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By Mark Schnug

GENRE: Thriller

A physics professor struggling to explain paranormal events in his life discovers the existence of his childhood friend who drowned at age twelve.


It’s 1984, and best friends Adam and Billy are age twelve. On a cloudy summer day, they jump into the water of a farm pond in their small Kansas town as they’ve always done—except this time only Adam

surfaces. Billy has disappeared. Adam frantically dives underwater but can’t find him. Authorities arrive, and clearly, Billy has drowned, but even when they drag the pond, the body is never recovered.

Devastated with his loss, Adam makes the first of several curious discoveries bordering on the supernatural. A year after Adam’s death, he discovers the remains of a Viking ship in the Kansas woods. Adam wishes Billy built it, but adults believe it to be the handiwork of past eccentric neighbor.

These discoveries continue into adulthood, where Adam has become a physics professor with his wife and son living in Los Angeles. His wife, Kathy, is a marine biologist studying a local pod of whales. When the whales mysteriously are indicated to be on the other side of the world, she presumes the GPS tag has malfunctioned. But Adam thinks there could be more to the event. It’s the beginning of Adam

descending into instability as he desperately tries to understand these events in his life that he hopes could shed light on his childhood trauma.

On a family outing at the beach, there’s a commotion at the pier: something large is spotted in the water. But when Kathy gets in the water to investigate, she discovers it to be an unnaturally large

shark. Unable to explain what she saw, Adam believes it to be a Megalodon, which, of course, is long extinct. Adam forms a theory that these events are lapses in time-space, where objects in the world appear out of place. However, people around him don’t accept his theory of time travel, and the stress takes a toll on his personal life and health. Tension rises in his marriage as a result, and Adam is forced to admit that perhaps he is not of sound mind.

However, things change when his son befriends a homeless boy on the beach. On a last-ditch attempt to pursue his theory, Adam explores the beach himself and discovers his son’s friend is actually Billy,

still age twelve. Billy jumped in the pond in Kansas, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself by the Santa Monica pier, unchanged, but forty years later. While Billy recognizes Adam, he can’t explain what has happened. Adam takes Billy home and introduces him to Kathy, who rejects the theory and is more concerned with Adam than ever. But after some questioning, she comes to realize that this must be Billy.

Regaining credibility, and maybe his sanity, Adam and his wife start caring for Billy and take him back to Kansas to see his dying father. Still struggling to explain the phenomenons, Adam and Billy are led back to the fateful pond. They sit down together on the swim dock. Adam finally comes to terms with reality: Adam’s life has been a product of his imagination, an instant in time in the mind of drowning boy. He was the one to die that day in 1984, not Billy. Adam’s brain created his story, waiting for him to understand and accept his destiny. With the support of his best friend, he’s finally ready. The boys hold hands and jump into the water, this time, allowing Adam’s fate to unfold.

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