actor

  • Shortland Street

    Shortland Street (2014 - 2016)
    Television (Drama) Actor Shortland Street, a five-night-a-week soap set in an Auckland City hospital, follows the complicated personal and professional lives of its staff, family and friends.

  • Embedded

    Embedded (2016)
    Film (Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Alien Arrival

    Alien Arrival (2016)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Actor

  • A Place to Call Home

    A Place to Call Home (2015)
    Television (Drama) Actor 1953. After 20 years living in Europe, Sarah Adams returns to Australia. While working as a nurse on the ocean voyage home, Sarah meets the influential and wealthy Bligh family and discovers a scandalous family secret. In Sydney, Sarah finds her estranged mother still unwilling to forgive her perceived "sin" of converting to Judaism. With no other prospects, Sarah takes up George Bligh's offer of a job in the Inverness hospital, much to the disapproval of George's overbearing mother, Elizabeth. Written by L. Hamre

  • Deadly Women

    Deadly Women (2014 - 2015)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Actor Deadly Women fuses bone chilling story telling, sumptuous period drama and forensic fact in a bid to explore history's most alluring, intriguing and horrifying female killers. Each episode profiles four famous cases from the past and delves into a deadly world shaped by spiraling forces that are beyond the women's control: obsession, greed, and revenge. Written by Toby Padilla

  • #1 at the Apocalypse Box Office

    #1 at the Apocalypse Box Office (2015)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Jules is, self declared, the most useless person in the post apocalyptic world, until he finds an old film camera and determines to make the greatest movie in the new world... the only movie in the new world. But his first day filming is proving to be much more difficult than he imagined. Who knew that making a movie after the end of the world would be so hard?

  • The Truth Was Supposed to Be Out Here

    The Truth Was Supposed to Be Out Here (2015)
    Television (Comedy) Actor

  • Australia: The Story of Us

    Australia: The Story of Us (2015)
    Television (Documentary and History) Actor The series looks back at some of the people, places and events that have shaped the country over the last 40,000 years.

  • Ad Nauseam

    Ad Nauseam (2014)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Derek and Clive make viral ads and have no morals. Every day they humiliate themselves in front of the camera for corporate clients. No low is too low. It's lucky the money is good. But when their old friend Louis returns triumphantly from London to stage his new play at the Sydney Opera House, Derek realises he's been a sellout and decides to become a novelist. Clive, ignited with jealous rage, asks Derek to help him make the ultimate viral ad: the destruction of Louis. His play, his career, and his purity. It's Derek's last job. And he will cooperate. Won't he? Written by Anonymous

  • Crazy Bastards

    Crazy Bastards (2014)
    Television (Comedy) Actor A comedy about one of Sydney's most prestigious ad agencies in the mid-1980s, focusing on the firm's mysterious but extremely talented ad executive, Nigel Nailer.

  • Heidi Fires Everyone

    Heidi Fires Everyone (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Actor Heidi Jones, Human Resources. Putting the conflict in conflict resolution.

  • Sneak a Peek

    Sneak a Peek (2013)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Nathan has a 'Sunlight Hurts' type of Hangover. His plan to sleep the day & his Hangover away are destroyed, when his sister Kylie brings over her 2 trouble making teenage sons Dylan and Levi. Kylie thinks the boys need a Positive Role Male Model in there lives. Problem is, Nathan is NOT a Positive Role Model. By the end of the day we have Food Throwing, we have Blackmail, we have Life Drawing Classes & we have BIG trouble... Written by Anonymous

  • Travis Jenkins

    Travis Jenkins (2013)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor 'Travis Jenkins' follows a suburb father, Eric who is pushed to his limit when his daughter Jess falls in with a dangerous gang of hoodlums led by Travis Jenkins, a ruthless meth dealer. A series of tragic events occur leaving Eric to take matters into his own hands as he tracks down each gang member one by one, until his daughter is safe. Written by Anonymous

