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Marc I. Daniels

Little Nap Productions
Actor, Director, Casting Director, Casting Assistant, Script Consultant, Creative Executive and Screenwriter

Highland Falls, New York

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About Marc

Marc I. Daniels was born in Suffern, NY and spent his first 18 years shifting around Rockland County, NY. He grew up around the theatre and started both writing and acting at age 8. He attended West Chester University in PA with a major in Theatre: Acting. There he also took courses in Directing both for stage and for Dramatic Television. He spent two consecutive summers as Theatre Director at a sleepaway camp in Bloomingburg, NY. By 2010, he already had several published works and played principal and/or supporting roles in dozens of stage productions. For the last decade or so, he has re-focused his concentration on acting, writing and directing for film. He currently resides in Highland Falls, NY. He is a lifetime member of the ACCOP (Arts Council Co-Op) as well as Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity and a proud member of SAG-AFTRA. Other interests include travel, music, reading, games, cooking, walking, swimming, tennis, and cultural events. As an avid animal lover, he supports the ASPCA and similar organizations. Other continuous film experiences include script editing, creative consulting, producing, casting, and credits.

He recently Co-Directed a drama/thriller feature film entitled Saving You, Saving Me currently in post-production. He also co-directed the family short drama The Christmas Wish. Recently, he wrote and directed an award-winning short feature film (drama/government conspiracy) entitled Waterless, currently on Amazon Video and running the festival circuit worldwide. One of his feature scripts, The Well Intended was at one point Optioned and is now a free agent seeking the right producer. Favorite stage acting credits include Riff in West Side Story, Gus Esmond in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Cleante in Tartuffe, Egeon in Comedy of Errors, Chris in Beau Jest and Corporal Melon in Fruit Salad. He has been seen on channels Discovery, Investigation Discovery, National Geographic and HBO. Notable film credits include Duke in The Getaway Car, Buck Storms in the Lucifer’s Bride series of films, Georgy in Beast Bandages, Todd in Kidney, and Mark in Life is a Party. He is "Indie Friendly" and now wishes to continue his success in the industry by concentrating primarily on Directing for film.

Unique traits: Very perceptive. Good judge of character. As honest as they come in this business.


  • The Looming Tower

    The Looming Tower (2018)
    Television (Drama) Actor Tracing the rising threat of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, it takes a controversial look at how the rivalry between the CIA and FBI inadvertently might have set the stage for the tragedy of 9/11 and the war in Iraq.

  • Share with Me Your Brightest Colors

    Share with Me Your Brightest Colors (2018)
    Film (Drama) Producer A mystic film which questions what is it like to be a human through a nostalgic portray of a heartbroken girl that goes on a personal pilgrimage to a cabin in the woods in order to get to know herself, God and her solitude but soon she realizes she is darker than she thought. Written by Juan Escobar

  • Saving You, Saving Me

    Saving You, Saving Me (2017)
    Film by TJet Productions/Tina Jetter & Marc I. Daniels (flashback scenes) (Drama and Thriller) Actor Amber is a young woman gripped by despair and thinks her life is pointless. What she doesn't know (but will soon discover) is that she's needed by a secret society of vampires who have discovered that Amber is the key to their survival.

  • Zombied

    Zombied (2017)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor What starts off as a normal night shift at Priced-Less Supermarket takes a horrifying turn when Jordan, a discontented employee gets attacked during her smoke break. She spends the rest of her shift trying to hold herself together as she transitions into something she doesn't even believe in: a zombie. Written by Matthew Van Vorst

  • Broken Chains

    Broken Chains (2017)
    Film (Action, Adventure, Biography, Crime and 2 More) Actor After barely surviving a violently abusive husband, Brianna is finally ready to move on. Along with her two children, she's ready to finalize divorce proceedings, save what is left of her home, and somehow repair the pieces of her shattered life. However, her vengeful soon-to-be-ex-husband isn't done with her. With his connections in organized crime, he arranges Brianna's abduction and subsequently sells her into the sex trade underworld. In a story that spans from the streets of New Jersey to the underbelly of the Chinese sex trade industry, Brianna is once again, a prisoner. With friends on both sides of the law looking for her, her two children desperately in need of her, and the plight of her fellow sex trade prisoners now in her conscience, Brianna must find the resolve to retain a fighting spirit. She must hold on to the idea that she can go home again. A horrific story of betrayal and survival, and the next time your gut gives you a warning, take heed, these feelings could save... Written by Fyne Ashmore

