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Dariusz Koltuniak

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About Dariusz

I have recently gotten into this whole film & television industry. I am trying & I did learn a few things being an entrepreneur owning my own business. I figured I would apply what I learned to film & televisions and see where it takes me. I have nothing to lose. Literally, laughing to myself.

You have a good film, demo reels or want to know where the hottest auditions are in the country send me a message to my personal page with information and I will post it.

I, Dariusz Koltuniak am interested in adding your info, film, talent or project to my new page. I hope you return the favor & share American Independent Film Society with as many people as possible to get the biggest audience for all of us.

I am your typical American immigrant story. My family left Poland in 1987 when I was five. My father was a political prisoner and a player in the Solidarity movement in Poland in the 80's. When I was five we arrived in the USA with $40 in our pockets and didn't speak English. Persistence beats resistance and we somehow made it in America. Here I am at 32 and still chasing and believing the American Dream is out there. I figure the best way to achieve the American Dream for myself is by helping others get their's first. There is an old saying, "If you help fill other people's pockets first, your pockets will automatically be filled".

I am proud to own and have acquired American Independent Film Society! Marketing some of the hottest independent films, shows & projects in America. We help share & market short films, films, or images we discover. We share projects, auditions, casting calls, groups, ideas, scripts, networking for projects, contacts, business, events, music videos, Independent news videos, ideas, plans, goals or just things that overall pertain to any process of film & photography. We also notify you with the hottest auditions and information in the country.

The whole point will be to market for individuals to use their creative process to create something out of nothing and help get them in front of the right pair of eyes. Also, the goal is as the group grows, to market individuals & projects to a world wide audience. Open to the public. From novice to Pro. Please help like & share with your friends and let's become one of the most influential societies in film & television.

The Why?

You have to find your why. Why you get up everyday in the morning. Some people think it is because of money. I am 32 years old and have been around a little while and seen a little bit, by this point. I would like to think of my life and the things I have experienced as not the average apple that falls from the tree. Some things I have witnessed & learned that remain true in my young adult life to this day.
One of them is if your why is to have a big house, social status and materialistic things you will not find comfort or happiness in them long term. Those things are chasing an endless supply of water for a bucket that has a huge hole in the bottom. You never can quite fill it. No matter how hard you try or how rich you get you will never truly fill that bucket called our heart with money & things long term.
The things I have found in my young adult life that do truly
fill our bucket (Our hearts) is love, family, sense of accomplishment, true friends, travel, natural highs/experiences & God.
For example, take a look at this place below I discovered today in The Australian. It is in the Blue Mountains, Australia somewhere. It is so amazing looking at it almost doesn't even look real. You want to know one of my why's?
Living life to the fullest & being able to camp for 2 weeks as a place as beautiful as this. Breathing in through my soul.
Thanks for listening & supporting a immigrant with a dream!
Dariusz Koltuniak
Founder of American Independent Film Society


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