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About Stephen

I am a freelance journalist that has become enamored with the film industry. This led me to begin investing in small independent projects that I thought showed promise. Somewhere along the line I realized that I was a producer. As the years have gone on I have become involved in more than seventy productions that you never heard of. I am also the author of two books, and the Director of Nerd Rage News (a blog site that reports on all aspects of geekdom). I have written several screenplays and continue to expand my craft.




  • Impact Event

    Impact Event (2018)
    Film Producer

  • Dont Say His Name

    Dont Say His Name (2018)
    Film Producer

  • Word from a Gamer

    Word from a Gamer (2018)
    Film Producer

  • DeathDate

    DeathDate (2018)
    Film Producer

  • Nerd is the Word

    Nerd is the Word (2017)
    Film Producer

  • She Gives Epic Headache: It's Over!

    She Gives Epic Headache: It's Over! (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Antes e Depois

    Antes e Depois (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Rotina

    Rotina (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Anne Dark

    Anne Dark (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Sexual, Repulsivo e doente

    Sexual, Repulsivo e doente (2017)
    Film Producer

  • O Ponto Vertical

    O Ponto Vertical (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Sexual, Repulsive and Sick

    Sexual, Repulsive and Sick (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Faithless

    Faithless (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Tipo Rússia

    Tipo Rússia (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Complexado

    Complexado (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Behind the Curtain with Steve Wollett

    Behind the Curtain with Steve Wollett (2016 - 2017)
    Film Producer

  • Local Hauntings

    Local Hauntings (2017)
    Television (Documentary, Reality-TV and Sci-Fi) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Clown Motel

    Clown Motel (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Pretty Little Things

    Pretty Little Things (2016)
    Film Producer

  • We Set Them Free

    We Set Them Free (2016)
    Film Producer

  • LeagueOne: In the Spotlight!

    LeagueOne: In the Spotlight! (2014 - 2016)
    Film Producer

  • Apocalypse

    Apocalypse (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Trompete Dourado

    Trompete Dourado (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Minhas Paredes

    Minhas Paredes (2016)
    Film Producer

  • As the Sun Sets

    As the Sun Sets (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Earth Graffiti

    Earth Graffiti (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Creature Feature

    Creature Feature (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Goatsucker

    Goatsucker (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Eleanor

    Eleanor (2016)
    Film Producer

  • A Message to America

    A Message to America (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Contos Pouco Fantásticos

    Contos Pouco Fantásticos (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Donald Little Hands

    Donald Little Hands (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Oitavo Andar

    Oitavo Andar (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Sonicheads

    Sonicheads (2016)
    Film Producer

  • O gordo

    O gordo (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Geeked News: Your Fandom Fix!

    Geeked News: Your Fandom Fix! (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Decay

    Decay (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Laboratório

    Laboratório (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Um filme de arte

    Um filme de arte (2016)
    Film Producer

  • The Telephone

    The Telephone (2016)
    Film (Short and Horror) Producer Synopsis. When Richard arrives in a small town, following the receipt of a letter and glass fish sent to his newspaper office, he is unaware of what he is about to become embroiled in. Intrigued by the story of a mysterious disappearance of a young woman Jane. Richard takes a room in the pub, the last place Jane was known to be alive. Awakened one night by an old telephone that seems to ring endlessly and then a chance encounter with the spectral image of a young woman, Richard decides to question the owner. Max an abstract artist denies ever seeing or putting up the woman in question. Richard is told 'The Telephone' must be in his imagination. Richard's instincts tell him there is more to the story. Is the ghostly figure seen late at night, that of Jane? Could the telephone ringing truly just be in his head? If you heard the ringing, would you be prepared to answer what lies at the end of the phone? Written by Stuart Wheeldon

  • The Viewer

    The Viewer (2016)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Captive Audience: The Kidnapping of a Mom and Daughter

    Captive Audience: The Kidnapping of a Mom and Daughter (2016)
    Film (Horror) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Words

