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Mike Hall

Music Composer, Musician, Sound Designer, Sound Editor, Sound Mixer and Voice Artist

Davenport, Iowa

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September 2014
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About Mike

I have over 25 years experience in sound design, composing, producing, engineering and mastering music for a vast variety of musical styles. I have worked in many forms of media that include audio cds/vinyl, film/video, and gaming for projects all over the world.
I have a huge passion in what I do involving the creation of music for myself and others. I shall continue this passion working with others worldwide to help develop the best Artistic Visions of Sound.


  • Cultzone Sports GT-BR

    Cultzone Sports GT-BR (2022)
    Video Game Composer

  • Model Citizen

    Model Citizen (2021)
    Film Composer

  • The Format

    The Format (2021)

  • Queen Kobra

    Queen Kobra (2020)
    Film Composer

  • The Reapers

    The Reapers (2018)
    Film Composer

  • Father of Lies

    Father of Lies (2018)
    Film Music department

  • Then the Night Comes

    Then the Night Comes (2017)
    Film (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Composer When a murder spree breaks out, Sheriff Hagan suspects that Julie, one victim's daughter, may know more than she's letting on. His investigation leads to a series of red herrings and mysteries as his prime suspects all turn up dead or missing. Can he find the killer, discover what Julie is hiding and uncover the mystery surrounding his town? Written by Anonymous

  • Mark of Death

    Mark of Death (2017)
    Film Composer

  • Pretty Little Things

    Pretty Little Things (2016)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Composer Through the course of one night, a woman is confronted by the most human of fears.

  • Evil Deeds: Full Circle

    Evil Deeds: Full Circle (2016)
    Video (Horror and Thriller) Composer The Hermit is arrested by Detective Simms and his new partner and as they interrogate him, tells them tales of Evil Deeds... including two Detectives tracking a vicious serial killer known as the Call Girl Killer, a mysterious signal over the phone causes women to kill their significant others, a 3rd rate magician driven mad by failure and jealousy turns to murder through the mysterious art of hypnotism, a young woman decides to play with a Ouija board which unleashes an evil female spirit bent on revenge through possession, and when a young woman house sits for a mysterious stranger, she and her boyfriend accidentally awakens the long dormant Count Dracula. Written by Anonymous

  • Trophy

    Trophy (2015)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Composer A past-his-prime bowling league champion learns the hard way how not to treat his trophy wife

  • Reflection

    Reflection (2015)
    Film (Drama) Composer After a terrible tragedy, popular teenager Karl's attempt to commit suicide is thwarted by misfit Sally. Through the art classes she conducts for ill children in hospital, Sally teaches him how to live instead of how to survive but behind Sally's smile there is a deeper pain and Karl must help her the same way she helped him. Written by Anonymous

  • Evil Deeds 3

    Evil Deeds 3 (2013)
    Video (Horror and Thriller) Composer The Hermit is given a ride by an old trucker and tells him tales of Evil Deeds... including a sister is visited by her long lost brother, a group reunites but are hunted by a killer long thought a urban legend, a writer is haunted by the villain he created in his own script, a powerful vampire queen is destroyed, but her evil influence continues as her drone plots to have her queen reborn, and two rich girls visit a private getaway only to encounter an evil warlock's decapitated head wanting to be reunited with it's body. Written by Anonymous

  • Pigman vs. Gore

    Pigman vs. Gore (2010)
    Film (Short and Horror) Composer In the 1940's Universal Pictures having scared audiences with Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolfman decided if one monster was good then more would be better. Not that many years ago filmmakers put Jason and Freddy together to face off on who was the tougher modern horror icon. Jason Mager and Adam Steigert two filmmakers out of the Western New York area decided it was time for a battle to the death between monsters that had been in the their movies: "The Pigman" and "Gore" Written by Michael O'Hear

  • Evil Deeds 2

    Evil Deeds 2 (2010)
    Video (Horror) Composer This horror anthology features 5 more tales of terror! 'Rasputin's Ghost' - Rasputin's Ghost is about a man on a business trip in Russia named Lee is possessed by the spirit of Rasputin: The Mad Monk, then he returns to the U.S. to resume where he left off in 1916. Upon arriving at Lee's home, Rasputin finds out that Lee's beautiful girlfriend Samantha works at a bank. He then quickly uses his powers of mesmerism on her to get her to steal money for him. He then uses her sister Jessica to cover up the crime. And when a Officer Hope Williams gets too close to uncovering the truth, he uses his powers on her to make her think that he is an innocent bystander. 'The Angel of Death' Detectives Damon Cruise and Joe Simms are on the trail of serial killer that the press has dubbed The Angel of Death. Unfortunately for his first 2 victims, Cruise and Simms are unable to save them. Simms receives a call from the killer after the first murder and Cruise gets a call after the second. The killer ... Written by anonyomous

  • Living Dead

    Living Dead (2010)
    Film (Short and Drama) Composer Living Dead is about a woman, Amy, whose life revolves around an abusive relationship in which she cannot escape. Beaten, emotionally drained, and close to the edge of insanity, Amy has only one thought left on her twisted mind. She sets out to prove that payback can be a bitch. Love will always bring you home Written by Blood and Guts Productions LLC.

  • Gore

    Gore (2009)
    Film (Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama and 1 More) Composer In 1978, after a string of gruesome cannibalistic killings, Detective William Sanders successfully brought the deformed killer known as Gore to justice. It is now 2009, thirty one years after the murders and Gore has faded from the headlines, but he lives on as a legend in a city called Metsburg. A group of teenagers decide to embark on a road trip to the small town in search of the legendry house where Gore lived, but days later their mutilated remains are discovered by the police. There is, however, one survivor - a young girl who goes by the name of Alice. Now a beat cop, William Sanders is called on to the scene of the latest copycat murders based on his experience with the original Gore case. He can'tt stop the idea from forming in his mind that, somehow, Gore - the brutal homicidal maniac - has returned. With nothing more than a hunch to prove Gore is still alive; William will have to put the pieces, or body parts, back together one more time. The unstable Alice has allegedly ... Written by John R. Renna and Adam Steigert Edited by Rod Durick

  • Pipe Wrench

    Pipe Wrench (2009)
    Film (Short, Horror and Thriller) Composer During a trip home, Mike and Jill must resort to stopping at a whole-in-the-wall auto repair shop when their truck begins to make strange noises. Things turn sour for the couple when their bible thumping repairman decides he must take it upon himself to cleanse their souls of sin. This is one auto repair shop where the service offered is truly killer. Written by Blood and Guts Productions LLC.

  • Passageway to Hell

    Passageway to Hell

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