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Gilbert Literary and Film Agency International
A subsidiary of Hawkspurr Productions
Otago New Zealand

Welcome Existing Clients and New Friends, and thank you for visiting our page…

We are now entering 2020 (where has 2019 gone to so swiftly), promising to be yet another busy and fruitful year ahead from judging by the many new developments we have planned and scheduled between 2017 and the year 2022 and well beyond for the Film industry Sectors. Our Agency is continuing to experience a phenomenal influx of talented and interesting authors from all walks of life, every corner of the globe, and all manner of professions; and all of whom deserve to be noted and listed. We shall endeavor to place all our clients with suitable publishers, in an industry which has evolved into an enormously challenging and competitive market. Despite the restructuring and merges between larger long-standing publishing houses such as we’ve witnessed in 2012 and onward when Penguin Random Group became just that, we feel confident that all our clients shall indeed see a publication with genuine and traditional publishing firms over the ensuing months. I would like to believe that we always aim to offer talented authors opportunities of nature, which may otherwise have eluded them if representing themselves in an industry where more than often still ‘unsolicited’ submissions are rejected. In an industry where both Agents and Publishers and the film sectors, are becoming ever more overwhelmed with requests and submissions from not only first time published authors pitching their projects but veterans of the literary craft looking to spread their wings further afield and with their focus upon the film industry. Isn’t that the dream of all authors?

Undoubtedly, the literary industry, in general, continues to experience predictable revolutionary developments as to how books are being published in the immediate, and tomorrow’s future. There are more writers and aspiring innovative authors than ever before since the advent of, and constantly developing technological advances of the Internet-capable sciences. New standards are being set, and a restructuring is going on in both the literary and film industries; and are standards that need to be met by our simply embracing and adapting to them and embrace new innovative ways as to how the literary and other industries continue to thrive, operate and function, and survive.

We are now able to manage our personal and corporate communications with optimum speed, by utilizing all manner of new applications and functionalities at will, which enables us to execute our marketing management prowess and strategies for our promotional campaigns on many corporate levels in order to meet the high standard of consumer demand. We are now able to deliver our various
projects to the world at large with effective proficiency, and the most evocative and thought-provoking strategies than ever before through the utilization of all forms of media accessibility, all thanks to the Internet and innovative digital technologies.

Ironically, the Internet has brought people together in one sense, was able to narrow and shrink boundaries between countries on an almost fully International degree, save, those few exceptions where some countries are still placing modified restrictions on how much reach into the West they allow their citizens to have access to, but in time I am confident, this will also change. But on the other hand each man is also an island unto his own, but now has ‘voice’; as every person with an agenda to advance themselves continues to pump the technology with zest and eagerness, if solely for their own personal gain an advantage, and shall continue to market and promote their Internet prone ‘personas’ from afar, and their lonely desk chairs in front of their Computers. Ever which way you look at it we’re all in the same boat to some extent. This presents all authors with the usual pitfalls associated with the literary and film industry than we care to be aware of, and so we must all strive in earnest to stay alert to these modern day pitfalls. and make wise personal choices and decisions always when we work and communicate with our neighbors and social networking ‘friends’, online.

The possibilities though are now endless, and despite the ambivalent elements that our digital world brings with it, where there is accessibility to so many diverse forms of handheld media, it has become not “have literature, will travel” but has become “have cell phone or camera device, will travel….” and catapult your way forward onto the formerly somewhat specialized highway to fame, and the road to self-discovery’, as never possible to this extent before. So in another sense the world and all its trappings that are on offer in the film sectors, for example, has likewise opened up a whole host of possibilities and elements ‘how to do’, and offers a whole new ball game to the individual endowed with that certain “X-Factor”; and if engaged in writing books, produces that special brand of literature that he or she is able to deliver, time and again…

Over some decades the Agency has had the pleasure of reviewing and assessing several thousands of works, and many have proved to be of a high-quality standard of literature able to project a multitude of imaginations and expression of thought. Over the upcoming weeks and months we shall again be adding more titles to our current listings published on our pages for the year 2017, and hopefully catch up with much of the bulk of published authors to date, who are still waiting to be sorted, many of whom were already published between 2015 and 2018. This chore is my sole delight and I kind of really cherish doing the work of our authors justice. They put in the hard works, and then it is up to us to get them noticed. , as I also derive much satisfaction from my personal contribution by promoting our long standing clients time permitting, on a regular basis. Many have been with us for over a decade, and so that measure of loyalty must be reciprocated also, but it is their warm, loyalty and friendship I prize above all. I feel blessed.

It is always about windows of time, however, and I often find that even a 48-hour day (if one existed) would not adequately suffice meeting the volume we are continuing to receive from year to year. But I have learned over time that to complete those “Author pages” has proved their worth. I hope that having created them for many of our published authors already has enabled me to perform some promotions on a rotating basis to all social networking sites, and the rest of the Internet on an International reach extent, not only to readership but the film industry sectors. The results are a reflection of the merit of my efforts.

