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Helene M Silverstein

Assistant Director, Screenwriter, Script Supervisor and Stage Manager

Las Vegas, Nevada

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A published author, THE EVERYTHING ONLINE POKER BOOK, I have also written over a dozen original screenplays (having finished in the top five in several prominent competitions), with several now rewritten as novels. And, I also work in the film and television production industry in Las Vegas, on features, commercials, reality TV, poker promos and tournaments, infomercials... as a field/segment producer, stage manager, A.D., script supervisor, and script re-writer, as well as having judged the Las Vegas International Film Festival Screenplay Competitions. Also, a member of the Screen Actors Guild.


  • Absence of Motive

    Absence of Motive Crime Drama In May 7-Eleven Convenience Stores throughout the United States begin to explode with a ABSENCE OF MOTIVE. By December, a total of five 7-Eleven stores have been rocketed into oblivion – leaving the FBI still as stymied as they were after the first seemingly senseless explosion -- with the exception of a common denominator, catlinite, that is found at each location.

  • After The End/A.T.E.

    After The End/A.T.E. Drama Sci-fi AFTER THE END/A.T.E. is not a dank, dark, and dismal future, as is always portrayed in futuristic dramas. Therefore, 10,317 years from now may actually be a utopia. That is, until an original act of deceit, combined with the finding of a time capsule, followed by greed, and sloth, slowly begins to chip away at the fabric of these perfect lives, of these perfect people, in this small, but maybe not so perfect, New World.

  • Cocktales

    Cocktales Comedy Drama Romance COCKTALES is a romantic comedy/drama that intertwines three high-limit Las Vegas cocktail waitresses/roommates, who have very different loves lives. Politics, break-ins, drugs, sex, love, and plot twists and turns, eventual result in happily-ever-after ending… for almost everyone.

  • Cop Hollywood

    Cop Hollywood Comedy Drama Horror A talented Philadelphia graphic artist inherits a fledgling San Francisco-based wax museum – complete with its extensive property and contents. But Dorian Raleighlings must first show a 5-year profit before any of the estate’s assets can be sold as per his Aunt’s Will. With East Coast loan sharks breathing down his neck, and no clue as to how to turn the museum around, Dorian snaps – giving a whole new meaning to: art imitating life. A cop from the Hollywood division transfers San Francisco – ergo: James Boyd/COP HOLLYWOOD, nicknamed after being transferred from Hollywood, makes the leap that those on the missing persons board tend to resemble celebrities.

  • Creative Differences

    Creative Differences Comedy Drama Romance CREATIVE DIFFERENCES is a current-day romantic comedy that involves the lives of two unmarried, 40-something, creative advertising agency, freelancers whose lives are professionally thrust together, and and intertwined, as a relationship slowly begins to develop via emails, faxes, and telephone calls and messages.

  • Divine Interventions

    Divine Interventions Comedy Drama Fantasy A drama/comedy, with a hint of the supernatural. A gravedigger in his prime suddenly finds himself unemployed and grappling with an unexpected visitor who inadvertently threatens to disrupt the title joy left in his crumbling life.

  • Illegal Demise

    Illegal Demise Crime Drama ILLEGAL DEMISE (aka: LIVE AND LET LIVE) is a political crime-drama that primarily takes place in current day Las Vegas. Allegedly the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has turned a blind eye to the illegal adoptions of wild horses and burros -- for the sole purpose of resale to slaughterhouses for exorbitant profits. How many more innocent wild horses and burros will have to be sacrificed before the BLM’s dirty little secret is exposed by two rabid animal rights activists?

  • Irish Luck

    Irish Luck Drama IRISH LUCK is a journey of bad luck and how this bad luck of the Irish never seems to let-up on Harry O'Marry -- driving him to do the unthinkable -- kidnap a Las Vegas mega resort mogul's daughter. The relationship that forms between them comes full circle, and for once, the nice guy actually does finishes first.