    Words (2016)
    Film (Documentary) Producer "I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word." - Emily Dickinson In a generation built on texts, tweets, memes, and irony, what has become of the weight of our words? In what way does communication serve as a form of self-expression, and self-expression a form of communication? Mattioli Production's upcoming documentary "Words" will explore how people navigate gender and identity in the open and evolving landscape of New York City. Using some if NYC's most fluid scenes as a backdrop, Comedian Kevin Bartini will investigate how masculinity, femininity, and everything in between are contextualized in a range of environments, from the theatre world to early childhood education. Featuring exclusive interviews from a variety of artists, activists, icons, and innovators to be announced, "Words" promises to be a poignant and powerful tribute to the language we use to shape our identities. Written by Gabby Acquaviva

  • Some Monsters

    Some Monsters (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Producer Michael Abner tries to bring his family back together and return the sense of security to his teenage daughter (Ellen) who was recently sexually assaulted. While her attacker remains unpunished, Michael realizes the best way to possibly get things back to normal, is through the support and understanding of him and his wife (Lisa). After finding it is harder than he thinks, he tries to take matters into his own hands.

  • Bloody Island

    Bloody Island (2016)
    Film (Thriller) Producer The world now knows the story of this small town massacre, seven Community Service workers and many others, on one horrendous weekend lead by officer Bob Butterfield, an old childhood tormentor of psychiatric serial killer Billy Fouls, but they don't know that you can't kill Billy. Getting ready to take a break from reality for a while, Officer Bob Butterfield agrees to one last job, a few hundred miles away, at an abandon amusement park on a private island. With two x Marines joining on the journey as Community Service Officers, no better way to keep the ten Community Service Workers in line, right? The owner of the amusement park, a cracked out clown, and his pal, "a little person", are always on premise and loves to put on a good show for the very few who find this island. The question is, will they be the ones putting on the show. Written by Joseph P. Kelly

  • The KiddiePreneurs

    The KiddiePreneurs (2016)
    TV Movie (Family) Producer The KiddiePreneurs show is an educational TV program designed to entertain kids while encouraging kids to use their own creativity to create a business idea. The KiddiePreneurs are today's entrepreneurial superheroes, identifying a need and creating a solution. The KiddiePreneurs fun educational programming for kids and adults too.

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2016)
    Film (Horror) Producer The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is really just as much the story of Gabriel John Utterson, a lawyer and good friend of Dr. Henry Jekyll. More importantly, Utterson is a Victorian Gentleman, who is guided by a chivalry-like code to remain loyal to his friends and maintain his status in society. It is loyalty that drives Utterson to play detective in an effort to protect Jekyll from the malicious and scheming Mr. Hyde. Eventually, Utterson finds himself introduced to a world that he is neither ready to enter nor accept. The story takes place in Victorian-era England, after the Industrial Revolution. Utterson, a lawyer, and true Victorian Gentleman, discovers that his long-time friend, Dr. Henry Jekyll, has become involved with a mysterious and dangerous man named Edward Hyde. Jekyll is a tall, handsome man with a very high social status, which he is expected to maintain. Hyde is a complete opposite, short and vulgar, with an unidentifiable deformity. Utterson knows that in ... Written by BLB Media

  • Toxic Apocalypse

    Toxic Apocalypse (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Wasted Days

    Wasted Days (2016)
    Film (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Every town has a story about its beautiful promenades and cascading vineyards which extend past the freeway up to the horizon; a symbol of its achievements in excellence. A story free of the people who today only reside in the many cardboard boxes filled with VHS tapes stored away in forgotten attics. Play back one of these tapes today and you'll find another story, beginning and ending with Play and Stop, of seven adolescents for whom the future they envision seems painfully out of reach. Two years after their high school graduation, a group of friends caught in the heat of the summer look towards endless house parties, careers, cheap restaurants and latent artistic interests to fill up their new-found empty hours. Written by Eric Bracht

  • Virus of the Dead

    Virus of the Dead (2016)
    Film (Action, Horror and Thriller) Actor Zombie horror anthology What happens when an uncontrollable virus turns the living into the living dead?