Marketing and Promotions

We offer representation for a wide range of quality literary works to Publishers with a global reach, within New Zealand, Australia, United States, Europe and Great Britain, Asian, and various Eastern block countries, to serve our aspiring authors well by helping them in becoming successful published authors who may all continue to infuse some ‘new blood’ into the global publishing industry with their unique and special talents. “Just remember…It takes longer to write a book than it takes for it to be read.” Similarly, it also takes around one and half hours of TV entertainment viewing to watch your favorite feature-length movie, so there is always room for new ideas, and that demand will always be there for as long as insatiable movie buffs exist. We believe there is always room for more writers with colorful and unique writing styles and techniques, who will be able to offer a wider choice and range of compelling and innovative ideas and stories to our global readership, as well as the film sectors. We endeavor to secure the right connections for every individual client with the appropriate sectors.

Our Available Services

We would like to offer our Services and make those available to all who think they have creative talent with the quill, which they’d like to share with us, and the world. We charge no upfront fees for our comprehensive editorial services during the course of Representation to the literary sectors. We specialize in all genres of literature in both Fiction and Non-Fiction categories. We provide thorough assessments on all the material received, and the full gamut of genres we are interested in, come under the following categories: –

Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Crime, Literary Fiction, General Fiction, Women’s Popular Fiction, Gay and Lesbian, Sci-Fi Fantasy/Horror, Sci-Fi Adult/Fantasy/Thriller, and non-fiction i.e. Autobiography, Life Story, Biographical, bibliographical, Short Story Collections of around 65,000 words minimum and upwards, scientific, physics or political projects, religious, spiritual, supernatural, or the paranormal, and not least genuine theological themes, culinary, travel, social topics and photographic/coffee books categories for projects.


We prefer works that are well written and show a good grammatical structure. What you send into us must be in near perfect condition, both structurally and error free. Do your homework and do a number of spell checks with a reputable program before you submit your projects to us. We offer proofreading and line editing services and provide in-depth manuscript assessments covering areas such as characterizations, plot, settings, dialogue, and style with a focus to working with Authors who may be in some genuine need of some measure of external advice and suggestions, to further enhance their work.

This objective analysis of both the strengths and weaknesses of manuscripts received (hopefully less of the latter), will hopefully help assist authors in possession of a strong creative flow and potential, to render positive improvement to their work. We also find it worthwhile to provide authors with constructive commentary on the strengths and weaknesses reflected in their work, writing style and presentation. Surprising how many do appreciate our input, rather than see it as a personal criticism of their work. In particular, we offer novelists our professional screenplay adaptation services (Our specialty) where these may be sought after. For the most part, we do encourage all our authors with potential, to try their hand at screenwriting processes. We have a film treatment package which offers suggestions and samples how to go about it. We charge a very nominal fee for those who would prefer us to write their scripts for them, but a fee will be charged which is accessible to most.

Although a New Zealand based company, we have International reach as you will have realized by now, and also aim to approach the Film sectors with outstanding works/projects by our own clients/authors. However, showing strong book sales, once published are an important criterion in drumming up interest from the film industry. We are in the process of promoting and offering representation for projects/works deemed suitable material for film or live animation projects, TV Media production and Stage Production Performances, also on behalf of our clients directed at our contacts in the film industry in the US, Canada, China, Japan Europe Great Britain, to whom we may pitch your intellectual property for assessment and evaluation by the various film/publishers who may also attend scheduled publishing industry and film Auction venues. From 2015 to 2016 we have secured another 20 film projects on behalf of our clients/authors.

The Link below will provide you with more information on some of our film projects in process:-

How to Submit your Work:-

Note: Emailed manuscript submissions are preferred on the main, but we also make the odd exceptions for CD format. The bulk of our clientele is comprised of international authors from the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Brazil, Western European countries, Asian and Middle Eastern continents, Australia and New Zealand. When submitting your work to our Agency, please ensure that your personal contact details are included (i.e. forwarding address, date of birth, home/work/ telephone/ Cell numbers.

Our Manuscript Submission Guidelines can be found here: –

Our Targets

On the main we target the services of offshore Publishers for our clients, availing us to more varied services and enabling a far wider reach of global readership. Many of our promising and aspiring authors are able to infuse their own unique stamp on the industry, by offering a wealth of diverse talents in order to satisfy a multiple choice of genres that are sought after by an ever-growing and more discerning readership audience around the globe. We are pleased to be in a position to offer opportunities to writers, and well as previously published authors who have been unable to find personal satisfaction elsewhere. We are pleased to announce that we shall be reviewing numerous exciting new works over the coming months of 2017 and those set-aside and are destined for 2018. All of which were created by our own talented authors.

OUR LINKEDIN Promotions:

Our Literary Agent’s Code of Honor

“For tomorrow, next week and our collective future strategies planned and hoped for, executed well above and beyond of what we are capable of…let us today endeavor to meet its own demands and responsibilities which may bear down upon our collective shoulders. Owing to their trust imbibed in us, let’s with positive actions and a discerning sense of conscientious labor do our very best on behalf of others whom we may represent, and that it may be implemented and successfully accomplished by a sense of wisdom and fairness, and selfless interest. That we may bear the brunt of our responsibilities with genuine honesty, a reflective deep sense of pride, and a reverent sense of duty.”

QUOTABLE SENTIMENTS By Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert
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Emerantia Parnall Gilbert (Owner)
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