Gianluca Dolfi

Gianluca Dolfi

Vituperio Audiovisual
Director, Filmmaker, Dialogue Editor, Field Recordist and Sound Designer

Stockholm, Sweden

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About Gianluca

After university studies I decided to turn my passion into a job.

The first approach with cinema is through sound, due to a background in sound design and a large interest in music in general.
After many years in the sound department the decision of expanding my filmmaking skills through film directing and editing, brought to a different way of telling stories.

I have up until now directed three short films and worked in the sound department of several long and short films.



  • Pareses

    Pareses (2018)
    Film (Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller and Short) Director An imprisoned human is used as a "Transponder" for an AI corporation computer, the Hive. Through directed mental brainwaves and doses of revealing drugs, the prisoner exposes his brain's full capacity to collect and feed the master computer with information from his surroundings. A cruel mapping of human behavior. After a malfunctioning, the transponder gets overloaded and starts to understand the situation he is in. He now desperately needs to find a way to send out a message for help. Written by Mattias Pettersson

  • Svart Cirkel

    Svart Cirkel (2017)
    Film (Horror) Dialogue Editor Add a Plot »

  • 1% - The Voice Within

    1% - The Voice Within (2017)
    Film (Action) Sound department A Swedish motorcycle club becomes prospects to an international club. The road to being a full patch club is long and tough. Life as a prospect means difficult choices for Johan "Big" Bengtsson, Choices he makes, following his voice within. Written by Mikael P Wilson

  • Eggolution

    Eggolution (2017)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Sci-Fi) Sound department Somewhere in a distant future, the human race finally cracks the ancient conundrum, "whether the chicken came first or the egg?" Since then there has been absolute peace on Earth. Humans have surpassed technological singularity and stopped mass production. Now, they live on recycled material and have invented an 'intuitive trans-coding system' to communicate. Humans have abandoned traditional birth methods. Instead they cultivate human eggs, rationing supply to maintain environmental equilibrium. Occasionally some eggs are defective as they carry highly contagious genes from the 21st century Homo sapiens. How would this Utopian society handle the contamination?

  • Operation Ragnarök

    Operation Ragnarök (2017)
    Film (Action, Drama, Thriller and War) Sound department In a town in southern Sweden, tensions between the locals and immigrants grow. Meanwhile a submarine carrying a strange plague enters the town. The crew infects police officers out to investigate and a full-blooded outbreak begins. The town is isolated by the Swedish army, but the survivors inside, immigrants and locals alike, must band together against the infected. Written by Dr,Beckert

  • Upptaget

    Upptaget (2017)
    Film (Short and Drama) Sound department Madde complicates things when she kisses Oliver at her engagement party. She is supposed to be marrying Adrian who has an affair with Lina, Olivers pregnant girlfriend.

  • 99 Problems

    99 Problems (2017)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Sound department Follow The Blitz, an all new underground gaming club, it's owners and their pursuit of becoming the biggest gaming club in town by confronting the problems given to them by their competition and the people with addictions.

  • Clean Colored Wire

    Clean Colored Wire (2017)
    Film (Short, Horror and Thriller) Sound department A critic gets caught up in a strange mystery of parallel universes when he attends an advance screening of a film entitled "The Most Important Film Ever Made".

  • Pleasure

    Pleasure (2017)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Sound department In the world's oldest profession, it's a rough place out there for a young girl. When she has a secret, things get even more dangerous...but for whom?


    HITGIRL (2017)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama, Family and 1 More) Sound department The year is 1978. Lena and Natalie's mother has passed away and the time has come to clear out her apartment. Things take an unexpected turn when they find a hidden wall covered in photographs of strange women and men. This discovery makes them realize that their mother led a secret life. A life that seemed to be characterized by stalking, spying and in the end, revenge. It doesn't add up with the sister's memories of their quiet, conventional mother who spent most of her time at home cooking and cleaning. As they go through the tapes that she left behind they begin to understand that they never really knew their mother at all.

  • Huldra: Lady of the Forest

    Huldra: Lady of the Forest (2016)
    Film (Drama, Fantasy and Thriller) Sound department Nanna lives a lonely and regimented life in Berlin. When her life crashes she receives a phone call from her long lost love, Martin, who reminds her of their carefree childhood. Martin wants her to join him for a hike in the wilderness together with some of their mutual childhood friends. One of them, Peter (The Swede), has been told of a strange hermitic hippie-like society out in the Swedish wilderness and the group set off on an adventure unaware of the fact that once they reach their destination nothing will ever be the same again. As they are drawn deeper and deeper into the forest mysterious events start to unsettle the dynamics of the group. Reality begins to shift in ways none of them could have imagined and relations between the friends become strained and volatile. They had come looking for adventure, but nothing could have prepared them for what lies in wait... Written by Anonymous

  • Tjuvjägaren

    Tjuvjägaren (2016)
    Film (Biography, Comedy, Crime and Drama) Sound department In late 19th Century, a poacher and his wife moves into a cave where they must fight against society for their right to stay, as well as for their own relationship.

  • Syntax Error

    Syntax Error (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Sound department It has been eight years since 30 year old Wennman last had a good day. In the meantime, his life has been defined by regular visits to a psychologist who is now fed up with the situation. Wennman receives a proposal on a final solution to the problem.

  • Vilsen

    Vilsen (2016)
    Film (Action, Crime, Drama, Horror and 1 More) Sound department Several dead bodies have been found in Gothenburg striking fear into the city's population. We follow Goran Lidman who will head the task of tracing the offender. Clues lead to suspicions of an occult group. The former reverend Gabriella, who has her own reasons for wanting to stop the killings, offers Lidman her help. As Lidman embarks on an involuntary collaboration he must reluctantly accept a world beyond his own understanding in order to stop the perpetrator of the killings. Written by Simon Kölle, Rasmus Tirzitis

  • Libertas

    Libertas (2016)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Sound department Five randomly selected and enslaved citizens are chosen to play a game. With the promise of a free society, they put their fates in the hands of an uprising power. Blaming each other for buying the lies from the current government, mind games begin to emerge. Freedom always comes with a price.

  • Evil Ed Special EDition

    Evil Ed Special EDition (2015)
    Film (Horror) Sound department Add a Plot »

  • Highlighters

    Highlighters (2013)
    Television (Comedy) Sound department Jeremy is the walking embodiment of Murphy's Law. Nothing ever goes his way. So, one night, his two best friends - the perfect couple - take him out for a drink, and instead of telling him everything will get better as they usually do, they poison his beer... And Jeremy couldn't be happier about it. Written by Danny Ward


  • Karlstad University

  • New York film academy

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