  • For Her

    For Her (2017)
    Film (Drama, Horror and Short) Executive Producer Jonathan and Elizabeth are deeply in love. But their relationship is tested when Elizabeth becomes afflicted by a devastating illness. Follow Jonathan's emotional journey as he struggles to deal with inevitable tragedy, and discover what lengths he's willing to go to, For Her. Written by James Craigie - Writer

  • Lucifer's Bride 2: The Wrath of Darlene

    Lucifer's Bride 2: The Wrath of Darlene (2016)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Adherence

    Adherence (2016)
    Film (Short, Drama and Romance) Actor Over the course of one day in an inpatient psychiatric ward, we witness the intertwined stories of a man on the verge of discharge, an Orthodox Jew whose newborns have strained her marriage, and a man whose treatment at the hands of the mental health system has devastating consequences. Written by Block-Hobbs

  • Lucifer's Bride 3: Born Again Lucifer

    Lucifer's Bride 3: Born Again Lucifer (2016)
    Film Actor Heaven is in grave danger...seriously. Lucifer and one of his trifling wives have somehow managed to bring their personal drama up to Heaven and God, and will obviously be needing a full dosing of angelic relief. God reluctantly makes a deal with Lucifer; in order to remain in Heaven...he must be baptized. The question soon becomes "Where does one go if their death occurred in Hell??" Hence a chess match ensues between God and Lucifer as we learn of a Theological Mole. Never a dull moment. Written by Kevin Davis & Marc I. Daniels

  • The Pact

    The Pact (2016)
    Film (Drama and Short) Associate Producer The Pact is based on true events and follows a journey of the human spirit. The story is about an older couple, on the brink of homelessness, who have lost all any parent holds dear. It also tells the story of how one person, with the simple capacity of generosity, can far better the world of a desperate family in need. Written by TME PR

  • Tree Detective

    Tree Detective (2015)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Crime, Drama and 2 More) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Waterless

    Waterless (2015)
    Film by Little Nap Productions & Wicked Witch Entertainment/Marc I. Daniels (Drama) Writer/Actor/Development Producer A young man becomes afflicted with a disease so rare that there is no record of it anywhere in world history. He is allergic to water. When a special secret research division of the U.S. Government gets wind of this, they aggressively offer to take this man "under their wing" for an indefinite period of time until a cure is found. As he resides comfortably for a number of years in a heavily secured facility with Level 4 visitation privileges, a question soon arises. Are the intentions of the government to help him...or themselves?

  • The Mysteries of Laura

    The Mysteries of Laura (2014 - 2015)
    Television (Comedy, Crime and Mystery) Actor A New York City homicide detective cracks case after case while raising wild twin boys and locking horns with her less than helpful police detective ex-husband.

  • Lucifer's Bride

    Lucifer's Bride (2015)
    Film (Fantasy and Horror) Actor Stacy has a little problem...

  • Time Square

    Time Square (2015)
    Film (Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller and 2 More) Associate Producer Computers are experimenting on a 12-year old girl, so to understand time better. Both Kari and the machines discover their comprehension of Time may be flawed. Will Kari be able to save herself - and the world?

  • Annie

    Annie (2014)
    Film (Comedy, Drama, Family and Musical) Actor Annie is a young, happy foster kid who's also tough enough to make her way on the streets of New York in 2014. Originally left by her parents as a baby with the promise that they'd be back for her someday, it's been a hard knock life ever since with her mean foster mom Miss Hannigan. But everything's about to change when the hard-nosed tycoon and New York mayoral candidate Will Stacks - advised by his brilliant VP, Grace and his shrewd and scheming campaign advisor, Guy - makes a thinly-veiled campaign move and takes her in. Stacks believes he's her guardian angel, but Annie's self-assured nature and bright, sun-will-come-out-tomorrow outlook on life just might mean it's the other way around. Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment

  • Scorned: Love Kills

    Scorned: Love Kills (2014)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Actor A voyeuristic peak into the lust and obsessions that have fueled some of the more brutal acts of violence to grab headlines around the world.

  • Satanicus

    Satanicus (2014)
    Film by Creep Creepersin (Horror) Associate Producer Add a Plot »

  • Massacre at Femur Creek

    Massacre at Femur Creek (2014)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Horror) Producer In the summer of 1984, three friends go camping in the mythical Femur Creek to celebrate a birthday. Little do they know this party has an unexpected guest.

