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By Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

GENRE: Drama
LOGLINE: Raisin in the sun ensues the Color Purple. The coming of age tale about a little 13 year old boy ,that has dreams of being a musician. When family visits from Louisiana, competition becomes stiff, so he fights for life.


1999, Somerville, TX 13 year old Alvin Wilson has dreams of making it big in the entertainment bizz. The fact that he's a little lazy at times makes the world seem a lot cruel. Raised in a country surrounding ,which are simple & plain ,but with a gang of musically inclined friends life is all but simple. As a close-knit group the kids learn what it is like to grow together ,and being poor is just one of the obstacles they have to overcome. Adventure is around every corner as the bunch search for buried treasure & unlock mysteries. When his cousin Darien comes to visit from Louisiana, Alvin has to step it up a notch as competition becomes stiff between the two boys. As Alvin looks for looks for inspiration, the thought of growing up poor brings unfortunate pressure ,and it shows in his schoolwork. When summer approaches, Alvin goes to visit with his father Alvin Sr. From there he has the chance of a life time to become an amateur musician ,but he quickly finds out failure is a part of life.


Ext. Big Mama’s House. Day 1995 The Big Red Farm House sits on a few acres onside a country road at The Edge of The Woods. Blacks work hard Unloading Hay & commodities as a local farmer barters & Deals Feed to continue work on The Land. Ext. Big Mama’s House. Day Children play Man hunt in The Yard as workers dig ditches, work The Garden, hustle fouls, feed chickens and, Feed horses. Some fetch water to fill The Troughs while, others milk The Cows and, paint The House. Ext. Big Mama’s House. Day On the porch a man Plays The Harmonica up on a stool and, hide & seek is just beginning as Kids Hide from The Countdown. Work is Tedious & hot as The Dogs Bark in The sun. Ext. Big Mama’s House. Day The Wind Kicks up Leaves & make The Gate on a fence Swing open. A man rushes to Close it; before chickens can Run Loose then, The Man stops to Light a Rolled up Cigarette. Ext. Big Mama’s House. Day Before he takes a break; He Empties a bag of soil onto The Ground. He puts The Bag Down & hollers at a co-worker. As a carpenter comes down off a Ladder; a crowd gathers by The Porch. Int. Big Mama’s House. Day The living area has a couch & TV with all The Normal Accessories. Lunch is being put into The Oven and, The Table needs To Be Reset. Breakfast was short and, sweet. Int. Big Mama’s House. Day People protest outside. Signs flood The Windows against Unlawful Practices, Black people & their Music. Inside a black family Watches TV suddenly The Power goes Out. LITTLE ALVIN: (Pleading) Somebody please change the channel I am tired of watching cartoons. BIANCA: It’s Looney Tunes & it is good, for your soul. BIG BOY KEVIN: (Mad) You want me to change the channel; there I changed it Brady Bunch. KIDS: (Complaining) Awe man why you changed it? BIG BOY KEVIN: See then I’ll change it back. CINDY: I can’t wait until my father gets home so, I can get some sweets: gingerbread, cookies, cupcakes Mm. LITTLE ALVIN: Man, I am going back to sleep. BIG BOY KEVIN: You lazy you; always sleeping. You want to play, but you don’t work. LITTLE ALVIN: (Angry) Shut up before I knock you out! Int. Big Mama’s House. Day Bianca goes to The Screen Door & Looks outside. All The Protesters have left. Alvin throws a pillow at Kevin. Kevin catches The Pillow, then Chunks It to The Side. Int. Big Mama’s House. Day Bianca decides To Play a joke. Larry stands up & Break dances. Alvin joins in Pop Locking. Bianca looks out of The Screen Door onto The Side Walk. The sidewalk lay Baron. BIANCA: (Loud & clear) Ya’ll they coming back; psych I got you! LARRY: I don’t want to go back outside with those crazy people. GLADYS: Well do something to stay busy. LITTLE ALVIN: (Jokily) Goodnight I’m going to sleep. GLADYS: At Six o’clock after you finish your homework you can go outside. LARRY: (Loud & clear) Introducing Yellow Star! BIANCA: Hey, everybody how you doing? GLADYS: Kid’s go down to your cousin’s house & get me 1dz. Eggs, 1½ gallon of margarine & a lb. of bacon. LITTLE ALVIN: (Excited) You Want to race? Int. Big Mama’s House. Day The Kids get ready To Play performer, where you grab The Spotlight. Larry Introduces Bianca. Bianca Sings & slaps her butt jokily while, The Others watch & applaud. Ext. Big Mama’s House. Day Kevin runs out The Door. The Other Kids shoot after him. Cindy sprints after Kevin. Alvin & Bianca race on a count of three; down to a Little White House. A man digging a garden gets H2o Tossed on His Head. CINDY: Everybody laugh at him! BIG BOY KEVIN: I’m tired shoot you laugh. CINDY: (Arrogant) I’m tired of you. LITTLE ALVIN: Where the basketball at? BIANCA: (Sarcastically) You know it’s a game where bounce a little orange ball. CINDY: Maybe he needs another drink. LITTLE ALVIN: That‘s it throw another bucket of water on his head! OLD WOMEN: (Yelling) Get out of here you old red hound dog! HARD WORKER: One day you boys & girls will know the true value of hard work. Ext. Ms. Google’s House. Day The kids stand & watch The Good For, Nothing dig a ditch. As he puffs on a cigar; He Scoops a Pile of dirt at The Kids Feet. A Tubman looking women throws a Second Bucket of Water On His Head splash! Ext. Ms. Google’s House. Day The man throws down The Shovel & bucks up to Kevin Backing Him Up. A truck pulls up To Big mama’s; Alvin Looks. A working man In A Suit hops out. The truck heads down Towards The Kids. Alvin, then bucks up at him. CINDY: Kevin, Alvin one of ya’ll beat him up; do it now do it fast hurry! BIG BOY KEVIN: (Scared) I‘m too small. HARD WORKER: You feeling froggy, then leap! TRUCK DRIVER: (Yelling) Leave them kids B & get to work! LITTLE ALVIN: (Excited) What now huh what? HARD WORKER: Oh so now you gone do something; boy you a fighter if I seen one. CINDY: (Arrogant) Alvin isn’t afraid of anything right Alvin? HARD WORKER: That’s it I’m going to take a shit ya’ll leave me alone! LITTLE ALVIN: Why don’t you go in the house? Ext. Ms. Google’s House. Day The man down at The end of The Street waves like He Is Bringing In A Airplane, then goes Inside The Screen Door. The hard worker squares Up With The Kids. Unexpectedly he gets another bucket of water Thrown On Him. The Tubman Women picks up a broom & Begins Sweeping. The hard worker goes around back. OLD WOMEN: Because we don’t have a toilet. KEVIN: Well, Go Ahead & ask her that’s your job Little Alvin. OLD WOMEN: Well aren’t you gone ask me something? ALVIN: (Nervously) I need 1 dz. Eggs & a ½ gallon of margarine. The hard worker Comes Back; she reaches behind The Door & Throws Him some Tissue. ALVIN: (Nervously) Can I use the restroom to? OLD WOMEN: You nobody special go around back. The old Tubman women Looks Suspiciously, Then Tosses Alvin some toilet paper. ALVIN: Thank you. OLD WOMEN: How many eggs are in 1 dozen? CINDY: Twelve. OLD WOMEN: What’s another name for margarine? KEVIN: Butter, & we need a lb. of bacon. Int. Ms. Google’s House. Day The house is dim; with Buckets In Each Corner. Bianca turns her back, while Kevin Takes a wiz. He washes His Hands in The Bathroom with no toilet, while The Women Shows Bianca The Fridge; Kevin finishes up. OLD WOMEN: I’m Shirley & I’m sorry about the toilet, but you can still wash up. KEVIN: It’s ok. SHIRLEY: If you gotta use it pick a corner. BIANCA: I’m alright. SHIRLEY: You always want to keep extra butter around it‘s handy. BIANCA: What’s the difference? SHIRLEY: Margarine has been stirred over & over again until it is like cream & butter is pressed down & mashed. KEVIN: You mean smashed. SHIRLEY: No, mashed not quite smashed, but pressed & molded; now run home. Int. Ms. Google’s House. Day Shirley gives Bianca 1 dz eggs, 1 lb of Bacon, ½ gallon of Margarine & shows her The Butter. Kevin comes Out Of The Restroom & Joins The two in The Kitchen. Out back Alvin digs up a clear Spot To Shit. Shirley comes outside & checks on him. SHIRLEY: (Yells) Pick a spot that’s been filled I don’t want a bunch of shit holes! ALVIN: (Yells) I’m ok! He unfastens His Pants & Pops a Squat. Ms. Google Sobs in The Back room by herself. SHIRLEY: You kids go visit Ms. Google. GOOGLE: My, my, you kids sure have grown since the last time I seen you. So, beautiful so, handsome. What ya’ll gone be when you get older? KEVIN: I want to be a Boxer. CINDY: I want to be a dancer. As the kids crowd around Ms. Google. She takes a good look at them one by one. GOOGLE: You can be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it. KEVIN: What you gone do Ms. Google? GOOGLE: It’s far too late, for me it’s about you. Let me tell you about history. A long time ago during the civil war. Soldiers fought, for this land. Brave men dropped like flies. Finally one side lost; just gave up, because there was too much bloodshed. The General of the Confederate army dropped to his knees, and surrendered his badge. The enemy showed no remorse whatsoever, and shot the general in the stomach. You see because, the General was a cruel man he had to be killed one way or another. He’d hang trespassing slaves; in a small grove out in the woods, Then leave them hanging with a key, so if you held on to it you would’ve been able to unlock the gates of purgatory, and find your way out of suffering. On top of that he was a lady killer. When the slave’s mistress found out; she became brave, and spoke bold about the killings a few days later she came up missing. Her family, contacted the mayor; & got a search party going, but could never find the body. They cleared so much land; they had to build a pasture to cover their tracks. The same pasture right next to the big house. Yes, What I am saying is do not go off all lively into those woods trusting your instincts. You might fall into the same circumstances as your enemy, and become the hunted. Ext. Old country road. Day The kids head out back up The Street to Big mama’s house. An old truck pulls & Picks Up Kevin. Bianca hands Alvin The Goods & begins race. Cindy takes off & Bianca Trips Trying to win. Alvin smirks as Cindy runs off. Ext. Old country road. Day Alvin gets left behind Carrying The Half Gallon of margarine, 1 Dozen Eggs, and The 1 lb Of Bacon. As he walks at a pace That Won’t Break The Bags; he sees Bianca holding Her Knee; she’s hurt & She Needs Help. ALVIN: (Arrogant) Here help me with these groceries while you down there saving energy. BIANCA: It hurts, You just gone stand there, and look; help me up! ALVIN: Hey, what did Mrs. Google say? BIANCA: Nothing special. ALVIN: (Jokily) Well, I’m off to work. BIANCA: (Screams) You go to hell Alvin! BIANCA: You ignorant, but that’s why I like you. Tell me more about the future. ALVIN: We all gone be super rich; everything we could ever want Limos, diamonds anything. Ext. Country Road. Day Alvin & Bianca limp back Up The Street. Bianca uses Alvin as a Krutch. A maroon truck Pulls Up & Honks. Alvin drops Bianca & hops on the back, but He Can’t do it; He Can’t leave her Behind, So He Jumps Off. BIANCA: What I’m gone be doing? ALVIN: Making music, while singing & dancing your good at it to. BIANCA: Why do people keep protesting for? ALVIN: They don‘t like our music. Ext. Big Mama’s House. Night Alvin & Bianca limp back To The