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John D. Estes

Producer and Screenwriter

Los Angeles, California

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About John

I began as a freelance writer and story/project developer in the entertainment industry for clients such as Amblin Entertainment, Electronic Arts Inc. and Warner Bros. Moving into production, I served for over 15 years as a freelance Line Producer, Production Manager and 1st Assistant Director on a variety of shorts, music videos, commercials and independent features.

Today, as an award winning Producer, I recently completed the documentary feature film, WEAVING THE PAST: JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY with director Walter Dominguez. Walter and I are working together again on a 4-part documentary series titled WHITEWASHED ADOBE: THE RISE OF LOS ANGELES, based upon the critically acclaimed book by William Deverell detailing the first 100 years of Los Angeles as an American City.

I also work in e-commerce development and management with Onestop Internet, handling several major luxury and lifestyle brands and engage in other website/graphic design, development and writing projects as new ideas and opportunities emerge.

Always writing, always developing new projects and always open to new challenges, updates will appear as new chapters are written. What those could be, are limited only by one's imagination.



  • Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery

    Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery (2003 - 2014)
    Documentary by Chasing Light Pictures / Walter Dominguez Producer/1st AD/UPM At a crossroads, American filmmaker Walter Dominguez embarks on a life-changing quest to uncover mysteries in the life of his saintly Mexican-born grandfather, Reverend Emilio Hernandez, and to fulfill his grandfather's dying wish to locate his long lost family of origin. Traveling through California, Texas and Mexico, Walter discovers Emilio's involvement with courageous Mexican and American revolutionaries fighting for social justice in tragically oppressed Mexico. His search finally leads him to his grandfather's family in Mexico, and redemption for himself.

  • The Driveway

    The Driveway (2010)
    Film (short) by Kevin McDermott (Drama and Romance) Producer About a twelve year-old boy named Henry, who's attempting to leave his driveway on his bicycle, but the neighborhood bully won't let him pass.

  • Handle with Care

    Handle with Care (2007)
    Film (short) by Andre LeBlanc (Comedy and Drama) Producer Ray Simon, a reclusive postal worker, is struggling to put his past behind him. When an envelope bearing the likeness of a familiar face crosses his path, he discovers that moving on is not so easy.

  • Numb

    Numb (2003)
    Film by Michael Ferris Gibson (Sci-Fi) Miscellaneous Crew In a future where emotion and desire have been wiped away by an unshakable new narcotic, society exists simply to provide a constant source of the drug. Crumbling Yerba city stands empty, except for its drug-parlors, where the remnants of the population cluster, drifting towards oblivion. Only the android attendants are still capable of action, mindlessly maintaining and administering the 'drip'. Years after escaping to the wastelands outside the city, Claire, one of the few people left who is not an addict, returns looking for the one man who still matters to her. As she makes her way through the dazed world of the city's junkies, only one person seems able to provide any help: the obsessive and self-destructive Miles, the last of the city's security officers. Genetically engineered to be immune to the drug, Miles' strange charisma draws Claire to him, but when he brutally guns down a group of harmless dissidents, she begins to doubt she can really trust anyone. With no other leads, ... Written by Michael Ferris Gibson <>

  • Corner of Your Eye

    Corner of Your Eye (2003)
    Film by Jesse Spencer (Comedy, Horror and Romance) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Production manager Sam, Sarah and Paul have a problem. They're all going insane. They imagine terrifying, spying eyeballs peering at them all the time. They can't sleep, and all their dreams are starting to blend together, so they can't tell reality from fantasy. It doesn't help that Sam kind of has a "thing" for Sarah - and he's not sure if she feels the same way. It's not as if they really know each other; they just exchange glances at each other at the Coffeeshop during the day, while in their dreams they love, hurt, grope and explode each other. Whatever this disease is, it starts with a flirt, and ends with insanity. But our trio is able to overcome it by listening to a strange, magically innocuous tune! That's well and good for an innocent crush, but what about a real relationship? Will Sam, Sarah and Paul be emotionally screwed for the rest of their lives, or can they find ways to live in each other's insane lives happily? Is Sam doomed to be the bitter cynic? Will Sarah forgive herself for ... Written by Anonymous

  • Want

    Want (2003)
    Film by Michael Wohl (Drama) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Silicon Valley 1999: A new gold rush is sweeping through California. Everyone is sick with start-up fever; dreaming of the power and freedom of starting their own internet company. The din of advertising offering happiness through consumption is deafaning and sense and reason are quickly being discarded as relics of the 'old economy'. But for Trey Segal, that dream comes at a cost. Contrast in the glamour and wealth of this New Age, Trey's estranged father exposes him to the world of those being left behind. Torn between two worlds, Trey hides from his discomfort in an increasingly dangerous sexual addiction that threatens to destroy not only his new startup ideas, it may destroy his life. Written by Anonymous

  • Nothing Sacred

    Nothing Sacred (2000)
    Film by Mark Huppin (Comedy and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew Three longtime pals live in San Francisco: Darin is married to Natalie, but their family life is too still and Darin is not happy about it, Matt is ladies' magnet but tired of it, trying to get something stable from his relationships, and goofy Kevin doesn't have any success with women at all. Darin starts an affair with his friend's wife Maxine and Matt falls deeply in love with a woman he has seen once. Written by Anonymous

  • Star Control 2

    Star Control 2 (1992)
    Video Game by Fred Ford (Adventure and Sci-Fi) Writer

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