  • Over The Moon

    Over The Moon Comedy Drama Fantasy OVER THE MOON is a leap of faith comedy/drama involving a frustrated screenwriter who reluctantly finds herself responsible for the welfare of a young pioneer woman who literally falls, asleep in 1842 only to awake current day in the desert just outside Las Vegas. But how will she be able to cope with, and adjust to, the modern marvels and perils of the 21st century?

  • Roosevelt Gardens

    Roosevelt Gardens Crime Drama ROOSEVELT GARDENS is a current day, female driven, crime drama that pits an apartment complex of federally relocated weak, fragile, battered and abused women, against their manager from hell. That is, until they day bodies start turning up which causes the women to finally toughen up, ban together, and wreak a little havoc of their own in order to take back their lives.

  • South Philadelphia

    South Philadelphia Comedy Crime Drama SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (Weekly Drama Series) - Is The Sopranos meets Six Feet Under. A hard-hitting, spattered with humor, crime drama based on actual events in Dr. Michael Palagrossi’s (doc to the South Philly mob) dysfunctional medical center with disloyalties, less-than-honest employees, along with a whacky funeral home (owned by the doc’s parents), coupled with explosive South Philly mobsters, drugs, undercover FBI agents and cops, a criminal defense lawyer torn between clients, a vindictive D.A. -- rich with English/Italian profanities and sexual situations.

  • Tethered

    Tethered Crime Drama Thriller TETHERED - What if a Scott Peterson-type was found not guilty in his criminal and civil court trials, only to disappear off the face of the earth -- resurfacing 10 years later as the boyfriend of your daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, best friend, or any other woman you care about? With an altered name and having become an extremely successful best selling book author, several family members of his fiance decide to do a little undercover sleuthing into his past – which results in two female family members disappearing within months of each other with no explanation -- never to be seen, or heard from, again. Meet Ethan Meadows, an extremely successful top selling novelist -- may soon be moving into your neighborhood. Knock... knock...

  • The Girls

    The Girls Comedy Drama THE GIRLS - Have you ever wondered what you would do if you believed that you had no way out of a life you felt you could no longer bear to live in? If ending it seems the only viable, realistic solution –- and yet -- you’re still a very young-at-heart senior citizen -- exactly how would you do it? THE GIRLS did… and did… in this dark comedy that takes place in current day Las Vegas.

  • The Hollisters

    The Hollisters Drama Family THE HOLLISTERS - Once extremely chubby and now full-figured, an exceptional woman of means, Elizabeth Hollister, grew up without a mother, or the love of a father she deeply loved -- but who did not want her to find/have love and/or happiness -- leaving her trapped in a bleak, loveless life.

  • The Horizon is My Fence

    The Horizon is My Fence Crime Drama Family A wealthy, childless couple, plus a pregnant teenager, equals parenthood – divided by twins, multiplied by a lifetime of lies, deceit, and ultimately, murder. And, proving that, no matter what your personal circumstances are -- as long as you know that, THE HORIZON IS MY FENCE, your limits are endless… but how you get there can be a journey of twists and turns.

  • What's Cook'n?

    What's Cook'n? Comedy Drama Family While discovering a new anti-aging cure, a medical researcher crosses ethical boundaries, and performs unauthorized human trials on affluent, Jewish, senior citizens who reside at a high-end Las Vegas condo-retirement community. Along the way the doc really does find out WHAT’S COOK’N? when his love life crumbles, and he learns that there’s nothing simple about turning back the time – that there’s always a price for your actions.

  • Under The Boardwalk

    Under The Boardwalk Comedy Drama UNDER THE BOARDWALK is a current day drama/comedy that encompasses two weeks in the lives of six friends from high school who, ten years later, are forced to face challenges that test their strengths and weaknesses – drugs, sex, death, and friendship… under a South New Jersey boardwalk.

  • Split Second

    Split Second Drama A cop’s dissolution of his affair leads to a near-fatal car accident involving his ex-girlfriend -- his wife/nurse becoming the unsuspecting caregiver. After the cop’s untimely death, a selfless sacrifice results in the ultimate lifesaving gift -- and in SPLIT SECOND -- lives are irreversibly changed forever.

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