  • The Scarecrow Club

    The Scarecrow Club (2014)
    Film (Action, Drama and Thriller) Contributing Producer The province of Ontario does the unthinkable. They elect the Nazi party to lead their government.

  • The Dancer & the Boy

    The Dancer & the Boy (2014)
    Film (Drama and Short) Associate Producer A lonely ballerina is haunted by a visit from a boy in her past.

  • The Visible Man

    The Visible Man (2014)
    Film (Thriller) Associate Producer Add a Plot »

  • Spit Boys

    Spit Boys (2013)
    Film by BxC Entertainment/Anthony J. Puglia (Action, Crime, Drama and Short) Actor/Script Editor/Coordinating Producer/Casting Director A mob film that follows James Callera, his cousin Mikey and a slew of other characters who make the drama complete. Upon leaving the family at the age of 18 James finds himself in the midst of a war overseas. Meanwhile, back at home, following the death of his father, Mikey takes over as head of the family. James returns from the Marine Corps to find himself in the middle of another war. With chaos afoot and his cousin at the head of the family, circumstances with a rival gang have gone awry. Now after fighting one war, he must now fight another. This time the war is on his own turf, and this war he has not been trained to fight. Written by Anthony J. Puglia & Marc I. Daniels

  • Perchance to Dream

    Perchance to Dream (2013)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Aleksandr's Price

    Aleksandr's Price (2013)
    Film (Drama) Actor The film follows a young man who is drawn into the dark, sexual underbelly of New York City's gay club scene. Aleksandr (Masó) is a young Russian immigrant alone after the tragic death of his mother. He turns to drugs and renting his body to wealthy men to deal with his loss. Aleksandr finds himself torn apart with a new personality making its way to the surface. Written by Breaking Glass Pictures

  • Some Kind of Ladies Man

    Some Kind of Ladies Man (2013)
    Film by BxC Entertainment/Anthony J. Puglia (Thriller and Short) Actor/Script Editor/Coordinating Producer/Casting Director A beautiful young woman makes efforts to really "wow" the new man in her life as she tries to make sense of why she has so much trouble keeping a guy around...

  • Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn

    Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn (2013)
    Film (Action and Crime) Actor After serving several prison sentences, Bobby Baldano is out. Craving a life of inescapable crime, but desperate to honor his family, Bobby must decide whether to make his family proud or destroy what generations of Baldanos have built before him. A twist ending reveals what truths Bobby always knew forcing him to make a life altering decision. One wrong move could be his last. Written by Elizabeth Obermeier, Lionsgate Marketing

  • Mother

    Mother (2013)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor A despondent young man with ill will toward society faces guilt when an innocent woman with mysterious compassion mimics what he's been missing in his life.

  • Follow

    Follow (2013)
    Film (Short, Horror and Thriller) Producer Follow is a traditional found footage style horror film about a young couple who take along a video camera along to document their camping trip. As the night goes on, the couple lose each other and the legend of the mythical Lamplight Woods comes out to play. Written by Anonymous

  • His Name Is Clown Face

    His Name Is Clown Face (2013)
    Film (Horror and Short) Sponsor Producer Horror writer and director Chris is being terrorized by the very character he created.

  • The Hobo & the Clown

    The Hobo & the Clown (2013)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Producer A disgraced clown spends his last day on earth with a new friend.

  • The Interrogation

    The Interrogation (2013)
    Film (Comedy and Short) Associate Producer Does Detective Henry have his facts straight about Johnny?

  • Boardwalk Empire

    Boardwalk Empire (2013)
    Television by HBO (Crime, Drama and History) Miscellaneous Crew (Stand-In) Set in the Prohibition era of the 1920s Boardwalk Empire is the story of Enoch "Nucky" Thompson, the treasurer of Atlantic County, Atlantic City, New Jersey. Due to his relationships with mobsters as well as political contacts, the Federal Government start to take an interest in him. His lavish lifestyle seems at odds with his position, and as well as his connections, there is prolific bootlegging in the area. Written by WellardRockard

  • Frostbite

    Frostbite (2013)
    Film by Bridget Machete (Horror) Camera and Electrical Department (Gaffer Assistant) Frostbite is about a schizophrenic teen who must prove a killer yeti urban legend is a hoax after coming face to face with a costumed yeti. Jake Elomaa is told he and his family are moving to Finland when they discover their grandfather passed away and left his Finnish manor in their name. Upon arriving in Finland, Jake learns about the urban legends surrounding the town-there is a wild Yeti on the loose, killing village people. Jake comes in contact with what he thinks is the Yeti but it turns out to be a hoax; it is only a man in a Halloween costume, pretending to be the Yeti. Jake must prove to the village, the mayor and his family that this is only a hoax but also figure out what is really killing these people BUT no one believes him because he is schizophrenic. Is it the dude in the costume? Is it a bear? Or is it all in his head? Written by Bridget Machete

  • Argos the Wanderer

    Argos the Wanderer (2012)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Comedy and Fantasy) Actor In a time of dragons, ogres, and sorcery a commoner travels across the land and finds himself tasked with a quest.