  • Detective Mason Hawk

    Detective Mason Hawk (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Producer Detective Mason Hawk is a background story about Mason and his family as Prequel Film to the upcoming Captive Audience scheduled to start Production in 2016.

  • Annabel Lee

    Annabel Lee (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama, Horror, Mystery and 1 More) Producer 'Annabel Lee' is about a beautiful, painful memory. The speaker of the poem is remembering his long-lost love, Annabel Lee. The speaker knew Annabel Lee many years ago, when she was a girl, and they both lived 'in a kingdom by the sea.' Annabel Lee dies, but he still sees her everywhere, in his dreams and in the stars. In fact he still loves her so much that he goes and lies down with her in her tomb every night.

  • Estrada Estocolmo

    Estrada Estocolmo (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Palmos

    Palmos (2015)
    Film (Horror) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Bloody Sisterly Love

    Bloody Sisterly Love (2015)
    Film (Horror) Producer Sheriff begins investigation on murders that first look like a copycat from the past and then starts leaning toward his own family being part of a deep dark secret.

  • The Cycle

    The Cycle (2015)
    Film (Short and Horror) Producer An elevator holds a ghastly surprise.

  • P.U.L.S.E: Prosocial Uniting Life Stabilization Experiment

    P.U.L.S.E: Prosocial Uniting Life Stabilization Experiment (2015)
    Television (Drama) Producer 21 year-old Isi leads a normal, middle-class life. She has everything she needs to lead a normal life, or at least she seems to be satisfied with what she has. But she is mentally fragile and unstable, a condition which she is able to cover up skilfully with her sarcasm. However, her parents' broken marriage and daily fights; the sudden and unexpected separation from Ben, her boyfriend; her subsequent failure at Art School; and, finally, the stubbornness and cold-heartedness of her "best" friend, all lead to a severe psychotic crisis with suicidal impulses. When her suicide attempt fails, she starts to review her attitude towards life. More or less of her own free will, she volunteers to an alternative psychiatric treatment study called "P.U.L.S.E." (Prosocial Uniting Life Stabilization Experiment) which is headed by Prof Dr Harry van Maast. On the way there she meets Eddy, who is also participating in the P.U.L.S.E. programme. Eddy and Isi enter the P.U.L.S.E. treatment complex and ... Written by Uprise Pictures

  • Down in the Park

    Down in the Park (2015)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Producer Trying to defeat isolation, Brad finds much more than he bargains for down in the park.

  • A Place to Be

    A Place to Be (2015)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Music and Romance) Producer Hailey is an aspiring photographer with an opportunity to have her work featured at a local gallery, but she needs a theme to complete her project. Ryan is a charismatic guy who volunteers to be the subject of her photos. What starts as a simple photo shoot blossoms into something more.

  • Wolf Attack

    Wolf Attack (2015)
    Film (Horror) Producer 5 years ago, Steve Moraldo, divorced, broke, and alcoholic, turned to black magic to fix his life. But a spell is catching up to him, and an evil canine presence is starting to tear him apart. Literally.

  • Hot Box

    Hot Box (2015)
    Film (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew Get the green, get the girl.

  • Fish Hook

    Fish Hook (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew A young man struggles with the cycle of abuse, internal conflict and a murky morality.

  • Gay Positive

    Gay Positive (2014)
    Film (Documentary) Producer Gay Positive is the story of one man trying to bring to attention the outdated ban on gay men donating blood in the United States of America. This documentary is meant to inform and educate people on this controversial issue. A woman who recently received her nursing degree presents facts that could suggest that in order to keep our blood supply clean and abundant, we must update our current screening process for potential donors. By taking the camera to the streets, Gay Positive captures the opinions of people from many walks of life regarding how they feel about the ban today. One of the questions posed was, "If you were in need of a blood transfusion and the donor was healthy, would it concern you if this generous individual was a gay male?" Recent history proves that when tragedy strikes, donor centers are often in short supply and struggle to meet demand. The ban forces organizations such as The Red Cross to reject willing, disease-free, healthy individuals. During the filming of... Written by Greg Dyrsten

  • Lady Peacock

    Lady Peacock (2014)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Producer When Conner first meets Gay newbie Devin, he feels an instant attraction for him. However, soon into the relationship Conner's nemesis, the Puerto Rican drag queen, Adora, wants Devin all to herself. Conner soon realizes the only way to compete with a drag queen is to become a drag queen. With the help of his club friends, Conner must make it his mission to destroy Adora if he wants to win back Devin. Written by Greg Dyrsten

  • Midnight

    Midnight (2014)
    Film (Short) Producer A gruesome apparition visits a couple.

