Tazito Garcia

Tazito Garcia

Red Dragon Productions / ACTRA
Actor, Director, Producer and Stunt Coordinator

Toronto, Canada

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February 2012
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About Tazito

Tazito Garcia, a dedicated and inspirational leader, has worked on countless film sets locally and internationally. His background in acting, directing and stunt coordinating provides him with the advantage to communicate with the cast and crew on each individual's level. As a result, vision becomes reality in the utmost effective manner, as he constantly challenges himself to achieve new goals. Currently based in Toronto, Garcia has worked on sets from Hollywood to the far east such as Malaysia and China. With over 18 years of various martial arts training he has obtained several championship titles. This award winning action star is a heavy supporter of innumerable charities that include The Sick Kids hospital, Support for Cancer treatment facilities, and Jackie Chan's "Build a School for a Dollar Program". Garcia, is known to be a helpful hand to those in need, and continue to depict the ideal role model for the younger generations.

Unique traits: Multilingual. Performs own stunts and action scenes.


  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad (2016)
    Film by David Ayer (Action) Actor A secret government agency run by Amanda Waller, named A.R.G.U.S creates a task force comprised of super villains, the "Suicide Squad". They are assigned to execute dangerous tasks in exchange for shorter prison sentences.

  • First Bust

    First Bust (2015)
    Film (short) by Tazito Garcia (Action and Comedy) Actor, Stunts, Director, Producer, Casting director, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Casting department, Editor Two rookie cops that set out to make their first big bust. Things turn out to be more complicated then they anticipated.

  • Headcase

    Headcase (2015)
    Film by Justin Gajewski (Action, Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Actor Special agent Sheppard is on the verge of finally tracking down an illusive serial killer, due to a dramatically tragic event. Lead by desperation, the killer is forced to take drastic measures in order to secure his own safety; which in turn will take special agent Sheppard to the edge. Written by The Gajewski Brothers

  • Lost in the Pacific

    Lost in the Pacific (2015)
    Film by Vincent Zhou (Adventure, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor A story centered around a group of elite passengers on board an inaugural luxury, transoceanic flight that turns into a disaster.

  • Subject1

    Subject1 (2015)
    Film (short) by Valerie Buhagiar (Sci-Fi and Thriller) Stunts An almost genetically perfect human is re-stationed to Mars as her one human flaw will destroy her chances of survival on Earth. There she battles her inner demons, and others imprisoned in the station's cells, known as "Subjects".

  • Dead End

    Dead End (2014)
    Film (short) by Tazito Garcia (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor, Stunts, Director, Writer, Producer, Miscellaneous Crew Scorpion head is WANTED for leading the abduction of various 13 year old girls from around the world. The girls are trained to become the world's most deadliest assassins, and in a few years, unleashes them to eliminate his targets. The most skilled of the assassins Mileena Young (Jile Cai) gets distracted during her mission and misses her target, causing her to be Scorpion head's next target. A turn of events and she crosses paths with Inspector Leon Franks (Tazito Garcia) who's stayed on the trail of the girls case since their disappearance. When he finally catches up to Mileena, Leon has to make one of his toughest decisions in his career yet. Written by Tazito Garcia

  • Battlefield: Divided We Stand

    Battlefield: Divided We Stand (2014)
    Television (Action) Actor Separated, alone, and behind enemy lines. Four Marines were sent into Russian territory to acquire valuable intel, but upon entering enemy airspace, everything changed.

  • RoboCop

    RoboCop (2014)
    Film by José Padilha (Action, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor The year is 2028 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. Overseas, their drones have been used by the military for years - and it's meant billions for OmniCorp's bottom line. Now OmniCorp wants to bring their controversial technology to the home front, and they see a golden opportunity to do it. When Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) - a loving husband, father and good cop doing his best to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit - is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer. OmniCorp envisions a RoboCop in every city and even more billions for their shareholders, but they never counted on one thing: there is still a man inside the machine pursuing justice. Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment

  • Hardcore Heroes

    Hardcore Heroes (2014)
    Television (Reality-TV) Actor, Stunts Each episode of Hardcore Heroes features two adrenaline-packed true stories of courage. From iconic war heroes and technological mavericks, to fearless first responders and selfless civilians, every story will focus on the coolest tactics, the biggest challenges, and the riskiest maneuvers that saved lives or altered the future of this world. "Hardcore Heroes" will bring these astonishing stories to life using major storytelling techniques - up-close and gritty live action recons; CGI maps, period stills, and stock footage; as well as first-person interviews with the heroes themselves, survivors, team members, fans, and family. A roster of experts will also weigh in, providing viewers with context and astonishing details on how the heroes were able to achieve their goals against formidable odds. All of these elements will be tied together with engaging, informative narration. Written by Jennifer Cox