  • A Dirty Business

    A Dirty Business (2012)
    Film (Short and Crime) Actor

  • The 25th Reich

    The 25th Reich (2012)
    Film (Action, Adventure, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Actor Introducing a crazy new genre mash-up from Australian director, Stephen Amis. A WWII sci-fi adventure - full of time-travel, duplicitous Nazi robots, faulty spaceships and giant mega-fauna... Based on the classic novella, 50,000 Years Until Tomorrow by J.J. Solomon, and with a screenplay penned by Amis, David Richardson and Serge DeNardo, the movie is a homage to sci-fi and WWII movies of the 1940's and 50's. Written by Anonymous

  • Snow-Wight and the Stripper

    Snow-Wight and the Stripper (2011)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • East West 101

    East West 101 (2011)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actor Major Crime is a metaphor for East and West, for the conscious and unconscious, for reconciliation and difference, for hope versus despair, as Malik struggles toward the sunlight while Crowley descends into the abyss. The tragedy, that the only thing that separated them was their own inability to know themselves is a universal human truth that transcends the difference between Muslim and non-Muslim Written by Kris Wyld

  • Callabona Red

    Callabona Red (2009)
    Film (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor

  • Coffee

    Coffee (2009)
    Film (Drama) Actor Sydney. Today. Your favourite cafe. Revolutions are born in coffee houses.

  • Sorry Son

    Sorry Son (2008)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor A sad tale about 4 generations - a young boy, his young father, his father and his elderly father. Each of them is a victim of abuse, and three of them have passed on that abuse down the family line. No one wins. Everyone suffers.

  • Lemmings

    Lemmings (2007)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Jezz is an environmental activist just returned from Tasmania after 18 months, dropping in unexpectedly on his old girlfriend, Ruth.

  • In Our Name

    In Our Name (2007)
    Film (War) Actor Christopher Tuckfield (three times winner at the Dendy Awards) combines dramatised re-enactments and interviews with leading commentators - including Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch; Juan E... See full synopsis »

  • All Saints

    All Saints (2007)
    Television (Drama) Actor This is an Australian medical drama set in the fantasy All Saints Western General Hospital. It focuses on what happens in ward 17 (affectionately known as the garbage ward) and the lives of the nurses on the ward and two doctors that spend a lot of time there. In also has the paramedic team of Bron and Ben. Written by Nai

  • Gene-X

    Gene-X (2006)
    Film (Romance and Thriller) Actor In this tense hospital thriller, young research doctor Tom Gray is on the brink of a genetic cure for cancer. Beautiful nurse Casey Gordon, desperate to save the live of a child in her care, seduces Tom into testing his therapy. Early success brings romance into Tom's life for the first time, but Casey has a secret lover whose jealous anger will put their lives in mortal danger, and Tom finds his cure has a darker side. How many deaths will the cover-up cost? Written by Martin Simpson

  • Mary Bryant

    Mary Bryant (2005)
    Television (Adventure and Drama) Actor Will Bryant and Mary are among the petty common criminals who are condemned by British justice to deportation to the new Botany Bay penal colony in Australia. The long sailing voyage is eventful, with them falling in love but her also seducing the noble, naive lieutenant Ralph Clarke. In the colony, life is terribly harsh. Ultimately, the pair and some other convicts organize a successful escape by boat. Barely alive, they reach Dutch Timor, and hope to be in the clear. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Street Legal

    Street Legal (2002)
    Television (Drama and Crime) Actor A fast-paced drama series focusing on the lives of the partners of the law firm Wyeth & Associated in Auckland, New Zealand, run by Peter Wyeth. The main character David Silesi (Jay Laga'aia) is a maverick lawyer who pushes the limits of the law. He will do anything for his clients and friends. He also spends most of the series pining for his law partner Joni Collins. Collins is a level-headed female lawyer at Wyeth & Associates. In its third series, Silesi and Collins join together and buy out the firm to save it after Wyeth dies in unfortunate circumstances. Written by Patrick Te Pou

  • Atomic Twister

    Atomic Twister (2002)
    TV Movie (Action, Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor When tornadoes hit a nuclear power plant, critically damaging the plant's cooling system, the results could be catastrophic. Atomic Twister, a countdown to disaster, traces an extraordinary day in the lives of small town citizens who unexpectedly find themselves facing the possibility of mass destruction. Written by Anonymous

  • Enter Sanctum

    Enter Sanctum
    Film (Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor

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