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By Wesley Tallant

GENRE: Western
LOGLINE: A deadline to meet causes a trucker to take a mysterious road that is not on a map. He comes across an long abondoned saloon in the deserts of Arizona. Stopping for a nap, he is awakened when the saloon comes to life. He is taken back in time and gets involved in a gunfight and ends up saving the life of his greatgrandmother. 


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William G Chandler Jr

I like it, but I know with a log line in one sense it supposed to be compact. The first line seems good to me. The rest of the information can go into the synopsis, as nice series of lines to immerse the reader, and set-up your work.

Wesley Tallant

Yea, I need more practice on log lines.

Beck Carver

I like this concept. A good logline for this would be: "A truck driver stumbles back in time after a mysterious road leads him to an abandoned saloon where a gunfight ensues."

William Gunn

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William Gunn

The premise is really good. Perhaps try cutting down on the exposition a bit. All in all, a good story.

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