House. A few protesters Picket Outside. The kids make their way Through The Crowd. When The Crowd Dies Big Mama burns some sage. Int. Big Mama’s House. Night Larry is in front Of The TV playing performer, for Bruce & Gladys. Gladys gives a Standing Ovation, then goes back To Cooking while, Bruce rolls a Cigarette. Int. Big Mama’s House. Night It begins to rain. Bianca eats an apple & Watches out The Screen Door. The power goes out again; luckily for, Bruce The Circuit Breaker is inside. Dinner arrives on time; The Family Sits, and & eats together. Int. Big Mama’s House. Night The kids play a card game at The Table. Gladys knit’s a quilt. Alvin & Bianca sing We Are The Champions in front of the TV, While Bruce blows The Harmonica. A cab pulls up Cindy Runs to get in. Int. Big Mama’s House. Night A man gets out & runs up to The Screen Door; he has a child with him. Soaked & wet They Step inside. He folds up His Umbrella, then Hangs His Jacket. He Introduces Darien. The kid Is Just Waking Up, and is Rubbing His eyes. His father takes His Jacket Off. UNCLE JIM: We came all the way from Louisiana. The rain flooded the streets; say something boy. DARIEN: I like hot sauce? Everybody laughs; Gladys invites them in With Open Arms. Jim & Darien sit down. GLADYS: We have some pork chops left over if you want them? UNCLE JIM: You know I can‘t pass up one of your home cooked pork chops. Gladys returns To The Kitchen. Darien writes something down on a Piece Of Paper. ALVIN: I know what we can do; we can have writing contest! BIANCA: No fair you already won; it’s like you write in your sleep. Gladys brings In A Plate, for Jim & Darien; A Pork chop, and a Ham Burger. GLADYS: We didn’t have any more pork chops; you just going to have to settle, for a burger. DARIEN? I like hot sauce. Int. Big Mama’s House. Night Everybody laughs again. Alvin stands up & Clears His Throat, then begins to read one of His Short Stories he writes time to time; Every Body Listens in. LARRY: Alvin what’s your story about? ALVIN: Outer Space. BRUCE: Well Lets here it. ALVIN: The moon was filled with honey. The honey spilled all over. The moon police came to investigate. They investigated that people came to steal the honey. Somebody said Hey why would they want to steal my honey? Maybe they were hungry & boarded a spaceship & flew to the moon & got angry when they found out the police were around. They probably hit the moon with the stolen rocket & moon candy spilled all over. The moon police heard about the sabotage & investigated it was fraud; because the bad people left, they stated it was an accident. The moon police got angry & trashed everything. BRUCE: Boy what the hell you been doing? you haven’t been touching my pipe? Int. Big Mama’s House. Night Kevin throws a pillow at Alvin & The Kids Dog Pile. In the middle Of The Night; Alvin wakes up, and hurries To a Desk to write on a piece of Paper. Bianca awakes to see Alvin Jotting Down On Paper. She shakes Kevin next to her. BIANCA: (Nervously) Kevin wake up there’s something wrong with Alvin. KEVIN: (Mad) So hit him. She wonders what He’s Up To. She tries to go back to sleep, but She Can’t She’s Worried. BIANCA: (Thoughtfully) What you doing up; a bad dream? ALVIN: I’m down my dreams? Alvin continues to write On A Piece Of Paper. Bianca looks at him Curiously. BIANCA: What are you writing about? ALVIN: The future. BIANCA: Like what? ALVIN: Like me being a movie star, you singing, and dancing. Bianca wraps herself in Her Blanket & Peers around The Dark Room; everyone’s sleep. ALVIN: You should try to get some sleep. BIANCA: Well I’m awake now. Int. Big Mama‘s House. Night Bianca walks over to Alvin & gives him a kiss he Stops Writing for, a second. Alvin Stands Up & runs outside. Bianca follows Him. She can barlely See In The Dark. Alvin Creeps Up & Scares Her. BIANCA: Boy what’s wrong with you? You know you can’t see the future. ALVIN: I wish I could though. Hey, I got something to show you; follow me. BIANCA: Wait! ALVIN: Let me show you something come on. BIANCA: (Afraid) Boy if you think about putting your hands on me I’ll scream. ALVIN: BOO! DARIEN: (Mischief) What are we up to? ALVIN: We came to feed the horse. What are you doing up go back inside. DARIEN: I couldn’t sleep, so I came outside to see what to do. Ext. Big Mama’s House. Night A Horse walks To The Fence. Alvin & Bianca feed The Horse. Darien walks outside to See What Is Going On. Bianca & Alvin kiss. They don’t Pay him any mind and, Darien gets mad. Darien moves In For a Kiss; Bianca looks & smiles. Darien smiles at Bianca. DARIEN: I want a Kiss to. ALVIN: (Angry) You can’t have one; back up! Alvin pushes Darien Down; He Pulls out a knife. Alvin gets afraid & Jumps Back. BIANCA: I can stand up, for myself, and leave him alone I think he’s cute. ALVIN: (Surprised) What? Darien gets up off the ground & holds The Knife Out In Front. DARIEN: (Serious) No more Alvin. I want you to get on your knees, and beg for mercy. ALVIN: That’s a butter knife you crazy. A mystic song Fills The Air, and A shooting Star Falls Into The Upstairs Window. BIANCA: (Surprised) Look a shooting star you two quit fighting, and make a Wish! ALVIN: Listen do you hear music; it‘s coming from Big Mama’s room. Darien runs upstairs to see what’s going on Followed by Alvin & Bianca. BIANCA: Wait for me! DARIEN: Big Mama. ALVIN: Big Mama what‘s wrong? BIG MAMA: (Spry) Now children I want you to eat all your vegetables, so you can grow up to be big & strong. ALVIN: Yes, Big Mama. Int. Big Mama’s House. Night Kevin Is shocked, Big Mama’s hair is Brushing itself & The Ghost Of A Lady is in the corner. The falling star hovers Above The Children’s Head, then explodes in a Blue Solar Flare; they are