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By G. Leo Maselli

GENRE: Crime

Pan-African Nationalists Have Robbed A Vatican Art Museum Of Its Ancient And Venerated Bakongo Crucifix.As Vatican Intelligence Prepares A Covert Plan To Recover The Crucifix, Into This Perfect Storm Arrives Dominic, An American College Dropout.Being Wrongly Accused Of Robbing The Vatican Triggers His Fast And Furious Fall Into A Spellbinding Maze Of Crime And Self-Discovery.


800 years ago, during the days of Charlemagne, Pope Leo ordered the first crucifix to have appeared in all of Africa be acquired by any means necessary. It was snatched by ruthless mercenaries and handed over to the Vatican in exchange for a considerable amount of gold. The Bakongo Crucifix became part of the extensive collection of objects of belief that can still be seen in the existing Vatican Ethnological Museum.

In current time, the story begins when an unseen and well-prepared thief executes the heist of the Crucifix from Milan’s Vatican Museum during the middle of the night. African nationalists are immediately identified as the robbers of the ancient and venerated object. But the first twist comes within hours of the heist when the crucifix vanishes from their possession as well.

Thinking that the African nationalists still maintain possession of the crucifix, Vatican intelligence prepares its covert plan to recover the holy object. Into the perfect storm arrives Dominic, an American college dropout. He arrives in Italy longing nothing more than to become a working artist, but unexpected circumstances drag him into a circle of professional art thieves. It becomes a world of full of surprises, action and where he finds his authentic self.

When wrongly accused of being the thief of the Crucifix, he’s locked up in the nationalist’s cave hideout north of Milan, near where Lake Como sits in the Pre-Alps. He manages to escape and a car chase through the mountains ensues - more correctly described as a bicycle being chased by a motorcycle that’s being chased by armed men in a Humvee.

That’s when the Pope arrives with plans of his own.

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