  • The Coffee Shop

    The Coffee Shop (2014)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Producer The Cup coffee house, a gay hot spot, its workers, its regulars, and the drama it has to deal with every day. There's the owner of the shop, the fabulous Bea Reasonable and the flamboyant boy-crazy gay waiter, Jamie. There's also the slimy creeper looking for some fun. And then there's Helen, a straight girl with a penchant for drama. The drama unfolds when Helen meets her bisexual boyfriend at The Cup for a date. Hilarity ensues when their date goes awry and a water fight breaks out. And it only gets funnier from there. The Cup becomes the place for awkward coming out stories, hook-ups in the bathroom, and vampire meetings. The drama culminates when Helen enters the coffee house again to take down the man who stole her man from her. Written by Mattioli Productions

  • The Council

    The Council (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama and Sci-Fi) Miscellaneous Crew A dystopian short that focuses on a select group of people living in a town that has recently faced an unbearable tragedy, and the extreme decision they are charged with making.

  • Bliss

    Bliss (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew A woman tries to intimately connect with her partner but ends up feeling more alone.

  • A Surprise

    A Surprise (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama and Family) Miscellaneous Crew A husband comes home to a surprise he didn't expect.

  • Killing Time

    Killing Time (2013)
    Film (Short) Producer Add a Plot »

  • The Ax Man Enigma: The Real-life Horror Behind 'Slay Utterly'

    The Ax Man Enigma: The Real-life Horror Behind 'Slay Utterly' (2013)
    Film (Documentary, Short, Crime, History and 1 More) Producer In 1912, someone crept into the home of the Moore family and brutally axed them to death while they slept. Bearing unique similarities to other Midwestern murders during a two-year period, the 'Ax Man' is believed to have killed more than two dozen people before the trail of blood ended. Today, all of the murders remain unsolved, but the new film 'Slay Utterly' takes a fresh look at the Ax Man case through fictional exploration. Written by Anonymous

  • Leading L.A.

    Leading L.A. (2013)
    Video (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew In this sitcom, The Mayor of LA's assistant (Moriarty) and his fellow co-workers at City Hall Headquarters must stop the dim-witted, under qualified, womanizer Mayor (Haskins) from embarrassing himself in front of the media and voters on a daily basis. This situation comedy takes place in Los Angeles City Hall. It centers on Ryan, the Mayor's right hand man/assistant, who has to protect the foolish mayor, Richard from those who have the ability to ruin his political career, whether that be the voters, the media, or influential celebrities who inhabit the LA area. Ryan also has to protect the Mayor from himself, because he is constantly making an ass of himself and Ryan has to make sure his incidents are either not made public, or have very little negative effect on the Mayor's reputation. Written by Conor Moriarty

  • Curiosity Killed the Cat

    Curiosity Killed the Cat (2012)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Producer The last time Helen entered The Cup Coffeehouse, she broke up with her bi-sexual boyfriend whose gay side was suddenly overshadowing his straight side as he flirted with Jamie, the flamboyant male waiter, right in front of her. She is now entering the Cup enticed by her own sexual curiosity. She has been dating Pike, the infamous dyky waitress, and has come to visit her at work. Jamie can't help but warn Pike to not get too whipped by the "straight girl." The last time Gayle entered The Cup, she was informed that her daughter Stephanie was a lesbian. She was introduced to Stephanie's girlfriend Mary Ann and her unconventional reaction to all of this abrupt new information was astonishing. Gayle was not upset by her daughter's sexual orientation but rather very disappointed that Mary Ann was too boring and not nearly alternative enough to make her daughter's choice trendy. Gayle is now introducing the rainbow flag-flying coffee shop to Harold, a wealthy gay real estate broker. Jamie is... Written by Mattioli Productions