  • Hunted

    Hunted (2012)
    Television (Action and Drama) Actor Meet Sam. A spy. A hunter. And herself hunted by an enemy more ruthless and determined than any she's ever known. Sam has been running from her past her entire life but when she returns to Byzantium, the organisation that employs her, and begins to pursue her pursuer, she will discover the only way to escape that past... is to confront it. This is the story of a spy with a bull's eye on her back, a human target unable to trust anyone at any time, even the man she loves. She is, quite literally, running for her life. Hunted is a smart, complex and contemporary spy series. Written by Anonymous

  • English Vinglish

    English Vinglish (2012)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Family) Actor The story of a quiet, sweet tempered housewife who endures small slights from her well educated husband and daughter everyday because of her inability to speak and understand English. She is resourceful and open-minded but somehow these traits don't get noticed by them. Then one day on a trip to visit her sister in Manhattan she decides to enroll in an English Learners class and meets a host of new people who teach her to value herself beyond the narrow perspective of her family. Written by Paroma

  • Daniel

    Daniel (2012)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor A church devoted introvert's faith is tested when he witnesses a traumatic attack.

  • Vamperifica

    Vamperifica (2012)
    Film (Comedy and Horror) Actor A clueless, flamboyant college kid discovers that the soul of a great vampire king resides within him. Now he must choose between his friends and his destiny.

  • Smash

    Smash (2012)
    Television (Drama and Musical) Actor For a Broadway musical, the road to success is not easy. And winning the coveted Tony as Best Musical, which is the ultimate goal, is even more difficult. Such trials and tribulations are shown for a handful of shows, their creative teams and their performers. There is competition amongst the performers for roles, competition amongst the shows not only for box office but also limited investor dollars and that final Tony prize, and competition amongst those ultimately hired in the cast and crew for what they want to see happen in the show, both for the good of the show and their own personal benefit. And sometimes, personal life gets in the way of these professional goals. These problems not only happen for those new or working their ways up the ranks, such as performers Karen Cartwright and Ivy Lynn, and the writing team of Jimmy Collins and Kyle Bishop, but also seasoned veterans, such as the writing team of Tom Levitt and Julia Houston, womanizing director Derek Wills, and producer ... Written by Huggo

  • Mobster Confessions

    Mobster Confessions (2012)
    Television (Crime) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Water's Edge

    The Water's Edge (2012)
    Film (Drama, Sport and Short) Co-Executive Producer A tight knit group of friends struggle to find a friend who is now living on the streets.

  • Bury the Sky

    Bury the Sky (2012)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Raising the Dead

    Raising the Dead (2012)
    Film (Documentary) Associate Producer This documentary follows the progress of a group of horror fanatics working in the film industry as they attempt to independently make the modern remake that they feel "Night of the Living Dead" deserves. The controversial decision to remake one of the all time classics of the genre is discussed from all angles, and this film showcases the preproduction and production phases of "Night of the Living 3D Dead" (2012). Written by Victor, Samuel

  • Kidney

    Kidney (2011)
    Film by Max Rifkind-Baron (Drama, Horror, Thriller and Short) Actor When a young woman awakes to find she's been the victim of a gruesome amateur surgery, it will take every last ounce of strength to escape from the bathroom that holds her prisoner.

  • The Soundman's Love

    The Soundman's Love (2011)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor A romantic comedy about a sound guy who falls in love with the lead actress of the movie he is working on. He must rescue her from the unwanted kiss scene with a mean Indian actor and confess his love for her.

