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By Alex Stitt

GENRE: Drama

When a successful young executive finds his childhood sexual abuser is still preying on boys, he first tries to re-bury his past, then to thwart the abuser and finally turns vigilante, with disasterous results.


Ugly Justice is a drama about 25 year old Jock, an ambitious and moralistic executive angling to marry his girlfriend.When he sees a picture of the teacher who sexually abused him and a friend as small boys, memories of terrible sequence of abuses over years, and the suicide of his friend, awaken.

He embarks on a quest to locate his abusers and is shocked to find they are still active in the community and the worst one is still preying on children. Jock is on the radar of police as a potential victim but when he approaches them they appear unsympathetic.He attempts to alert the institutions where the abusers “worked” but finds only rejection and anger as they try to protect themselves.He confronts his first two abusers and they mock him, aggravating his shame.Meanwhile his work performance is tanking and his relationship with his girlfriend is falling apart.He finally locates his third abuser and is horrified to learn that this man felt Jock invited sex. Jock deludes himself that if he threatens the teacher with a gun the man might repent.The police team are at war with each other, the junior constable thinking the sergeant is on a crusade and the sergeant believing he might never bring the teacher to justice through the law.The sergeant conceals knowledge of Jock’s gun from the constable.Overpowered by his anger and frustration, Jock convinces himself the only way to avenge his friend’s suicide is to murder the teacher and he prepares for a hit.Sergeant suspects this and works to make it happen.

Observed by the police, Jock confronts the teacher and attempts to kill him.The sergeant prevents the constable from intervening. But Jock cannot do the deed, and flees leaving the sergeant frustrated and angry and the constable horrified at the sergeant’s actions.

Realising he took the wrong course, Jock opens up to his girlfriend and workmates, finding support he did not expect.He approaches the police and works to get other victims to testify, finally winning convictions of the teacher.He is shocked that he delights at the teacher’s murder in prison.His first ordeal over, Jock turns his energies to avenging his boyhood friend by leading other victims from his school in using the courts to financially ruin the school.

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