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By Norman Ray Fitts

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: To save his kingdom from an unspeakable evil, a young knight begins a quest in search of a mystical key to an unknown power, a quest that will take him across the galaxy to a world he can’t even imagine, Earth. With the help of a female archeologist, they will embark on the adventure of a lifetime to save his home


From the beginning of time there has been a legend, a legend known only to a very few. A pedestal exists in a high and forbidden place. It awaits the key. The true power of the key is not truly known to anyone. Once every one hundred years a child is born. A birthmark in the shape of the key identifies this chosen one. The King has received a message in a dream to seek out the one with the birthmark. A young boy named Cleve is the chosen one. The King finds Cleve and oversees the physical and mental training he will require if some day he is called upon to make the journey. That day has arrived. Other forces exist in this world, dark forces, which are attacking and consuming other kingdoms. Those forces now gather at the borders of the King’s lands waiting for the command to attack. The King and Cleve have shared the same dream. A messenger arrives with bad news. The Dark Forces are beginning to test the borders of the kingdom. Their numbers are growing and soon they will invade. A dream that night shows Cleve the path to the Key that will control a power capable of destroying the forces consuming his world. The search begins deep in a cave, hidden high in a mountain. Only the chosen one will be allowed to enter. In the cave is a pedestal. An impression in the pedestal is designed to hold an octagon shaped key. Below the key is the impression of a handprint. Cleve places his hand into the impression. There is a flash of light and he is gone. This journey will take him across the universe to another place, a place called Earth. The room holding a museum exhibit is dark. There is enough light to make out a pedestal. In the top of the pedestal is a handprint set in stone. In a flash of light Cleve appears. The rest of the quest will take place on Earth. With the help of a female archeologist, who he must first convince he is what he says he is, they will seek out the dig site from which the pedestal was removed. The key was overlooked and must be found. After several close calls, requiring Cleve’s strength of body, mind and determination, he and his friend acquire the key. During the course of the adventure they fall in love. The final obstacle will come from those who have discovered that Cleve is from another world and the one he loves is seriously injured. Now he must return with the key to his world. The pedestal will only transport Cleve. He must leave her behind and complete his mission. Once back he places the key in its resting place and things begin to happen. The power of the stone is transferred to him and he will use this power to defeat the forces bent on destroying his home. Afterwards he uses the power to transport himself back to the one he loves and through sheer will he pulls her back from the brink. Now with the power residing inside him, other adventures await them both.

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