  • New Year's Eve

    New Year's Eve (2011)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Actor Set during New Year's Eve in New York city, this movie follows several people and how the day affects them. Kim is a single mother who still thinks of her daughter, Hailey as a child who wants to go out with a boy so that she could kiss him at midnight. Claire, who is in charge of the city's annual tradition, the ball drop on Times Square. And when something goes wrong she has to ask an electrician, who was fired, to come and fix it. Laura, a chef who is cooking the New year's Eve party for a record company who runs into Jensen, her ex who's a singer and performing at the party. While he tries to apologize for how things ended, she refuses to accept it. Ingrid, a woman who works at the record company, after having a near death experience, decides to quit her job and asks a young messenger, Paul to help her fulfill her resolutions. And at a hospital, Stan, a man who is in the final stages of cancer, only wishes to see the ball drop. Also Griffin and Tess, a couple who are expecting, ... Written by

  • Bored to Death

    Bored to Death (2010 - 2011)
    Television (Comedy, Crime and Mystery) Actor A well-meaning but struggling writer decides to lead a sort of double life by pretending to be a private detective using the methods he read about in old detective novels.

  • Damages

    Damages (2011)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor While still pursuing big litigation cases, high-powered attorney Patty Hewes has been caring for her granddaughter and experiencing a second chance at raising a child. However, that may end when Patty's son, Michael, sues for custody of the little girl. When Patty's protege, Ellen Parsons, agrees to testify as a character witness for Michael at the custody trial, Patty scrambles to prevent her from taking the stand, fearing that Ellen will reveal Patty's secrets. To prevent the testimony, Patty refers Channing McClaren, a famous computer hacker, to Ellen, knowing that she will not be able to resist taking on such a high-profile client having just launched her own firm. When Patty files a lawsuit against McClaren -- whom Ellen has agreed to represent -- the judge in the custody case rules that Ellen cannot take the stand until the McClaren case is resolved. Written by Jwelch5742

  • The Smurfs

    The Smurfs (2011)
    Film (Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family and 1 More) Actor When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours -- in fact, smack dab in the middle of Central Park. Just three apples high and stuck in the Big Apple, the Smurfs must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down. Written by Columbia Pictures

  • Kassava Jerks

    Kassava Jerks (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Life is a Party

    Life is a Party (2011)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Die Cody, Die

    Die Cody, Die (2011)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Producer Mark has had it with his annoying housemate, Cody.

  • Paper Seeds

    Paper Seeds (2011)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Producer The Walker discovers a new use for his last One Dollar Bill.

  • The Getaway Car

    The Getaway Car (2010)
    Film by Outstanza Entertainment (Crime and Drama) Actor/Consulting Producer Four small time criminals plan a robbery of an illegal underground casino but their robbery hits a snag as two bored college kids steal their getaway car mid heist. This throws them into a frenzy as it hindered their getaway and allowed the owner of the casino, Marcus, to catch a glimpse of them and thus seek revenge by putting a hit out on them with ruthless loan shark Duke. Unbeknownst to the robbers, Duke bankrolls the casino operation. The robbers also borrowed money from Duke to play in the casino to get the scope of the place. Also in the wrong place at the wrong time was Nikki, a hot shot poker player who put it all on the line trying to build a nice nest egg. Having lost all she had in the robbery, she is now forced to work as a waitress while dreaming of what might have been, and eager to get back at the tables for a game she can't afford to lose. To add even more drama, the car was a loan from shady drug dealer Stokes, who was in turn borrowing it from his boss. The theft ... Written by Tim Biasi

  • Honorable Retribution

    Honorable Retribution (2010)
    Film (Action and Drama) Actor Johnny Lespin is a man on the verge of changing his profession to take on a more practical way of life. He is the voice and muscle for Don Ferero, the head of an underground crime syndicate known as the Cannach. Johnny becomes intertwined in a conspiracy involving a young woman who shows him a new way to view life. Now, Johnny is forced to confront the organization he worked to uphold, deciding between staying loyal to Don Ferero or seeking retribution for a woman he barely knew. Written by Anonymous

  • Land of Opportunity

    Land of Opportunity (2010)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Dear Abby

    Dear Abby (2010)
    Film by SJR Films/Stephen Romanchik (Crime, Drama, Thriller and Short) Actor/Creative Consultant A young man and his girlfriend deviously plan to fake her death in order to claim a large sum of insurance money. When he begs for the "help" of a criminal friend to cover up his false crime in exchange for a generous cut, he realizes that involving this 3rd party may have been a deadly error. Written by Marc I. Daniels

  • Just Wright

    Just Wright (2010)
    Film (Comedy, Romance and Sport) Actor Leslie Wright is a straight-shooting physical therapist who gets the gig of a lifetime working with NBA All-Star Scott McKnight. All is going well until Leslie finds herself falling for Scott, forcing her to choose between the gig and the tug-of-war inside her heart. Oblivious to her romantic overtures, McKnight is instead drawn to the affections of Leslie's childhood friend Morgan, who has her sights set on being an NBA trophy wife. Is Leslie destined to play the role of "best friend" forever or will Scott finally see that what he always wanted is right in front of him? Written by Fox Searclight Pictures

