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By Jermaine Nix

GENRE: Action, Mystery, Horror, Adventure

The weapons are so powerful that God can't control it!


The beginning of Project Zirus started as a simple as a evil doctor name DR. Anthony that work and designed a weapon so powerful that god can’t control it in a FTC basement. As he design the weapon on humans, making the humans stronger and faster, he didn’t plan on making the weapon so powerful that his designs all died, but after few days when he put the bodies in body bags, his dead bodies started to disappear. He wasn’t sure if the weapons that he design just got eaten by animals, because he would have the bodies outside because of the smell, but he kept working on the design on humans. You're probably wondering who will volunteer to be a test subject, Dr. Anthony hired FTC agents to get people from the streets to be his test dummies, but one day he found one of his bodies inside his shop walking around normal, as DR. Anthony approached his victim, the victim turn fast and grabbed Dr. Anthony in the neck, Dr. Anthony reached from his gun and shot the Zombie in the head, the zombie hit the ground, but few seconds later the zombie woke up and got up. Dr. Anthony just didn’t make the zombies powerful he made them indestructible! When the president of FTC found out what Dr.Anthony was really doing, DR.Anthony had to run away somewhere no one would find him. Dr.Anthony was suppose to be testing on dead bodies not alive ones. The FTC agents that Dr.Anthony hired were also fired. Then we thought about adding a twist into the film.

Like you have heard that zombies can run & jump from the resident evil movies. Well we were thinking that the zombies can run, jump, climb, swim, speak and act like a normal human but still be a dead flesh eating zombie. We were thinking about making the zombies act like humans of the fact a zombie brain is shut down, like how can a zombie speak and act like a human if their brain isn’t working? Then we were thinking the Zirus (Virus) that is inside them is controlling their mind and body. The Zirus can take about a full week to take over your whole body. So half of your body wants to act normal and your other half of your body is controlled by the Zirus. As you read above getting shot in the head or anywhere you can’t die. So powerful you could get shoot hundreds times and still be alive. There are many different types of zombies, you have the Walkers, Jumpers, Climbers, Unders, Speed Demons, Bombers, and Mini’s. All zombies have different type of looks. So zombies can even control of their skin color, eye color and hair color. Zombies can also eat normal food without getting sick, but to stay alive and strong they need human flesh and blood.

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