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By Alex Stitt

GENRE: Drama, Family

A young adult orphan finds "family' in the city folk who inherit "Morning View", the farm he covets. But when the land and nature snatch them to death he must  overcome his devastation and rejection of the land to re-join his community,  finally renouncing Morning View for a life with his childhood sweetheart.


Set at the turn of the twentieth century, MORNING VIEW is a “coming of age” drama about an awkward young jackaroo who loves the land and his horse. Orphaned years ago and driven by the need to not rely on charity, he dreams of one day owning the premier but neglected property “Morning View”. His dream is shattered when Morning View is inherited and taken up by a city couple trying to escape their grief for a dead child.

The jackaroo is forced to help these people find their feet in a strange world.The couple treat him with respect and love leading him to form a close bond with them. They become almost a family. When all seems perfect, first the woman, then the man are killed in horrific natural disasters inflicted by the land. Devastated at his loss, and blaming himself and Morning View, the jackaroo turns his back on everything, including his beloved horse, and runs away to the city.

He is deeply unhappy living and working in the city, drifting from job to job, but his pain is too great to return. The dying request of the woman who raised him to see him one last time drags him reluctantly back. Initially elated to see her, he is devastated when she dies moments after he leaves her, again blaming the land. The mentor he never knew he had tells him he is wrong. His mentor takes him to the grave of the horse he abandoned, and here he feels his dead mate gives him permission to befriend a new horse. He meets again the girl he had a crush on when he was jackarooing, and finds she’s still single.

At the woman’s funeral, he finally accepts he was “family” to her and sits with her natural children, who always felt he was family. The townsfolk show him how much he’s been missed. He surprises his mentor by passing up the opportunity to own Morning View, instead making a life with the girl and helping her run her aging parents’ farm.

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