  • I Know

    I Know (2010)
    Film (Crime, Horror, Mystery and Short) Associate Producer Add a Plot »

  • Raged Bull

    Raged Bull (2009)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Outside

    The Outside (2009)
    Film (Drama) Actor The story of young aspiring professional surfer Ned Blakey. It chronicles the life of Ned as he lives out his dreams, unfortunately his life gets turned upside down and he eventually hits rock bottom. With nowhere to turn Ned finds himself back at where it all began. Written by Anonymous

  • The Christmas Wish

    The Christmas Wish (2008)
    Film by Matthew Kessler/Marc I. Daniels (Drama, Family and Short) Actor/Script Editor/Co-Director A hard-working man with a history of missing Christmas due to work does everything in his power to make it home in time to pleasantly surprise his long-time girlfriend and young son. But will he make it? (written by Marc I. Daniels).

  • The Beast

    The Beast (2007)
    Film (Short and Horror) Actor When an artist returns home upon his mother's death, he rediscovers the true source of his inspiration.

  • Real Men

    Real Men (2007)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Best friends, Luke and Marcus, are at a grungy dive bar well after midnight. Luke has just come back from the worst date of his life -- he has just discovered that his latest girlfriend was not only a stripper, but that she knows his father 'in the biblical sense'. This latest humiliation puts Luke over the edge. He believes that his problem with women stems from the fact that he might be gay. He asks his best friend to help him find out if he is gay by kissing him... just once... on the lips. Written by Sean Hanish

  • An Open Hand

    An Open Hand (1990)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor A divorced single mother is caught in a compromising situation when a plumber "unexpectedly" arrives at her door one Friday morning to fix her clogged sink. She soon realizes, after thinking him an intruder that it was, in fact, she who called for him in a drunken black out. Through a painful realization about herself, she learns that he has been where she is many times and is now a recovered alcoholic. During their short time together, he helps her realize that she had not only lost an entire Thursday due to drinking, but that she needs help. Written by Marc I. Daniels

  • Bath Salts

    Bath Salts
    Film (Horror) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Tolerance

    Film by Little Nap Productions/Marc I. Daniels (Drama and Short) Writer/Actor A man with nothing, and nothing to lose, trudges through modern society's forgotten dark corner, inadvertently searching for the will to live. Written by Marc I. Daniels.

  • Breakup by Jury

    Breakup by Jury
    Film by Little Nap Productions/Marc I. Daniels (Drama) Co-Writer/Executive Producer A group of close friends gather for a going away party for one of their own on the eve of his first day of law school. The impending inclement weather puts a damper on the festivities, as a nor'easter is on its way and looking to do some damage. By happenstance this results in only the core group of friends showing up to this event. In their storm induced boredom, tensions rise without the watering down of background guests, as they are forced to face certain issues amongst themselves that have been buried deep for some time. Keeping with the law school theme of the party, they stage a mock trial to determine who is to blame for the recent breakup of two of their own. The "judge", however, in typical unorthodox behavior has two of them act as attorneys against those that would otherwise be defended by them. Now the best friends and mock lawyers are, by design, forced to learn the "other side of the story". Once this "trial" begins, those acting as lawyers begin to question their ... Written by Tim Biasi & Marc I. Daniels


  • HONORABLE MENTION - "Waterless", Headline International Film Festival.

  • BRONZE AWARD - (Nominated) - "Waterless", North American Film Awards.

  • FINALIST - Short Script Category - "Tolerance", Talent Factory.

  • FINALIST - Best Short Script "Tolerance" - Script & Storyboard Showcase, Los Angeles, CA

  • FINALIST - Super Short Script Category "Tolerance", Berlin Flash Film Festival

  • SEMI-FINALIST - "Tolerance" - Mc2 Screenplay to Film Short Script, Bucharest, Romania.

  • WINNER - Feature Screenplay Short Treatment, "Moon Shadows", Metro Online Film Festival, Toronto, ON

  • WINNER - Treatment/Synopsis "Moon Shadows", Intl. Open Film Fest (IOFF) New York, NY.

  • WINNER - Best Short Feature "Waterless", Nyack Film Festival, Nyack, NY.

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