  • The Replacement

    The Replacement (2012)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Producer Without notice, Clara quits her position as The Cup's manager. This causes Jamie, an employee, and Bea Reasonable, The Cup's drag queen owner, to search for her replacement. Bea soon discovers over a series of interviews that The Cup's regulars aren't exactly manager material. When all hope appears to be lost, Josh enters the shop to apply for the position. The interview goes incredibly well, and Bea believes she's found her replacement for Clara... but in a day where nothing has gone Bea's way, can it really be that simple? Written by Jana Mattioli

  • The Coffee Klash

    The Coffee Klash (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Producer Stephanie's mother, Gayle, is anything but laid-back. Though she loves her daughter, she often expresses it the only way she knows how: by completely micromanaging her life. Which is why this particular afternoon at the coffee shop might be tricky. After all, Stephanie has brought her mother here to not only tell her she's a lesbian, but to introduce Gayle to her new girlfriend, Mary Ann. Gayle's reaction to her daughter's news isn't exactly a surprise, nor is what her daughter expected. Enlisting the advice of the coffee shop staff, Gayle must come to terms with the afternoon's events, and try to set aside her judgments...sort of. Written by Mattioli Productions

  • Coffee and a Bite

    Coffee and a Bite (2012)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Producer Jonathan, Lydia, and Vlad aren't typical guests of The Cup. They have been living as "vampires," even stalking their own victims. When Jonathan approaches a man Lydia is warming up to, Vlad is appalled not only that Jonathan would steal Lydia's "food," but that he would pursue another man! Even though everyone in The Cup seems to avoid the "vampires," waitress Andrea goes an extra mile out of her way to evade the table. Leaving only Jamie to serve them, he must endure fake foreign accents, corny jokes, and becomes the subject of a bet leading to mistaken identities of the most awkward kind! When the "vampires" decide to analyze the characteristics of the "perfect" vampire, an argument quickly ensues between homophobic Vlad and bisexual-enthusiast Jonathan. While Lydia is caught in the middle, she struggles not only with her opinion of the issue but her view on sexuality in general. A story of friendship, prejudice, and self-discovery, Coffee and a Bite will leave you wanting seconds! Written by Mattioli Production

  • The Out-Sider

    The Out-Sider (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Romance) Producer Alexa and Suzie are old college roommates. Alexa comes from the Midwest where there is no "gay community". Suzie has given up on men and embraced her love for women. But how can she come out to her sweet but naive friend? They meet at "The Cup", a local gay hot spot where her flamboyant brother Jamie works as a waiter. The LGBT coffee shop sets the scenery for an interesting and hilarious dialogue between the two girls and we soon discover there's more to this outsider than we could've guessed. Written by Mattioli Productions

  • Hand of Glory

    Hand of Glory (2012)
    Film (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Producer Lonely delivery man Joseph falls in love with an alcoholic prostitute named Karen, who frequents one of the stops along his route. Though they soon become friends, Joseph is unable to figure out what makes the very-guarded Karen tick. While Karen drowns the sorrows of her mysterious past, keeping him at bay, Joseph remains committed to winning her affection, resorting to extreme measures in his search for the key to her heart. Embarking on a dark journey with a mystical relic -a 'hand of glory,' whose legend purports the ability to unlock any door- Joseph soon discovers that such feats come at a dire price. Written by Stuart Wahlin

  • Mary's Buttons

    Mary's Buttons (2012)
    Film (Drama) Actor In 1910, a prejudice community in outer Detroit attempt to put local immigrants to death for the murder of the town's Sheriff. Based on a true story. Written by Anonymous

  • Meeting Place

    Meeting Place (2012)
    Film (Drama) Actor Life in a café will never seem the same.

