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By Christopher Alan Broadstone

GENRE: Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller
LOGLINE: Erotic ghost story meets mind-bender body-switch tale revealing the ruthless horrors and shocking personal sacrifice that haunt the road to true love and its inevitable loss.


From the shadows of a nightclub for hipsters and nightcrawlers, a Mystery Woman watches underground poet Aaron Wanton Shelley as he reads his visceral works aloud to an enraptured audience. The Woman’s cigarette glows –– she’s chosen her mark –– and before Aaron knows it he’s lost in her terrifying and volatile world, lured by his poetic passions, ghostly graveyard trysts, illusive identities, and the mad desire for true love. But that’s only the beginning. Aaron quickly finds himself confronted with the horrifying truth of what the Mystery Woman has kept caged in her cellar dungeon for years; the truth of the Woman’s protean identity and true sexuality; the truth of the flesh and the inalterable sexuality of the soul; and, ultimately, the bitter sacrifice necessary to achieve true love and live forever.

Christopher Alan Broadstone

Very strong and unique female lead character for this film. Screenplay is finished and complete.

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