amazed. Int. Big Mama’s house. Night The ghost Points A Finger at The Kids, then vanishes. The next morning Work As Usual. Workers plow the field, paint the house & Dig In The Garden. The kids go to school. Int. School Bus. Day The kids load Onto The School Bus. Alvin & Bianca, take one bus; Kevin & Darien have to take The Small Bus. Larry & His Family drive all The Way Across town to go to school, Because He’s Real Bad. Int. School Bus. Day A couple Of well known bullies Pick On Alvin so, he moves to The Back Of The Bus. He brings a Knife, For Protection. He threatened Them Until They Cried, then he threw it out the window when They Snitched. Int. School Bus. Day In The Back a girl who Alvin thinks is One of The Most Beautiful shares her goodies and, Smiles. Alvin who was in too much of a hurry to pack a snack Smacks His Forehead. Int. Cafeteria. Day The lunch room Is Loud & Crowded. All you can hear is The Clickity Clank of silverware as The Little Kids wash down their food with Grade A Milk & talk About What They Like. Int. Cafeteria. Day Alvin walks through The Lunch Line. He looks up to the cafeteria lady. So much pressure in His World Combined with all The Ruckus; freaks him Out & He Drops his Tray. Int. Nurses office. Day The nurse runs A test on Alvin Checking His Temperature, and His BP. She figures It’s Just A Growing Pains & sends Him off To His 3rd Class; English his favorite time of day. Int. Classroom. Day The kids laugh at The Class Clown Making Fart Noises. He is sent to The Front. All The Kids Work Hard On their short story. Finally They Get To Present. Alvin stands at The Front of The Room & presents. TEACHER: Today you will be writing about about your favorite animal. CLASS CLOWN: My favorite animal is Hippo a Fart-A- Muss! TEACHER: You, move your desk to the front. CLASS CLOWN: Butt. TEACHER: No buts. TEACHER: Alvin Wilson what do you have for us today. ALVIN: My story is called the little rabbit that couldn’t; Couldn’t be a frog. There once a rabbit in a field far away. A rabbit that was perfect. The rabbit could leap higher than the lilies, and pounce farther than the Dandy Lions. His teeth were as sharp as a thumbtack, and as clean as a whistle. His little rabbit nose would wiggle, and tickle in the grass of the field. His fur was like warm Velvet, and foreign fabric. He had a tail of cotton as white as they come, and laced with barbs. The rabbit’s ears were long, and powerful he could here all the way to China & clear across the world. Although this rabbit had a perfect pounce, perfect teeth, perfect fur, and perfect rabbit ears. He could not be a frog; something he always wanted to be rib bit. TEACHER: Why do you suppose the rabbit wanted to be a frog so bad? ALVIN: Because frogs get the girls. CLASS CLOWN: (Arrogant) Man that was weak! ALVIN: (Angry) You shut up! Int. Classroom. Day The class clown Stands Up to Alvin. Alvin & boy get In A Fight. Alvin is sent home with A Note Safety Pinned To His Shirt. Alvin gets his Butt Whooped, for Fighting In class. To relieve pain He Runs In The Yard. GLADYS: (Serious) You like to slap people huh. Bruce he was Fighting in school again. BRUCE: (Serious) I Thought I told you school isn’t a boxing gym; Come here! BIANCA: What you doing? We got a show tonight aren‘t you coming? ALVIN: I’m not going. BIANCA: Why not? ALVIN: (Angry) Every time I asks, for something it always goes wrong. Maybe one day you gone be rich, and you going to have everything you want, but not me I’m a loser. BIANCA: (Mad) I’m not a loser; you can play with life, but this is mine! Ext. Big Mama’s House. Day Alvin’s depression angers Bianca. A Car Pulls Up It’s Darien & The Guys. She runs & Jumps In The Car. Alvin continues to Run Until Sundown. Gladys watches him from The porch. She wonders What To Do With Him. The next day the Black Mafia Drops Off A 1/2 lb. of Marijuana & Expects Bruce To Sell It. BRUCE: (Surprised) What’s this shit. GANGSTER: (Serious) Bruce I’m your cousin now, and you need to get a job! BRUCE: I don’t think I can sell this stuff; it’s illegal GANGSTER: (Serious) You got mouths to feed these kids need to eat. I won’t have you walking around here like some peddler. Pay me back when you can. The kids sit on a Tail Gate as The Mafia leaves; Jim Finds Something In The Yard. UNCLE JIM: Bruce look at this; I found out what that bad smell was. BRUCE: Can’t you see I’m busy! UNCLE JIM: I got something to show you. At first when I seen it; I was like it can’t be human. BRUCE: Kids ya’ll get over & look at this. Tell me what ya’ll think. The Kids jump off the tail gate & run over to Bruce & Jim. They find a dead dear. DARIEN: It’s a dead dear. BRUCE: Aren’t no coyotes around here. ALVIN: It looks like a wolf got it. BRUCE: (Serious) I want you kids to stay out of those woods you hear me Alvin. At night the kids Run Through The Woods Searching, for treasure. BIANCA: Follow me. ALVIN: (Nervously) We really shouldn‘t be doing this. DARIEN: Where’s the grove at? ALVIN: What grove? The Kids Stop In A Clear Opening to look around, and treasure hunt. DARIEN: I found a flashlight. BIANCA: If you were a general where would you hide the key? ALVIN: What is going on? BIANCA: Ms. Google told us a story about a hangman, and a lost key. The kids Look Around, for a key. They Encounter wild noises & Falling Branches. ALVIN: Why we even trusting her? You bring us out here to get lost you stupid. BIANCA: You better be careful what you say to me little Alvin. ALVIN: Why? BIANCA: Because I could be the one to save your life one day. Darien backs up, and Trips Over A Stump. Alvin & Bianca rush to Help Him Up. BIANCA: Darien! DARIEN: Ya’ll two dummies quit fighting, and help me up. Bianca Finds A Key in the stump. The