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About Clive

I am married with three children, I was born and raised and still live in Oxford. In 2005 I was made disabled from an accident at work and I am now housebound and in a wheelchair.
I have taken that time at home, not to think of what has happened, but to continue with my writing.
I am a writer of different genres, but write mainly horror and write under the pseudonym of Robert H. Tempest. Within my writing, I enjoy background research in not only the characters but locations (I spend time in areas my stories are set, to get a feel of the place) and subjects the characters are involved with (police work, medical, etc.).
I started writing, on a whim, just after the birth of my first son, with which I wrote a biography of my life for him when he was older.
With that completed I started my first story, Never Say Die, (Not yet published) a thriller set in the West Country U.K. With it being my first story, I didn’t know how to lay out the story, how long a story had to be, etc. When it was completed (I thought) I looked to see about getting it published and found out where I was going wrong, and that for a novel it was too short, so I put the story on the shelf and for the next couple of years it was collecting dust.
With my next story, Blood Moon, a horror story, set on the Norfolk Broads, I went in with my eyes open and knew how long it was supposed to be and how to lay out the story, so I took my time to get it right and when I thought I had finished it, sent it out to agents, but it was getting nowhere, agents either didn’t like it, or wasn’t what they were looking for, but instead of giving up, as I did with my first story, I carried on, sending it to nearly every agent in the book. But still, no one was interested.
While I was looking for an agent, I had other stories to write, so I next wrote a screenplay called Entombed, for the late actress, Ingrid Pitt, who was looking for a twenty-minute story for a trilogy she was planning to do. When I was nearly finished, her husband, Tony, contacted me to say there was a change of plans, as the backers now wanted a full feature. So I thought about it and filled out the story and came up with extra storylines and when finished, sent it to her and was then told the backers had changed their minds and now wanted to go with the original idea and I was left with an unwanted story.
Now after many years of wasting my time with agents and getting my stories touched up by a great editor, Roxane Christ, I even pulled down my first story Never Say Die, and brought it up to standard.
With encouragement from Roxane and my wife, I never gave up. I am now uploading my stories to Amazon Kindle for people to buy and read.
In that time, I have ghost-written two scripts as well as written scripts for myself, a book of 3 short horror stories and a book of 8 short children’s stories.
I am self-motivated, enthusiastic and flexible in approaching new projects and I would like to connect with like-minded writers!
I am looking for other writers who can help me hone my writing and possibly collaborate as a writing partner.

I write under two other names besides my own. Robert H. Tempest for Horror and Sylvia Hewitt for children’s stories.
January 1996. I wrote a short story entitled ‘Never Say Die’.
This thriller story is set in Ilfracombe in North Devon. Craig Williams lives in Patchway, near Bristol with his wife, Rebecca and small child. Craig used to be a government agent with an MI-6 branch called the ‘A’ Section.
May 2000. Began writing my first novel entitled ‘Blood Moon’.
A modern-day werewolf story, which is set in the quiet countryside of the Norfolk broads and the surrounding villages of Reedham, Halvergate, Freethorpe and the seaside resort of Great Yarmouth.
October 2004. Completed script for Blood Moon and adapted the short story ‘Never Say Die’ into a novel and screenplay.
November 2004. Was asked by Tony Rudlin, husband of Hammer Horror actress Ingrid Pitt, to write a script for Hammer Glamour Films.
April 2005. Completed script entitled ‘Entombed’ for Ingrid Pitt’s company, Hammer Glamour Films.
(This script wasn’t used for Ingrid Pitt’s company and is still at present waiting to be taken on by an agent.)
September 2005. Completed a horror script entitled ‘Hell’s Angel’.
October 2007. After 7 years of research started both script and manuscript of a story called ‘The Wheal Eliza Murder’. A true crime story set on the moors of Exmoor in 1858.
September 2011. Through an agency with my editor Roxane Christ, was offered $600 for a chance at ghost-writing a story for somebody and with the agreement of Roxane, decided to use a story I had already written, entitles Hell’s Angel.
January 2013. Published the Blood Moon sequel, The Cursed Kiss, with
June/ July 2013. I decided to move from offthebookshelf and went to CreateSpace, where I placed all three of my books which sold a bit better. They are now on Amazon kindle.
July 2015. I wrote a film script called The Dream Maker Parts 1, 2, & 3.
The Dream Maker is a fantasy based on intrinsic truth. It is a story that will take the audience beyond the realm of imagination and onto a road where they will rediscover the essence of virtues and opposing evil. August 2015. I wrote a film script called War of Innocents.
This action story is about, Michael Bekker, a Special Forces soldier, who after spending time in an Iraqi jail, for something he didn’t do, just after the Iraqi war, comes home to his apartment in West Hollywood, California, dishonourably discharges from the army and takes a job offer from the CIA.
August 2016. Sold the right to Blood Moon and Blood Moon: The Cursed Kiss to Manuscript Buyer.
April 2017 – February 2020. I wrote 8 short stories for children aged between the ages of 3-8, entitled A Ghost, A Gnome, A Haunted house and A Troll.
Tony the Troll and the Present Hunt, The Knight in a School Uniform, The Haunted House on Mockingbird Street, Harry and Archie, Ghost in the Basement, Carrotsticks and the Worst Birthday Ever, The Man in the Woods, The Gnome.
September 2018. I wrote 3 short horror stories entitled Gruesome.
Cold Harvest, The Gorilla’s Hand, Vampire or Not!
February 2020. Reworked Hell’s Angel into a script, changed characters and setting to America.
April 2020. Decided to devote more time to writing scripts, although I still have more children's story ideas.
May 2020. Started working on two new scripts. Island of the Lost Souls, a horror, and Wolfhunt, a World War 2 action and adventure.
August 2020.
Put Island of the Lost Souls and Wolf Hunt scripts on hold as I need to do some research, which is hard to do in person as the COVID-19 lockdown has been put in place and some internet searches are limited in the information of what I am looking for.
September 2020.
Started and finished, adapting my short story, Cold Harvest (Synopsis on page 1) into a 12-page short script.
October 2020.
Started a short tale of the unexpected story, called Tight-Fisted.
November 2020.
Finished Tight-Fisted and started research for an unnamed action and adventure spy story.
I write under two other names besides my own. Robert H. Tempest for Horror and Sylvia Hewitt for children’s stories.
April 2021.
Joined ISA Network and put on the following scripts, Entombed, Never Say Die!, Hell’s Angel, Cold Harvest and Tight-Fisted.




  • Entombed

    Entombed Horror A quaint seaside town is rattled by a botched mummification, a killer taxidermist, and a Machiavellian realtor.

  • Hell's Angel

    Hell's Angel Horror A police detective and a 370-year-old warlock, fight to save the township of Fairfax Haven, Connecticut from a revengeful witch, killing the descendants of the town, who burnt her at the stake in 1650.

  • Never Say Die!

    Never Say Die! Thriller A weekend away with his family, turns out to be a nightmare for ex-British agent, as his past is catching up with fast and once the hunter, he now becomes the hunted. Can he survive the weekend and still keep his family from knowing his past?

  • Cold Harvest

    Cold Harvest Budget: $0 - $100K | Horror A meteorite lands in the snow on the land at a murderess organ donor harvester causes a strange and horrific scenario, where the victims take revenge in a frosty way.

  • Tight-Fisted

    Tight-Fisted Budget: $0 - $100K | Horror Being tight-fisted has its perks, but there is a time you wished you’d spent the extra for a peaceful night.

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