  • Little Creeps

    Little Creeps (2012)
    Video (Comedy and Horror) Actor Long considered a mockery with his fellow professors Cordell (Robert Z'Dar) & Donnely (Dustin Diamond), professor Vern Drake (Joe Estevez) becomes obsessed with finding the Demonicron, a book said to open the gates of hell. Pushed over the edge after being fired by the dean (Lark Voorhies), professor Vern Drake begins his obsessive search for the Demonicron. Sure enough he finds the Demonicron and decides to conjure the demons found within the pages of the book to do his bidding and to get revenge on those who ridiculed him. However, when he only manages to translate half the words required to summon them, he only gets half size demons. Now the demons are anxious to prove that though they are half the size, they are double the trouble! Written by Brandon Sites - Big Daddy Horror Reviews

  • BIdentity Crisis

    BIdentity Crisis (2011)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Producer Phil says he is bisexual but his girlfriend Helen and the flamboyant waiter think otherwise.

  • Where

    Where (2011)
    Film (Short, Mystery and Thriller) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Sister Mary

    Sister Mary (2011)
    Film (Comedy and Musical) Actor Homophobic detective Mark Rima (James Vallo) must "partner" up with the very gay and flamboyant Detective Chris Riant (Shawn Quinlan) to stop a serial killing Nun (Judy Tenuta) from offing 5 band members otherwise known as "The Ex Choir Boys." But when it is determined that the detectives can't solve the case on their own, expert F.B.I. profiler Agent Peccant (comedian Ant) is assigned to the case. As the details of the case slowly emerge the police determine that that the "nun" may only be a silent witness to the grisly murders. The task force then turns its attention on the Catholic Church and a suspect group of Priests that have had a propensity for "cleansing the souls" of innocent young choir boys. Written by Scott Grenke

  • Life-ers

    Life-ers (2010)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • Minor League: A Football Story

    Minor League: A Football Story (2010)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Sport) Actor A struggling Minor League team faces a new challenge after an 0-10 season, the rich pockets of Richard Wellington. Wellington seeks to purchase the team from an owner struggling to keep fans in the stands, advertisers to pay the bills, and players around in general. When the team owner Joe Smith declines his offer, Wellington does what any offended and deep pocketed bad guy often does, buys a new expansion team down the road and tries to buy up what little talent they have, including their coach. Now Smith must find a new coach, assemble players, and round up enough advertisers to keep the team together long enough to face off against their new rival expansion team. When he meets former retired college Coach Whistler the pair try and turn around the fortunes of this down on its luck team and give it just what it gave them, a second chance. Written by Brad Leo Lyon

  • Batman Date with Destiny

    Batman Date with Destiny (2009)
    Film (Short and Drama) Producer A criminal mind obsessed with dates is brig chaos to Gotham City and the only question is can Batman stop him in time to prevent his own Destiny.

  • The Sky Has Fallen

    The Sky Has Fallen (2009)
    Film (Action, Drama, Horror and Romance) Producer Within a couple of hours, a new disease wipes out almost all of mankind. Trying to avoid infection, people flee to remote locations, but they start seeing mysterious black figures, carrying away the dead and experimenting on them. Now, Lance and Rachel, two survivors determined to fight back, must kill the leader of these creatures before the rest of humanity disappears. Written by Will Hanlon

  • Lifelines

    Lifelines (2008)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew A day that starts like any other turns out to be one family's bitterly hilarious, ultimately painful, day-long journey of self-realization. "Lifelines" chronicles the hapless Bernstein family - Ira, Nancy, Michael, Meghan and Spencer, as they try to catch up to the life they are living... Exploring flawed characters, never allowing any excuses for their ugly behavior beyond their basic humanity, the story reflects the realistic experience of pausing long enough in your typical autopilot day to create the necessary time for truth to emerge. Written by Rob Margolies

  • Fight Valley 2: Lockdown

    Fight Valley 2: Lockdown
    Film Producer

  • Life in the Ring

    Life in the Ring
    Film Producer

  • Brock's Diner vs. The Undead

    Brock's Diner vs. The Undead
    Film Producer

  • Absynthia

    Film Producer

  • Mythwits

    Film Producer

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