old key shines in the moonlight. ALVIN: If you get hurt they gone kill me. BIANCA: (Surprised) Look what I found. DARIEN: You mean what I found. ALVIN: What ya‘ll talking about? Ext. The Woods. Night Bianca pulls The Old Key out of The Tree Stump & holds It up To The Light. The ceramic base Is Made Fine. Bianca drops The key. She picks it Up & holds it In The Light. The kids are amazed. Int. Big Mama’s House. Night Back at the house Gladys Bakes a Cake & Bruce plays The Harmonica, for Kevin. Big Mama sit’s at her little desk Burning Sage. Gladys Steps Outside to yell, for the kids. Ext. The Woods. Night At the entrance of The Woods Someone Snatches Up the stick & Yarn. A man Steps Into The Woods looking, For Trespassers. The man Gets A hold of Alvin. Bianca shines The Light. Alvin Stomps His Toe & runs off. Ext. The Woods. Night The kids get Scared & run away From The Man. Alvin Follows the yarn To The Entrance. Gladys stands On The Porch. She Becomes worried and, Yells Again. Ext. The Woods. Night The kids Come running past The Swinging Gate & Up Into The Yard then, up The Ramp Like A Pack Of Wild Dogs. They enter The House & split up. Gladys looks at Bruce astonished. GLADYS: You kids lost your minds running in here like a pack of wild dogs? BIANCA: Wolf! ALVIN: Bark! DARIEN: Meow! Int. Big Mama’s House. Night The Kids Sit & eat with Uncle Jim. The Kids Play With Each instead of eating. Uncle Jim Gets Fed Up & tries to take a piece of food Off Bianca‘s Plate. Mama washes dishes, while Bruce cuts a pieces of watermelon. UNCLE JIM: (Serious) Stop playing at the table. If you don’t want to eat give it here. BIANCA: Keep your hands off my plate! GLADYS: (Serious) Bianca, watch your mouth; what I say about talking to grown folks. BIANCA: (Arrogant) I can say what I want. GLADYS: (Anger) Girl, if you don’t watch your mouth someone gone tape it shut! BRUCE: Now, Gladys. GLADYS: What I’m going to do with you kids huh? Tell me what‘s been going on. ALVIN: We saw a shooting star. GLADYS: That’s nice did you make a wish? Int. Big Mama’s House. Night Gladys breaks A Plate. Alvin Kicks Bianca Under The Table. Bruce Stops cutting for, a second. Gladys takes a good Look at the kids, then She Grabs The Broom & sweeps it up. Bruce Finishes Cutting the fruit. Alvin Kicks Bianca under The table again. Darien Is Leaning on His Arm asleep. ALVIN: Shush keep it a secret! BIANCA: Hey! Gladys Washes Her Hands over The sink. Uncle Jim looks, and Eats at The table. UNCLE JIM: Ya’ll act like you been up to no good. GLADYS: What, what is it; you Haven’t gone into the woods have you? KIDS: (Simultaneously) No. GLADYS: (Serious) You kids better not go into those woods you hear me. Bruce sets a plate of watermelon slices on The table for Jim, and The kids. BRUCE: Settle down Gladys leave the kids alone. GLADYS: (Upset) Well, Bruce You know how I feel about them woods don‘t you? BRUCE: No, how do you feel Gladys? UNCLE JIM: (Arrogant) Apparently she don’t like them. GLADYS: There’re dreadful no place for, little kids you understand? KIDS: Yes, Mrs. Gladys. GLADYS: You kids run along to bed now here me & no playing in those woods. UNCLE JIM: Don’t stay up playing either! As the kids sleep The House Squeaks, and Creeks. Alvin Awakes from sleep to Write. BIANCA: You trying to impress me? ALVIN: No, write what I see in my dreams. BIANCA: (Arrogant) What is it this time a wizard or is it your spasms you’re having at school. ALVIN: Shut up! Bianca Grabs The Piece Of Paper out of his hands & reads it. BIANCA: A magic carpet ride. What is this stuff? ALVIN: It’s what I see in my dreams. BIANCA: You should be writing about real things like poverty & good news. Bruce Comes down Stairs. They Act Like They’re Sleep; laying down in the Covers. BRUCE: (Serious) Hey, You kids; I don’t want to hear another peep. ALVIN: (Jokily) Peep. Bruce Checks The Front Door To see if it is locked, Then heads back up stairs. ALVIN: What happened in the woods; that was real; we found a key. BIANCA: We did didn’t we? Where do you think it leads to? ALVIN: I don’t know. BIANCA: Tomorrow we’ll try every door. Darien rolls over & Snores Loudly. Alvin & Bianca Both Look at him Then at each other. ALVIN: What about Darien? BIANCA: It’s a secret don’t tell him. ALVIN: I won’t. BIANCA: I‘ll see you in the morning. ALVIN: Goodnight. Int. The Attic. Day Bianca Digs In Her Pocket, for The Key. She slips It Into The Lock it fits. She gently Turns The Knob; the Door Creeks open. The kids Enter The Attic. In the Center Of The Room is a chest, and a full body Mirror. Int. The Attic. Day The kids Open The Chest. They find A bunch of Fake Jewelry & some Party Clothes. They also find An Old Camera. When Darien reaches, for The Camera The Door to the Attic Closes Shut. Int. The Attic. Day They look & find Old Pictures of A Young White Women, opening A New Restaurant. They also find Daily Catch Photos, and a pair of Twin Boys in cowboy hats. They Look At Each Other in astonishment, and wonder. Int. The Attic. Day Could this be The Lady in The Story that Cousin Google was talking about. The kids play Dress Up & take photos. A white man Sneaks Into The House looking, for The Key. He’s dirty, drunk & intoxicated. Int. Big Mama’s House. Day Bruce, and Gladys are away Leaving The Kids in The House all by themselves. As the kids play Dress up; The White Man creeps up the stairs. The door to The Attic begins to creek open. The white man stumbles Into The Room. Int. Big Mama’s House. Day He scares The Kids into a corner. Alvin runs off leaving Bianca & Darien. Darien being too afraid to help Screams loudly, then he runs outside to get Help. The white man is all over Bianca harassing her. Mama Gladys grabs a pan off The