  • The Evans Case

    The Evans Case (2014)
    Film (short) by Shaughn Russell Actor

  • In Glen Urquhart

    In Glen Urquhart (2014)
    Film (short) by Kyle McKenzie (History) Stunts

  • The Briefcase

    The Briefcase (2013)
    Film (short) by Tazito Garcia (Action, Drama and Thriller) Actor, Actor, Stunts, Stunts, Director, Director, Writer, Writer, Producer, Casting director, Cinematographer, Miscellaneous Crew, Special effects An unsuspecting man becomes involved in a drug lords game, and must play by the rules to save his girlfriend.

  • The Dark Side: Rise of Darkness

    The Dark Side: Rise of Darkness (2012)
    Film by Tazito Garcia (Action, Crime and Thriller) Actor, Stunts, Director, Writer, Producer, Casting director, Cinematographer An action packed, mind twisting cliff hanger exposing the grand influence of the media and money in today's world. What was once based on discipline, truth, Honour, and Quality, has changed to marketing and money making schemes for the sake of; power/money, fame, increased corruption and respect/reputation. Who do you go to when you need help? If there is no one to be trusted. Written by Tazito Garcia

  • Nikita

    Nikita (2012)
    Television by Craig Silverstein (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor When she was a deeply troubled teenager, Nikita was rescued from death row by a secret U.S. agency known only as Division, who faked her execution and told her she was being given a second chance to start a new life and serve her country. What they didn't tell her was that she was being trained as a spy and assassin. Throughout her grueling training at Division, Nikita never lost her humanity, even falling in love with a civilian. When her fiancé was murdered, Nikita realized she had been betrayed and her dreams shattered by the only people she thought she could trust, so she did what no one else before her had been able to do: she escaped. Now, after three years in hiding, Nikita is seeking retribution and making it clear to her former bosses that she will stop at nothing to expose and destroy their covert operation. Written by The CW

  • Resist666

    Resist666 (2012)
    Television (Action, Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor, Stunts One demon is attempting to save the remaining pockets of humanity from complete extinction.

  • Red Wire

    Red Wire (2010)
    Film (short) by Tyce Francois (Thriller) Actor To save the lives of innocents held hostage in Colombia, The French government releases a dangerous terrorist. It's now up to a team of detectives to stop the killer. Between an ambitious detective trying to prove herself and a french cop hidding a secret past. The investigation takes a deadly turn as the terrorist begins a dangerous game of cat and mouse revealing government secrets and going after an unexpected target. Written by Anonymous

  • Lurking Under Life

    Lurking Under Life (2009)
    Film by William Conrad (Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor Lurking Under Life revolves on a group of urban explorers who first locate and set out to explore a forgotten research complex build in the 1930's. Unknown to them, there's a reason the place was abandoned and forgotten. What lurks in this forgotten place in the middle of nowhere? And who will make it out alive. Written by William Conrad

  • National Geographic Inside: Manhunt

    National Geographic Inside: Manhunt (2008)
    TV Movie by Daniel Lucas Stern (Action) Actor Leonard Padilla's best protégé and now partner Rob Dick takes his knowledge to Reno, Nevada to work on some cases away from Leonard, but returns to help deal with a potentially dangerous capture in Sacramento.These men prove once again that fugitives who hide under tables, in small bathrooms, and sprawl out on kitchen floors are no match for the best bounty hunters in the nation. On the docket: A Sacramento fugitive whose boyfriend recently burglarized Leonard's office, and a Reno fugitive with "nothing to lose." Written by Brian


  • Award of Excellene - Canada International Film Festival

  • Male Action Performer of the Year - Action on Film International Film Festival - L.A.

  • Festival Runner Up - INDI.com

  • Festival Winner - World Film Awards - Jakarta

  • Best Martial arts sequence - Runner Up - AOF - L.A.

  • Best Martial arts choreography - Runner Up - AOF - L.A.

  • (L.A. Action On Film Festival) Break Out Action Star - Male

  • Tom Cruise Award

  • Elmo Shwartz Award

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