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By Eric Raphael Harman

GENRE: Crime, Drama, Independent, Romance
LOGLINE: TECHNICAL EDIT AND STANDARD COVERAGE TITLE: Blood And Butterflies GENRE: Drama AUTHOR: Tania Andrews BUDGET: Medium SCRIPT TYPE: Screenplay LOCATIONS: Los Angeles, Las Vegas DATE COVERED: 6/11/2012 TIME PERIOD: Present READER: R.B. PAGE COUNT: 120 LOGLINE: Tim, an LAPD detective on a homicide case has an affair with his office coworker Maria, who ends up at gunpoint with the killer they're searching for.


SYNOPSIS: Tim Sloan is an LAPD detective. After two killings connected to gang members, the department begins to think that there is a serial killer on the loose. At the same time, Tim begins an extra-marital affair with his boss's secretary, Maria. Tim is never home for his kids, and has a cold relationship with his wife. His new found relationship with Maria is a breath of fresh air for him. Maria's home life parallel's Tim's – her relationship with her husband is falling apart. Seeing that Tim is flirting with Maria, his boss warns him not to have a co-worker relationship. Maria comes home one night to find her husband dead – the police claim that it was a suicide, although she suspects something different. She finds a suicide note from her husband and discovers that he was actually gay, had been sleeping with other men, and had contracted Aids. He had killed himself because he didn't want his family to have to go through that process. Tim's conscience starts to get the best of him, and he decides that he wants to make amends with his family and wife. He finds though that his wife has been having an affair with her tennis coach. Tim decides to cut ties with Maria anyway, and fight for his marriage. After telling Maria goodbye at a park, Maria meets a man Brent, and they agree to meet back up at the park in thirty days. Susi, a waitress at Denny's, notices that Maria is struggling with the loss of her husband, befriends her, and helps her deal with her loss. At the same time, Susi is in a growing relationship with Tony, the man who committed the gang killings that Tim Sloan is investigating. Susi finds a business card of a call girl, and asks Maria to look into it for her, and see if her boyfriend Tony was a regular customer. Maria takes the card to Tim, who notices blood on it, and that the card belongs to the dead body that they had found that week. Upon this discovery, Susi is already in Los Vegas with Tony, and no one can reach her. When she arrives back in Los Angeles, Maria invites her to her home in order to tell her that her boyfriend is a serial killer. However, both Susi and Tony arrive at Maria's home, and Tony discovers that both women know about his past. Tim and a swat team arrive at Maria's home while Susi and Maria are being held at gunpoint. Before the police can act, one of Maria's sons shoots Tony, killing him. One month later, Tim is working to repair his relationship with his wife, and Maria is building a new relationship with Brent, the man she met in the park.


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Christine Marrello

Hi! I have downloaded your screenplay. I am looking forward to reading it. I did send you pictures of myself recently. I hope you get a chance to read my screenplay, "Cassie's Quest." It is about the late-great Rene Caisse.

madeline cassano
@Rebel Raconteuse

Hi Crystal, Thanks for connecting!

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