Stove & Hits The Man over The Head knocking Him Out. GLADYS: (Serious) Quick Call the police before he wakes up. BRUCE: I’m on it. Bruce grabs The Phone & calls The Police. He is handcuffed, and thrown into a squad car. OFFICER: (Serious) We’re going to search the house for more intruders? GLADYS: Ok that will be fine. The kids sit on The Porch as The Cops search The Place. Bianca gets handed some pie. BRUCE: Eat it will make you feel better. BIANCA: (Mad) I’m not hungry. GLADYS: I told you if you didn’t start speaking right somebody would… BRUCE: Gladys BIANCA: (Sad) I want my daddy. BRUCE: You know your dads away on a business trip; you’re just going to have to hang in there. There is more pie in the kitchen. Bianca Cries; Alvin puts His arm around her. Alvin waits in The Car with another girl. ALVIN: What’s your name? LITTLE GIRL: Roxanne. ALVIN: Roxanne That’s a pretty name; You can call me Al. ROXANNE: Ok Al. A Pick Up rolls by & honks. Kevin sticks His Head out The Window teasing. ALVIN: Hey watch out! Don’t mind him he’s retarded. ROXANNE: Don‘t you have to go. Alvin runs in The Club; him & The Boys dress up & act like The Three stooges on stage. ALVIN: Let’s play. LARRY: Lets sing. DARIEN: Lets Dance. CINDY: You boys trying to impress me? You have to R.E.S.P.E.C.T. me. Cindy acts Like The great Aretha Franklin, & sings Respect; The Boys sock one another. Int. Dew Drop Inn. Night As the Boys Act like The Three Stooges; Bruce handles business backstage. A Couple of gangsters have Come To Collect a debt. Bruce is nervous, because He Has To Cut them Short. The Gangsters try to confront Him. Int. Dew Drop Inn. Night Alvin makes His Way back stage. Two younger gangsters guard The Entrance. The Gangsters stop Alvin & Bianca from getting into The Dressing Room so, they watch what’s going on from outside The Open Door. Int. Dew Drop Inn. Night The commotion from The Arguing parties has aroused. As they Bicker over Money & rations. A Fight Breaks out & Someone Pulls out a Knife, and threatens Bruce. Gladys Subdues The Enemy by grabbing his arm. Int. Dew Drop Inn. Night As the Kids Watch the Tussle; The Dressing Room door slams. Someone puts a knife to Bianca’s Throat. Uncle Jim sucker punches him. The kids are Escorted to a Safe Corner. A brawl breaks out. Int. Dew Drop Inn. Night The Kids are escorted outside. The slugfest continues. The Kids are lured into vehicles. The Fight spills into The Street. Cars honk & try to get out. Finally, someone pulls out a revolver & pops it. Int. Big Mama’s House. Night Back at The House the kids sit down, for pie. Big Mama is worried because Bruce didn’t make it home. So She sits & plays The Piano. Bruce & Gladys step in The House. Bruce has a Wounded Arm & broken pride. The Mail Man rolls by & drops off a letter. Gladys looks at the strange telegram. GLADYS: Kids time eat. I have something special, for you Bianca. BIANCA: A letter from my father. DARIEN: Let me see. BIANCA: No, for my eyes only. Bianca Sits Down at The Table & opens The Letter; it’s Filled w/ shimmer & sea shells. BIANCA: It’s says he’s in Africa. BIANCA‘ FATHER: Dear Bianca, How have you been? I hope you have been a good little girl while I am away. It has been one whole year since we have seen each other. I am sure you’ve grown & become as beautiful as your mother. I know Mrs. Gladys & Bruce are doing all they can to take care of you. I wish your mother were alive to see you, so she could tell you how beautiful you look. It has been five years since she has passed away & not a day goes by where I miss her warm embrace. You were a baby when she went to be with our Maker. I am sure by now you are as lively as a gazelle. Let me tell you about Africa. I am an angler on the Manaus river it is located right off the banks of the Amazon. The Amazon River is 4,250 ft. long twice the size of the Mississippi. It is a fisherman’s paradise, but you must beware because the river is inhabited by deadly piranhas. Just two months ago, an old man went off to take a nap down by the pier. He fell into the water & the piranhas ate him alive. It was a nightmare. I reassure you I take all the precautions when out by the water, so don’t worry about me. I should be coming home soon, so look for me Darling Bianca. Sincerely yours, Nolan Henderson. ALVIN: Henderson? BIANCA: Shut up Alvin and the chipmunks! DARIEN: (Joyfully) And Theodore. It begins to rain as The News predicts. By night Bruce & The Kids & Bruce Build a Damn. BRUCE: Help me pile up bags we have to keep the pasture from flooding! ALVIN: Alright! Alvin helps build a damn by The Pasture. Darien & Bianca dig ditches, for drainage. BRUCE: You kids keep digging those ditches your doing a good job! KIDS: (Simultaneously) Ok! GLADYS: BRUCE! BRUCE: Not now Gladys I am busy; Alvin make sure those bags are stacked up high enough to keep the water out! ALVIN: Ok! UNCLE JIM: If I dig any further I’ll be digging my own grave! BRUCE: (Serious) You can stop digging; help me pile these bags up with Alvin! DARIEN: What do I do? BRUCE: (Serious) You stay with Bianca, and make sure the bags we pile up are secure! DARIEN: Alright! BRUCE: Hold on tight! UNCLE JIM: I am going to start a new ditch; give me enough time we‘ll be safe. BRUCE: (Serious) Make sure it goes down deep enough to keep the water ground level. UNCLE JIM: Ok, I’m on it. As Gladys watches from inside The House she’s fearful she might lose a loved one. GLADYS: (Afraid) Please don’t let me lose my babies. DARIEN: Somebody help! Darien gets Stuck In a mud hole. The Mud is like quicksand. Bruce & Jim pull him out. UNCLE JIM: (Scared) Darien! BIANCA: Somebody help him he’s stuck! BRUCE: (Serious) Take this rope; on the count of three everybody pull! DARIEN: (Afraid) Help I’m stuck! Darien is sinking quick soon His Body will be covered in mud. Darien holds on tight. BRUCE: 1,2,3! GLADYS: Lord save my baby. Big Mama watches from an Upstairs Window as Bruce & Uncle Jim save Darien; she smiles. BIANCA: Hooray! ALVIN: That was close. When The Rain clears Alvin & Bianca open an old well outback. They both Peer Inside. ALVIN: What do you think is in it besides water? BIANCA: Probably snakes; you better be careful. Alvin pushes Bianca, and Scares Her. Bianca holds on tight to The Edge on The Well. ALVIN: Look there goes one! BIANCA: (Scream) Ah! ALVIN: Just playing. BIANCA: You jerk! Alvin Tries to Reach, for the Pale & falls in. Bianca jumps in to save him. ALVIN: I’m going to fetch some water. BIANCA: I hope you fall in. ALVIN: Somebody help! BIANCA: Alvin! Alvin & Bianca both stuck at The Bottom of The Well. Debris floats to The Top. Everybody is in The Living room watching TV, while Alvin & Bianca are stuck. ALVIN: Why did you jump in? BIANCA: I told you I’d be the one to save your life one day. Kevin is in The House Watching Cartoons. Uncle Jim is Falling Asleep on the Couch. ALVIN: Your my best friend you know that. BIANCA: Now scream! Bianca & Alvin begin to scream, for help. Kevin runs outside to see what’s up. KEVIN: What you two doing down there? ALVIN: I was trying to fetch some water, and I fell in! BIANCA: I tried to save him, and I fell in to; we need some help! KEVIN: I’ll go get help. The coarsely remains of a skeleton float on top of the water as they wait, for help. ALVIN: Thanks for, not leaving me alone. BIANCA: It was nothing. Alvin slips in a kiss. Bianca is surprised. They continue to scream for help. KIDS: (Simultaneously) Help! ALVIN: There’s a skeleton down here! Kevin, and uncle Jim bring rope & fish the kids out of the well; Bianca then Alvin. UNCLE JIM: What do you mean a skeleton? ALVIN: (Distraught) I mean a real skeleton. BIANCA: He’s right I seen it myself. KEVIN: Quick Call the police! The coarsely Remains Float as they are pulled to safety. They wipe Their Faces. UNCLE JIM: Wait, you kids probably imagining stuff. Ya’ll been eating sweets? ALVIN: No, I’m serious there’s a skeleton down there. Just like Google said! UNCLE JIM: Now, you listen here boy aren’t no skeleton; snap out of it. KEVIN: Jim come look at this. UNCLE JIM: (Distraught) Not you to. Jim looks into The Well. He sees A Skeleton wrapped In A Cape floating in Old Water. UNCLE JIM: Come on kids lets go inside. ALVIN: (Excited) See there is a skeleton. They Hurry into The House. Uncle Jim quickly uses The Phone to alert The police. UNCLE JIM: Hello, operator can you connect me to the County Sheriff’s office? ALVIN: Do you think Grandma knows about this? BIANCA: I don’t know maybe we should ask her. UNCLE JIM: Hello, Sheriff you’re never going to believe this but, you have to come take a look at what we found. Uncle Jim hangs up The Phone, and joins everybody in The Living room. BRUCE: You kids alright? KIDS: (Simultaneously) Yes. UNCLE JIM: The sheriff is on his way. You lucky we found you when we did. BIANCA: We almost drowned. Ext. Big Mama’s House. Day The sheriff comes & they pull Remains from The Well then, they Unwrap The Body. Gladys is startled grabbing onto Bruce. They watch as men section The Area with tape. SHERIFF: As long as the kids are ok we can proceed with the case. BRUCE: You don’t mind if I ask, but what is it a boy or girl? SHERIFF: After we run a few test we can determine what is it is. For now were going to section it off. BRUCE: You here that kids don’t go near that well; it’s off limits. KIDS: Ok. SHERIFF: I want to know what you kids were doing in the well in the 1st place? ALVIN: We were playing & I was fetching some water, then I fell in. SHERIFF: That was a close call. You gave your family here quite a scare. Ext. Big Mama’s House. Day The sheriff’s men Load The Skeleton into A Truck to get it tested at a lab. The family walks back inside. Grandma sitting on The Porch watching The Men Work. They wheel her inside as The Sheriff departs. Ext. Big Mama’s House. Day Big Mama sits silent looking out The Window in Her Wheelchair. Jim stands up, and gets ready to finish some Work He Has in The Yard. Gladys gets things ready for, Supper. The kids play cards in The Center of The Floor. GLADYS: (Serious) You kids promise you won’t go near that well or those woods. KIDS: (Simultaneously) We promise. GLADYS: Good, now I can stop worrying. ALVIN: Is Big Mama going to be alright? UNCLE JIM: Of course she is as long as she stays in the house. GLADYS: Bianca, help me break down some green peas in the kitchen. BIANCA: Yes, Mrs. Gladys. GLADYS: Alvin get your clothes ready for church tomorrow. Int. Big Mama’s House. Day Big Mama sits silent looking out The Window. Alvin runs To The Back room & gets things ready. Bruce enters The House the ph. Rings. Gladys hands The Phone to Bruce. It’s the sheriff. They talk & then hang up. Gladys & Bianca are breaking up peas in the Kitchen. The boys are playing cards. BRUCE: That was the sheriff. GLADYS: Well what did he say? BRUCE: He said the skeleton belonged to a widow that lived in the area. She went missing back in the fifties. She’s been dead for quite some time. The well has been cut off & we’ve been using it like a drainage ditch. BIANCA: What was her name? Alvin is getting his clothes ready for church. Bruce sits down in a chair. BRUCE: Her name was Lilith Caldwell. DARIEN: How did she die? BRUCE: Apparently she was strangled. KEVIN: Who killed her? BRUCE: I don’t know they didn’t tell me. DARIEN: Could she swim? BRUCE: You know not to ask questions. Alvin comes into the living room, and it is in silence. Bianca & Gladys break up peas. ALVIN: I’m finished getting my clothes ready. What’s wrong w/ everybody? BRUCE: The skeleton was a women. BIANCA: Her name was Lilith Caldwell. BRUCE: I’m going to get a fire going. Bruce stands & gets a fire going. Alvin sits in a chair. Bianca & Gladys break up peas. GLADYS: (Yelling) Kevin & Darien get ready, for supper it’s almost time to eat! ALVIN: I can’t believe it’s a women named Lilith. BIANCA: They still don’t know who killed her either. BRUCE: I wonder if it has any connection with the man that broke in the house? I’m going to find out. Bruce picks up The Phone & calls The Sheriff to see if there was a connection. BRUCE: He said that information is classified. Later that night everyone sleeps. Alvin & Kevin take the key to go look at photos. ALVIN: Let me show you something. KEVIN: This better not be one of your tricks. ALVIN: Are you ready for this? KEVIN: Where’s the treasure chest you’re talking about. Alvin opens The Attic. They look through The Chest like detectives, for items. KEVIN: This picture must be of Lilith. ALVIN: Yeah, and this is her restaurant. KEVIN: You think Big Mama knows her? ALVIN: I don’t know. KEVIN: What’s wrong with her anyway. ALVIN: Maybe she’s scared of something. KEVIN: Like what? ALVIN: Whatever it is she doesn’t want to talk about it. Int. The attic. Day The door creeks; Alvin & Kevin get startled. They go back to digging around in The Chest. Alvin places one of The Hats on His Head & plays pirate. They find some money, but it looks foreign; made in Mexico. KEVIN: Look I found some money, but look at it looks weird; It says Mexico. ALVIN: Gimmie that; we better not tell anybody. KEVIN: Whoever owns this chest is rich. ALVIN: They not rich they just got money from other places; It don’t mean nothing. KEVIN: You mean like a Souvenir? ALVIN: Exactly a Souvenir. KEVIN: I’m going to keep some of this. When we go by the store I’m going to use it. ALVIN: You can’t. KEVIN: I can do anything I want to. Int. Big Mama’s House. Night Big Boy Kevin stuffs His Pockets with The Money. The hinges on The Door creek, and squeak. Alvin puts The Hat back in The Box. Alvin shuts The Door behind him. The boys head back down stairs, and go to sleep. The choir sings a song of praise, then hands it over to The Reverend at The Altar. REV: Hear ye children the instruction of a father & attend to know wisdom. GLADYS: Wasn’t that a beautiful song? BRUCE: You kids stop playing around. REV: For I give you good doctrine forsake ye not my law. The Doors swing open A drunk man storms up to The Alter. The Rev. lets him speak. REV: Can I help you sir? DRUNK MAN: I’ve been around, for 37 years; what has God ever done for me? REV: God helps those who help themselves. DRUNK MAN: Well I’ll help myself to a drink. Tell me if there is a God why haven’t I never seen him? REV: Take a look good around those you see near you in the isles are made in the image of God’s greatness. DRUNK MAN: Well he sure is an ugly God. DRUNK MAN: When you people pass me why don’t you smile or look my way. REV: You are the lowest of the low the scum of the earth why petty? The man takes off his hat, and does a little jig followed by a spin. DRUNK MAN: Can you spare a little change. REV: If you don’t work you don’t eat the disciples taught you that. DRUNK MAN: Then what good is the church if I can’t gain any to spare. REV: The church has always been here as a beacon to the lost. Just like they found the door so will you. The Drunk man is dragged out The Door & The Choir sings another selection from The Menu. REV: I’m sorry about the interruption please excuse me. BRUCE: What’s wrong with the Reverend? GLADYS: You kids go get in the car Bruce, and I will come around shortly. UNCLE JIM: Come on kids lets go to the car get your stuff we have to go. Int. Church. Day The Reverend exit’s the stand. The crowd is Ecstatic. Bruce follows him To The Back of The Sanctuary. The reverend sits on a stoop sobbing; Wiping His Eyes with a handkerchief. Bruce puts a hand On His Shoulder. BRUCE: Who was that man reverend? REV: That was my son. I try so hard to please the people, and all I get are worries & discouragement. BRUCE: If there is anything I can do to help Reverend I am here for you. REV: That man use to be a darling child until the drugs got a hold of him. He was a choir boy; he had a voice like an angel, but look at him now scum; strait out the gutter. BRUCE: Reverend you know me & my family have been coming to this church, for a long time we would never embarrass you like that. REV: I know Bruce I know make sure you, and your family don’t get caught up in no mess. The world is cruel, and so are the inhabitants. Int. Church. Day Bruce leaves The Room. When he comes out; the crowd is still there waiting. Some people get up & leave; some decide to stay. Bruce nervous & not knowing what to do. He stands at the Altar, and speaks. Int. Church. Day Jim takes The Kids The Car; Cindy & Larry follow. Jim looks back at The Angry Clergy. Bruce still inside with Gladys standing in The Isle waiting to leave. Men stand guard. UNCLE JIM: Cindy & Larry go with your parents LARRY: What ya’ll gone do? UNCLE JIM: We going to the store. BRUCE: The reverends isn’t feeling good. MEMBER: Is he coming back out? BRUCE: I don’t know. MEMBER: Well what did he say? BRUCE: He said he tries to please the people, but all he gets is worries, and discouragement. MEMBER: What kind of mess is that? BRUCE: I’m sorry it’s a cruel world. Int. Church. Day Bruce steps off the stage. The crowd uproars. He & Gladys exit. Uncle Jim is waiting with the car. Bruce gets in & they drive off. In the car they are silent. They pull up to the store & The boys get out.

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